Pop-A-Lock - May 2020




If there’s one way this pandemic has changed my perspective, it’s in how I view some of the essential parts of our country’s workforce. Even though it seems like we might be on our way out of the worst part of this whole ordeal, the ways that millions of people across the United States have worked tirelessly to keep everyone healthy and keep several of our stores and businesses open have been inspiring to see. I think we all owe them a huge thank you. First things first, I want to thank all of our first responders in the health care industry. That includes not just the doctors and nurses, but everyone else who kept our hospitals up and running. As bad as things seemed to be for our country for a while, I know things would have been a lot worse if it wasn’t for the hard work, dedication, and bravery of all our health care workers on the front lines, who risked their health, and sometimes their lives, to save the lives of others. While our health care workers kept our citizens alive and healthy, everyone working at our grocery stores should be applauded for making sure all of us had access to the food and supplies we needed during the quarantine. All of them played a crucial role in keeping our society up and running as much as they could. The same can also be said for everyone working in transportation, from our truck drivers and delivery drivers to our bus drivers. All of them made sure that both supplies and people could still get wherever they needed to go so the rest of us wouldn’t have to risk our health by leaving our homes. They may not have done everything perfectly, but I also want to thank the leaders in our city, state, and national governments for their hard work in fighting the virus. I can’t imagine that any decisions they’ve had to make during this time have been easy, but they’ve all tried to make the best decisions they could based on the information they had. I’m grateful for the ways all of our government officials have stepped up and done remarkable work in this time of crisis. Finally, I want to specifically say thank you to our dedicated team of workers here at Pop-A-Lock, as well as to our customers. A lot of people are afraid to work, and not without reason. That’s why I’m proud of my team for the precautions they’ve taken, like wearing masks and gloves and using hand sanitizer, so they can keep helping our customers safely. None of them have once complained about

having to work during this time. I also just want to say a quick thank you to our customers for continuing to call on us during this time. Without you, it would be a lot more difficult to keep our doors open. Before I sign off, I just want to say that we realize and are saddened by the ways this pandemic has negatively affected families in our communities. Some of you have lost your jobs, while others have lost loved ones, and our sympathies go out to all of you. This pandemic hasn’t discriminated in any way. No one will come out of this season unaffected. That said, the ways people have come together during this time brings me hope. People are incredibly strong when they come together during hard times, and I believe that togetherness will outlast our current pain and challenges. To all of you reading this, stay safe and stay healthy!

-Doug Barnes


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