The Violet Connection 3

VioletKids VioletKids had a very eventful and exciting month! During Sunday mornings in the month of March, our preschool kids learned that no matter what we can or can’t do, what we have done, what we look like, or where we live, Jesus is alive, and He wants to be our friend...forever! Our elementary kids learned that throughout Scripture, we can see how peace is something near to God’s heart. Even though people chose to break their relationship with God, God made a way to fix that relationship through Jesus. We were fortunate enough to have two family events for the month of March! VioletKids took a trip to the Pickerington Community theater where we saw a 90s-kid's favorite: Junie B. Jones. 26 of us attended the show and boy was it a hit! I think more theater trips are definitely in our future. Did you know we have VioletKids groups that meet together on Sunday nights? We call these groups Olympians (1st-5th grade) and Gopher Buddies (ages 4-6). On our last night before Easter/Spring Break, we had a special Easter celebration. We love and appreciate our Violet leaders who give of their time each week to teach kids about Jesus!

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