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NEWSLETTER Back in the Saddle Again! By: JoAnn Keller, OTD, OTR/L, CHT

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True confessions: I have a horse. It’s been a lifelong interest, pastime, and passion! I love theirbeauty,strength,andpeacefulness,aswell as the relationship I have built withmy longtime partner,Olievia. She’sbeenwithmesince2005, andwehavecompeted in jumpinganddressage competitions. I ride 3-4 days per week, and it’s an important part of my life. Horses, like people, get injured. Olievia and I have missed two competitive seasons, as she had a pair of injuries – she recovered from one andwasreadytogo,and thensufferedanother. Those thin legs on the big beast are fragile – there are bones, tendons, and ligaments there, just like in our hands and arms…. And theywork

hard. As with people, it can take 12-18months before an injury is completely healed as well as it possibly can be. I am pleased to report that we are back to competitivefitness,and inJuneweattendedour first competition since 2015. We re-started in dressage at the Prix St. Georges level where we left off, and will continue our progress forward! Olievia has been a joy to work with over the years, and although I don’t jump her anymore because of her prior injuries, she has excelled at the precision sport of dressage. We qualified for a regional championship event that will be held in September, and I look forward to seeing our progress over the summer!



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