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O wners , D evelopers & M anagers By Daniel Schuster, HF Planners, LLC Facility managers: Managing expectations F it is important to communi- cate that information to the project team and to review it often as the project progresses. Each team member should know the exact extent of the agreed upon scope. This will alleviate headaches down the road when the client begins to request additional services. The project scope and contract summary can be used as a reference guide throughout the project. COMMUNICA- TION IS THE KEY Like most relationships in life, communi- cation is key. Being in a new client relationship requires a certain level of trust from the client and faith that they are in good hands. The way to build that trust is through proper communication. From the outset, the facility man- ager should walk the client through each milestone that must be met before the project is complete. This will help to align the client’s expectations with the reality of the project process. Introduce the client to the team that will be work- ing on their project. This way, they can have a face in mind when reviewing the latest design. Explain to the client what happens if plans change. Always, always, always under Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant Construction, Maintenance and Services Daniel Schuster a section of the MARE Journal Phone: 781-740-2900 Fax: 781-740-2929 www.marejournal.com Owners, Developers &Managers S ection P ublisher Steve Kelley skelley@marejournal.com S ection E ditor Karen Vachon kjoy@marejournal.com promise. This gives the facility manager the opportunity to over deliver or simply tackle unexpected circumstances with confidence. Throughout the course of the project, there is no such thing as too much communication. Of course, re- sponding to client inquiries in continued on page 3B or the facility manager, managing client expec- tations is a determin- ing factor in the success of your proj- ect. DEFINE THE SCOPE A common is- sue leading to unrealistic expectations is not having a clear and concise scope of work. Sometimes the client is unable to convey their vision of space – leaving requirements open to interpretation to cre- ate an accurate proposal. Cli- ents believe the possibilities are limitless and they can be given an adequate budget and schedule. Most times though, the facility manager needs to rely on expertise to show clients where budgets and schedules will place limits on the project scope. Questions are vital to defining the proj- ect scope and to the success of the project. A great way to make sure the project is starting off on the right foot is by creating a well-defined onboarding process. Once a well-crafted, specific and thoroughly considered scope of work has been identified,

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