The Client Acquisition Machine for Loan Officers

"The More you Learn, Understand and Apply the More you'l Earn!"


A SIMPLE, Step-By-Step Blueprint for Capturing and Converting MORE Customers Online by Using Facebook and Digital Marketing the RIGHT Way!


Table of Contents:


Social Media Fundamentals

Your Facebook Strategy is Everything!

The ONLY Four Things That Matter

Clear Process to Revenue Workflow


Business Development Playbook

Facebook Ads Strategy

The Best Facebook Ad Campaigns You Should Be Running

252 Facebook Posts and Video Tip Ideas

1 Page Marketing Plan

About the Author



If you’ve picked up this eBook, you know the importance and impact that a solid marketing plan can have on your business growth. Regardless of what you sell, whether it’s a product or a service, a complete online marketing strategy is fundamental to your success. The main goal of this book is to simplify the most common and proven concepts and techniques so even those with little to no marketing knowledge and experience can build an online presence that will help them grow their business. The digital era has changed the way we do business, and it’s important for you to keep up with the demands of your prospects by building a well-oiled lead generation machine You are now embarking on an exciting journey to discover how to capture and convert leads online using Facebook and Digital marketing the right way. I emphasize the right way because things are always evolving with Facebook and Digital marketing. Lead generation is broken down into sets of marketing activities that correspond with stages of the buyer’s journey, starting with generating traffic, then converting visitors into leads, and eventually converting those leads into customers. This training guide and its coordinating videos are a compilation of the best strategies and tactics I’ve learned and implemented for our paying clients since 2012. The content in this guide has been carefully shaped in a way that will help you digest it one bite at a time. From strategy to execution, we’ll cover the essential keys to an epic marketing strategy and growth plan.

Social Media Fundamentals

When it comes to social media marketing, it’s important to have strategies in place that will help you maximize visibility and stand out from all the noise.

The Formula for Success

As viable marketing strategies continue to evolve in real-time, here’s the simple formula for social media marketing success that is guaranteed to help you stay ahead of your competitors in this digital age:

Reach + Engagement + Consistency = Opportunities

Now let’s break this formula down into its 3 key components and discuss the ins and outs of each.


“Reach” is the first key metric that businesses typically track in their social media marketing efforts. Reach is defined as a measure of the range of influence of your posted content. So, on Facebook for example, your post can be said to “reach” someone when they view it in their newsfeed. The goal you should aim for here is to obtain a reach of at least 10,000 views per week within your target audience. You accomplish this by posting often on your business page, which means you should – at a minimum – be posting every 4 hours, 6 times per day, for a total of 42 times per week. “Engagement” is the second key metric that businesses track in their social media marketing efforts. Engagement measures the actions taken by people that viewed a post. On Facebook, engagement is measured by the number of times people like, share or comment on a post. In this regard, content is king. Keep your content hyper-local, focused and engaging to maintain relevance and increase activity, thereby ensuring your posts have greater “viral reach”. The goal you should aim for is to generate at least 1,000 engagements per week from all your posts combined. Engagement

(Facebook even compiles and lists the total reach/engagement stats below each post and in several sections of your business page account dashboard).


In social media marketing, success is achieved over time as your consistent marketing efforts build a dynamic community where users actively engage with your posted content and stories on a regular basis. Therefore, the final key to your success is simple: be consistent! Generate a well-running social media marketing machine that utilizes the technology available for automating at least some of your posts and content-finding. Sites such as Hootsuite offer you one- stop-shop-style social media management dashboard where you can set content to post to multiple pages/profiles and measure campaign results. You can also set content to auto-post through RSS feeds of your choosing, thereby increasing your capacity to post consistently…which, in turn, will lead to ever-greater success and opportunities for your business!

Your Facebook Strategy is Everything!

Your Facebook strategy should be the centerpiece of your marketing plan. Period!

Taking the time to build this solid foundation will help all your other marketing efforts to develop and perform better. So how do you build a killer Facebook strategy?

Start with these 3 steps.

Establish a Digital Target Farm Area

First things first. You need to identify a digital target farm area. This farm area should consist of a local area that ideally includes around 100,000 people. For example, you may pick a small city or suburb you want to focus on, or perhaps a neighborhood that’s well-known within your city. Begin to relate to this target farm area as your “exclusive” territory in order to develop the right mindset and maximize future marketing and networking efforts. Once you have identified your target farm area, you need to build a credible community/lifestyle page on Facebook that offers focused, relevant content per that area. Come up with a clear but catchy name – such as Johnstown Homes & Lifestyles. However, be sure to note that this page should be non-branded, meaning it should not contain any of your personal Real Estate company branding or wording. By doing so, your community page will present itself as a trusted source for intel and happenings in the area. Build a Community/Lifestyle Page on Facebook

Target Your Audience

Target the audience (current homeowners and potential home buyers) within your digital farm area and implement strategies to generate followers and engagement on your page. You can engender a high level of interest and loyalty by doing three things.

Firstly, post often and consistently.

Secondly, keep your content hyper-local to maintain relevance and increase engagement. Lastly, consider placing targeted Facebook ads to funnel traffic to your community page to enhance traffic and activity. The bottom line here is that your Facebook strategy is everything. It’s the most important part of succeeding as the "King of your City"…on social media that is! So now that you know the steps to take, the question is: Will you do the work and take them? You are the master of your own destiny, so dive in and have fun building your foundation and your business!

The ONLY Four Things That Matter

I don't care what industry you're in, I don't care who you are serving. There are only four things that matter. I'm going to break them down one by one here.

Number one

Brand awareness, iterating your U S P and opportunity statement.

USP is your unique selling proposition and opportunity statement. People care more about what your why is than what you do. So, brand awareness, always iterating your unique selling proposition and opportunity statement.

Number two

You want to reach at least 10,000 people per week with Facebook. That is easily a goal you can attain. You want to have opportunities to speak with people and have a consultation and strategize about their current situation. Where are they now? Where do they want to go? Where's the gap in the middle? Can you fill in the gap?

Number three

Engagement. Now that you have the reach, now that you've got your USP, your opportunity statement out there, you need to engage with people at least 1000 people per week. Ultimately, you want to do strategy sessions. You're generating strategy sessions with the engagement.

Number four

Consistency. That's the name of the game. Service delivery machine is ultimately what you're trying to build using technology and automation to be consistent and delivering a product and a service at the highest level. I call this giving a Nordstrom experience with a McDonald's assembly line. It's a cool quote that I came up with. A lot of people laugh when I say it, but it's true. Nordstrom experience with a McDonald's assembly line.

Keep it simple and execute on these four things daily!

Brand Awareness + Reach + Engagement + Consistency = OPPORTUNITIES!

Clear Process to Revenue Workflow

The biggest mistake I see business owners make when they start getting success in marketing is that they simply stop. They get busy or overwhelmed and take their foot off the gas. When they want to start things back up, they’ve lost all momentum. Test everything. Having a plan for your marketing activities doesn’t mean that once it’s laid out, it’s all said and done. It’s important to test everything. Test your assumptions, test your campaigns, test everything. It’s ok to assume things (about your business, your value proposition, your clients) but never hold these things as absolute truths unless you’ve tested them repeatedly. Innovate and adapt. An online marketing plan should eventually change to adapt to the reality of your business, the value you offer, the channels available, and the clients you’re serving now. Things change rapidly in this new economy and my mission in this book is to give you the true and tested fundamentals of a solid marketing strategy. I want to give you an overview of our clear process to revenue workflow. The goals and targets with the strategies you’re going to be deploying it is to get your team conversations with prospects. It's not just about generating leads online; it's getting conversations with prospects. Leads are great but leads really don't mean anything unless you talk to people that could use your services. We want all the leads that come in for retargeting purposes and the ability to create custom lookalike audiences, but the true objective is an actual conversation to be continued from Facebook and directly with you or your team.


Clearly define what you want your business and life to look like so you can design them accordingly.

The Top Ten Clarity Mistakes Agents Make When Building Their Business

1. Short term thinking that leads to a business that won’t scale 2. Designing the entire business around yourself 3. Lack of clarity around financial expectations for the business 4. Failure to document procedures and protocol 5. No concrete plan for after sale service and value 6. Business is not structured around its unique value 7. No clear career path for it’s employees 8. No written plan exists or one does but it is too complex 9. Standards and expectations that don’t exist or are not followed 10. You forget to build the business to serve your life rather than visa versa

Too many people in business dive in head first without a clear plan. This happens all too often because so many of us start off as amateur agents before we find ourselves turning into business people. We just keep going and going, mostly focused on finding our next client. But before you know it, you have created a business with no foundation, no direction, and no identity.

Most fail to clearly to define their plan. They don’t know what they want for their business or for their life other than that they want to be successful or that they want to make money. That is not enough.

The great Yogi Berra gave us the wonderful and absolutely timeless quote that, “If you don’t know where you are going, you will end up someplace else.”

Success in business requires a very clear sense of direction, conviction about what your business stands for, and exactly who you want to serve all tied together around a two page business plan.

Begin with the end in mind

The great Stephen Covey, who we miss dearly, gave us this powerful statement, “Begin with the end in mind.” Here is how he defines it, “Begin with the end in mind means to begin each day, task, or project with a clear vision of your desired direction and destination, and then continue by flexing your proactive muscles to make things happen.” A very common example of this occurs when agents structure split structures for their team that seem to make sense today but are unsustainable in the long run. Or when making hiring decisions with shortsighted compensation plans that work today but become a choke hold on your profitability in later stages of growth.

Core Values

Documented core values are a funny thing. They are one of the most important things any business needs yet it is the most likely thing for you to ignore. I understand why. I remember feeling like spending time on core values was a waste of time because there was so much business to do, so many fires to put out, and even more and opportunities to capture.. I certainly didn’t feel like it was the best use of my limited hours.

Amazing how now that I have a big business, it is one of the central points of focus when making nearly any decision for the business.

If you don’t have clear core values,you will find yourself needing to clean up a lot of messes. It will also be hard to develop alignment and get buy-in from your team. You will suffer greater turnover, it will take longer to make decisions, and you won’t enjoy your business nearly as much as you should.

Core values tied to a strong culture will elevate your business above all others. A business reaches a point when it cannot grow in a healthy manner without them.

If you take this seriously and build the core of your company around what you want your culture to look and feel like 10 years from now, you will have a great advantage over other agents who don’t make this a priority.

To help develop your core values, ask yourself the following questions: 1. Why are you in business (other than to make money)? 2. Why do your best customers choose you? 3. What do you want the community to say about you and your business? 4. What traits exemplify you and your best team members? 5. What do you believe it takes to be successful in your business? 6. What traits do you most value in others?

Ask each of your key team members to do the same. Brainstorm answers to these questions, play with them, edit them, and just get something down on paper. Commit to them for at least a quarter. Read them daily. Post them on the wall. It is entirely natural that you will come back to them and make edits over the course of the year on a quarterly basis until they feel just right. But just get started and don’t worry about being perfect on day one. You won’t be.

Purpose Statement

Every business needs a rallying cry. And this is yours. A one to two sentence statement that defines why you are in business and what drives you to crush it day in and day out. What makes you and your organization tick? It could be anything from charitable purposes, to the thrill of winning, to serving your customers at a high level, or to developing your team members beyond their wildest dreams. This is tied to what is commonly known as “your big why.”

Define Your Ideal Customer

Some refer to this as your avatar. Who is your ideal client? Where do they live? What kind of community? What price point? What lifestyle? Do you work with buyers? Sellers? Investors? Do you specialize in families or empty nesters? Horse property? Perhaps you are ultra focused on a particular type of architecture like mid-century modern homes or high rise buildings. Or maybe single level ranches. There are a ton of possibilities and combinations.

If you think about it, marketing for horse property is going to look very different from beach property, which is also going to look very different from condo living. Know who you are.

You need to have great clarity around your ideal customer and then design all of your marketing and messaging around that profile. Everything is geared toward your ideal customer from your logo design to your blog posts and online video messages. Most businesses tend to define their ideal customer as a human being willing to hand over money and buy or sell. And I am not being cheeky. It really is that general for most. The issue with that is you never know who you are talking to. Which means you can never have a crystal clear marketing message. You are trying to be all things to all people. And that never works. As an example, if you live in the metro urban area of your city and you want to live a life where you can walk to work, restaurants, and play, then don’t accept every piece of business that makes it’s way to you 45 minutes out in the suburbs. That extra piece of business is hurting you in ways you don’t yet see. If you are selling to everybody, you are selling to nobody. You should design your logo with an urban feel, feature the downtown area in your marketing photos, reference the downtown area in your videos and blogs, etc. Make it your focus and build your business to serve the life that you are looking for. This sounds obvious, but most people in the real estate industry do just the opposite. They take on absolutely everything and anything that comes their way. They go wide, but never deep. When you try to be all things to all people, two things happen: 1. You never develop true expertise. 2. It becomes prohibitively expensive to market your business and you get crushed by those that better focus their resources.

Two page business plan

If you are like me, you learned in college that a business plan should be at least 40 pages long. Kiss that concept goodbye. Most of us tend to over complicate our businesses and a massive business plan isn’t going to do anything to simplify it. Plus, who actually reads a 40 page business plan? Not me. Not you. They may be useful for businesses that are looking for investors and venture capital money, but that is typically not the case. A business plan should provide MASSIVE CLARITY. It should be revisited on a weekly basis. It should be a living and breathing document that not only lays out your plan for the year but also provides a clear picture of what has to happen each quarter in order to be successful for the year. Laminate and review your plan regularly. Keep a copy everywhere you are likely to see it. Bathroom, nightstand, car, desk, etc. And make sure everybody in your organization has a copy.

Contents Of Your Two Page Business Plan And Questions It Should Answer:

1. What is your Purpose Statement?

2. What are you Core Values?

3. Where do you do business geographically?

4. Who is your ideal customer?

5. What is your unique selling proposition?

6. How does your company differentiate itself in the marketplace?

7. Who are your main competitors?

8. What are the greatest threats to your business and your industry?

9. What are your transaction sides, revenue, gross margin, and profit goals for the year, 3 years from now,

and ten years from now? How do you know you can hit them?

10. What are you company goals for the year?

11. What are your company goals for the quarter and who is accountable?

12. What are your personal goals for the quarter?

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PLAYBOOK . THEME DAYS AND TIME BLOCKING • Green Time/Prospecting • Monday – Top 40 Agents • Tuesday – Update Calls • Wednesday – Pre-Approvals and TBD’s • Thursday – Past Clients and Letter of the Week Calls • Friday – Builders, VIP List, Whales . LEAD TRACKER . GREATNESS TRACKER . PROMO PACKETS A. Physical Pieces To Be Mailed • MPC • Communication Checklist • Competitive Advantages Flyer • Listing Flyer • Testimonial Flyer . WOW TOUCHPOINTS AND TOMA CAMPAIGNS

• Before • During • After . AGENT LEGEND

• Past Clients – Birthday • Past Clients – Annual Review • Leads


A. Personal Page • Profile Picture • Cover Photo • About Section

• Friend request (Need to get to 5000) • Daily posting at least 3 times per day B. Groups (member of at least 25 Realtor groups)

• San Diego County • Riverside County • San Bernardino County • Los Angeles County • Orange County

C. Syndicate Group • Used daily for engagement of posts on personal page D. Business/Fan Page • Call to Action Links and About Section Updated • Testimonials • Posting schedule with MeetEdgar for every 4 hours • RSS Feed for KCM set up • Preferred Zip Codes: • Like Campaign


E. Retargeting • Agents • Past Clients • Leads

. DATABASE/LISTS ( CSV File First Name, Last Name, Email, Mobile Phone Number) A. Dream 150 List (Retargeting on FB and You Tube) • Top 50 Best Agents • Top 50 Best Past Clients • Top 50 Best Business People B. Top 100 Prospecting Agent List C. All Past Clients D. All Prospects . VIDEOS . LUNCH AND LEARNS/REALTOR WORKSHOPS . EMAIL NURTURE AND FOLLOW UP SEQUENCES . PERFECT LOAN PROCESS CHECKLIST . REALTOR PLAYBOOK


TIME BLOCKING - OVERVIEW Daily Time Blocking •

You or your assistant should time block every day in your week. This also includes personal appointments. Be sure to leave time for travel in between meetings or time for debriefing after important meetings

Color Code Your Day Green = Money, anything that contribute

to growing your business. Realtor meetings, realtor phone calls etc.

Red = These are important meetings, Loan Consultations, Sales Calls, and Coaching Calls, personal appointments Yellow = These are flexible, these can be scheduled over for more important things, you would also use Yellow for the events you throw

Every moment of your day should be time blocked. Sync your phone, apple watch or assistant with your calendar, so that you can stay on track an receive reminders. *Tip – always schedule your calls. You are always busy or in a meeting, this is what your assitant should convey to all call. This gives them a chance to schedule calls and it doesn’t disturb your time blcoking


These calls are made every Monday, no less than every other Monday. This time is used to build a rapport with the top 40 people who send you the most business. (will change depending on producing level)

Monday: Top 40 (these calls are always in green and cannot be scheduled over) Sources for conversation • Facebook • LinkedIn • Instagram Look for posts from the weekend to make conversation or ask questions about, most people like to talk about themselves, kids, or family Did they just have a birthday or did a spouse?

If you are producing 0 - 20 Million contact 8 people 20 – 40 Million Contact 16 40 – 60 Million Contact 24 60 - 80 Million Contact 32 80 – 100 Million contact 40 or more

Were they at a sports event? Dinner date? Netflix and Chill?

Feel free to grow this list beyond your producing level. The faster you can build 40 or more relationships, the faster you will reach 100 Million.

You should keep your Top 40 list handy and in an excel spread sheet. You will call the same people everyone or every other Monday

Your Top 40 realtors should be broken up into categories A, B, C.

A = 5+ B = 3,4 C = 1,2

Further resources on time blocking: This lets you load all of your calls using excel spread sheets every day and dials

for you. The fastest way to burn through you calls .

Tuesday: Update Calls Before making these updates, whoever manages your pipeline, should write down and know exactly what is going on with each file. This will help you efficiently discuss with all parties, what is needed (if anything) from all parties.

Tuesday updates should be made every Tuesday. Be sure to introduce yourself and let all sides know you will be calling every Tuesday until the end of the file. This is a time to make calls to all parties involved and build relationship. This will require a team effort to get these done every Tuesday. • Buyer • Buyer’s agent • Seller’s agent • Title/Escrow Other reasons for the call: This is where you get a chance at referrals • Ask for referrals • Ask for the business • Request meeting with

Seller’s agent at close of escrow(coffee, lunch etc)

Wednesday: Pre-approval The purposed of these calls is to follow up with clients who may have a preapproval with you, or if you haven’t seen a contract from them. Preapprovals should be housed on the Lead Tracker, in lieu using encompass • Ask them how their property search is going • If they don’t have a realtor, refer them to one of yours, preferably someone who is familiar with the area they are interested in or someone who sends you good business. • If you can’t get a hold of them, leave a voicemail and leave them in rotation for about a month. • Ask if the past client knows anyone who needs to have a conversation with you about a loan

This would be a good time to review preapprovals and to make sure, the client was sent a preapproval gift.

Friday: Builders, VIP, Whales This is your day to decide who you need to focus on, based on what you are lacking in your business. Make these calls to learn more about people, what they do and what you can help them with. • Everyone wants to gain the business of a whale (a large producing real estate agent). Give one a call and ask if they have any deals blowing up that you can help with. • VIP, you know those lawyers, attorneys and financial advisors that send you business or perhaps should send you business, give them a call and thank them for the business or ask for meeting on how you can partner together so you both can create more business for each other. • Builders, they build stuff, stuff which needs financing, sit down, and ask them, is there anything you can do, to help the grow their business. With these calls, offer to give before you receive. Build a rapport and keep that relationship going. You may not have any of these people on your list, however, people you know might, ask around, be inquisitive, listen for questions. Thursday: Letter of the week calls Every week starting with the letter “A”(going all the way to Z) you are responsible for calling as many past clients as possible in your two hour call block. On this call you will: • Ask about the loan and the servicer • Find out if the client is having any problems • Ask about the interest rate, perhaps its time to refinance • Could be a good time to check your CRM for any information that you can start conversation out with kids, animals, etc • It’s a check in with the customer, as if there is anyone they know, who should have a conversation with you about getting a mortgage. • It’s another touch, make it meaningful. Ask if they mind if you stay in touch. • If there is a nugget of information, say they may be looking to purchase in the next six months, you or your assistant log that as a call in the calendar and put them on a drip. (marketing can help with this, ) *These are should be separate in alphabetical order by you preferably your assistant. Youmust keep track of what letter you are one, andwhere you stop. Put this in your calendar under the day you made the call, so there is no chance to forget.

Tracking your leads with, the lead tracker

Color Coding Yellow – Completed loan application; continue to follow up for document and preapprove No Color – Actively following up to get them started in the process (five days) Green – Preapproved or in process Gray – Dead Red – Loan Officers needs to call

Abbreviations for referrals RLTR – Realtor PC – Past Client Bus – Business referral (ex; someone on your team) AD – Facebook, linked in etc PF – Past Friend CCR- Current Client Referral

The lead tracker is an excellent system for tracking leads, follow ups and preapprovals. This is something that you must update and go through and follow up on, on EVERY DAY! Here is how it works. 1. a lead comes over email, form a realtor, internet etc. (Send hand written Thank You to lead) 2. add the date, names, source (realtor name, internet etc) email address. 3. If you follow up with this lead with in one hours, which is the goal, mark an “X” in the “1 Hour” spot. The color will initially be “no color” 4. If you get a hold of the client, put the result of what you learned on the call in the results field color lead appropriately. 5. The purpose of calling is to take an app and if you do in person Loan Consultations, get the client to come in. 6. If you don’t do in person Loan Consultations update the lead tracker to preapprove, change the color to green, when the client is preapproved. (Send congrats gift) 7. You will continue to update the lead tracker until client is in process (also green in color). Once this happens you no longer have to update that particular client 8. For any client you can are not able to get a hold of, leave client “ no color”, you will follow up with them for five days, marking an ”X” under Day 1, Day 2 etc. all the way up until day 5. 9. If you get ahold of them with in that five days, update the” result of call” and color accordingly 10. If you do not get ahold of the client at the end of five days. The lead should be put in red, for the Loan officer to call. If the loan officer is unable to contact the lead, this lead needs to be sent back to the “source” with an explanation of your five day follow up. If the source is a realtor, ask the realtor to try and get ahold of the client. Once you send the lead back to the source, it is dead and should be colored gray

Lead Tracker – Part 2

Credit Pull = mark and “X” once you have pulled the customer’s credit. This would be a good time to send a prequalification (if they are prequalified) Hand written Thank you card and small gift, lottery ticket. 4 Hr Pre-qual = the goal is to get the client and the realtor a pre-qualification within 4 hours of the lead being sent. If this happen, put an “X” under 4 Hr Pre-qual F2F Apt = If you set a face to face appointment with a client, marked that here Doc = If the client has all docs in, marked that here. If docs are needed, put that in the results portion of. This should be also noted for your Tuesday update calls Contract = If you have a contract, note this, Processing = The file is in process and no longer needs to be tracked on the Lead Tracker LP = This is who is responsible for the file, LO or support staff Keeping this lead tracker up-to-date, will allow you to track your leads and to have a system of consistent follow up with leads customers and realtors. It should be tended to and updated daily. The LO or assistant, should keep this up to date. There are enough tabs for every month of the year. The example provided (link at the top) is filled out, so you will have a guide as to how lead tracker should be executed.

Greatness Tracker

The Greatness Tracker is a tool used to keep you accountable for prospecting and doing your weekly calls.

Greatness Tracker Instructions: •

Face to Face-the goal is to have 15 face to faces per week. Write the name of each person in the box. These can be with clients, potential clients, referral partners or potential referral partners.

• Break Breads-the goal is 5 per week. Write the name of each person in the box. This can be lunch, coffee, happy hour, etc.

• Great phone calls-the goal is 60 per week. Write the name of each person in the box. There are suggestions of who to call on the left

• Seminars attended-the goal is one or two seminars attended or held by you.

• Hour’s prospected-write in the total hours spent prospecting each day. Minimum of 21 per week. This is face to face time, prospecting phone calls, and 1hr for an application/buyer/listing appt. • Thank you cards-the goal is 10 per week. Write the name of each person in the box. These are hand written, heart-felt thank you cards. Rick’s tip: put ten blank cards on your desk at the beginning of each week. Fill them out as you have a great phone call, impactful face to face, etc. Stay at the end of the week if they are not all filled out and finish.

• Leads-keep tally of the number of leads you get each day. The goal is 10 by the end of the week.

• Deals-keep tally of deals taken each day (applications). The goal is 3 by the end of the week.


Do Something to WOW your client through the entire loan process WOW your client through the entire loan process! Pre-qualification: • “Live” over the phone pre- qualification • Honor referring source

During Pre-qualification, you should: Lead The lead comes in and should be entered on the lead tracker. Pre-qual Packet: Click here to see an example of a pre-qual packet. You should be able to get something similar to this, with your information and team from Marketing. If you choose to send this out, send it as soon as you get the leads address, or in other words a credit pull. The credit pull should be indicated on your lead tracker and a flag as to when to send out the pre-qual packet, with thank you card and lottery ticket. Quick App Use this for your SA or yourself to take a quick application over the phone, to get that pre-qual going quickly, 4 hours is preferred Pre-qual Letter Fill out this pre-qual letter to send to the referring realtor, after client has been pre-qualified. (preferably with in 4 hours)

(speak highly of the realtor during your conversation) If you cannot take live(pre- qual), maximum 4 hr turn time (a set number you can advertise) Pre-qualification letter sent to agent immediately Set appointment and e-mail confirmation of time, location, and needs list same day Mail brochure and thank you letter -“thank you for applying” send with lottery ticket

• be sure to tweak this to your specifications • remove all the yellow before sending.

Thank You Card It’s time to write a thank you card to the referring realtor and to the prospective client for their time. (Also log the referring realtor on your lead tracker) There will be a set gift for each milestone. Vendor information is listed along with each step and what to say in each thank you card.


All About You Form: This is a great way to get to know a bit more about your client. The concept is to get the client to fill this out completely before the Loan Consultation, (while they wait to be called in) however, if you don’t have an in-person loan consultation, at least warm up the client with a few questions from the form. Mainly, kids, pets and vacation. After Phone/Loan Consultation call follow up: After your consultation or phone call with the client, be sure to update the realtor on how your meeting went. One fast and effective method of this, would be sending them a video with the client’s preapproval amount and any other tidbits that the realtor may want to know. Or, drop them a quick text or phone call. Opt for a phone call over a text because it gives you yet another chance, to build a rapport with a realtor. Again, during the conversation, honor the referring source. Preapproval Letter: This should go out to the client and the realtor, so they are both on the same page. Congrats and gift to client: Now, would be a good time to send your client a preapproval gift (cookies from our vendor).

Follow up email to referring source about the outcome of the meeting

Send approval letter

Send Congrats card and

Pre-application email confirmation, needs list, directions

Welcome board

“All about you” form

Drinks/ snacks

Professional presentation -Build rapport/ honor referring source/ assess needs/ ask for business Email to referring agent a thank you for the referral and that they have decided to go with you

Initial Loan Approval

Initial Loan Approval: When the loan hits the Initial Loan Approval milestone, it’s time to send out a congrats gift. This usually consists of Chicago style popcorn or the travel guide to their dream vacation. Use Amazon to write your Congrats card. Amazon will also send out Gift Cards with a Birthday Card attached. In big cities, you might be able to get this the same day.

Introduction call from team member don’ts email Call listing agent and congratulate them on the contract on their listing – let themknow that they will receive Tuesday updates as well-Ask for business. Is there anyone elsewe can help? Or anyone else we should have a conversationwith?

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Closing and after

Cleat To Close Once a clear to close has been issued, this needs to be put on everyone’s calendar.

Closing gift – something of interest from their “all about you form” or wine bottle. Sponsor house warming party (for larger clients)

Also, write a Thank You card for the client to go along with the wine bottle.

• Thank you card to agent with small gift • Closing survey • First payment reminder call (1 month after, pull previous months report) Annual review calls (Thursday ‘letter of week calls) •

Monthly client Happy Hour


Survey There will also be a closing survey sent . While these are usually stellar because we provide outstanding service, everyone in a while, you get an unhappy customer. It is the LO’s job to contact that customer for feedback and to see what can be done better. Thank them for the feedback and pass the information along to the team. You may want to send them cookies or a small gift, thanking them for taking the time to speak with you about the survey. assistant get together a list of clients, who payments would be due. The LO will give the past client a call asked them about the house, remind them about the payment and again as if there is anyone he/she should have a conversation with. Also, invite them to the client happy hour, which your assistant should have scheduled monthly. First Payment Calls: At the end of every month, have your

Annual Review

This will happen as part of your weekly calls. This will be part of your Thursday calls. You should end up reaching out to you past client database twice per month to check on them, family, house, see if they need any recommendations, do they want to refinance etc. When you make your first payment calls, invite these clients to the monthly happy hour for clients. This happy hour is just another touch to your past clients, that will keep you in front of them. In lieu of doing something monthly, plan a roof top (if at corp) party with activities and food to thank them. Everyone loves a good roof top party. LOTH is another touch to your past clients. It gives them an intimate look at your life. There is no need to talk business in the letter. Just write about your thoughts or your feelings over the past few months. Tell them about your wins and your loses. Your fear and triumph. As the title is called, make it a letter from the heart. Click here for an example

Monthly Happy Hour

LOTH (Letter of the heart)

Events: Building Realtor Relationship

You should have 4 events every month and include realtors and your team. Each event should be promoted as follows: (marketing can help), Video email, ,Personal text message, from your phone: Your Evite, should go out about 1 month before the event occurs. Then every week after that, each of these methods of advertising should be performed. • Happy Hour for Top 40 (or equivalent) realtors • Volunteer event for ream, invite realtors

Happy Hour Top 40 Realtors: This is an event that you will have once per month (depending on your production) for your top realtors. This is a time to bond with your realtors and show them you know how to have fun (relationship building). Happy hour doesn’t have to mean bar and drinks. Get creative with this. Here are some ideas that previous realtors loved: Axe Throwing throwing-chicago/

iFly (indoor sky diving)

Adler Planetarium: Adler After Dark Event (monthly) dark-planetary-prom-2017-05-18/

Dance Lessons:

The Magic Parlour Chicago

There are so many thing to do in Chicago, that simply having a boring happy hour at a bar, is probably not the best idea. Bars are a dime a dozen here. If you do not get enough interest from your top realtors, expand It out to some other realtors. Call them and personally invite them to your event. Volunteer Event: Volunteer once per quarter with your team (more if possible). Invite realtors. Through talking with them on your Monday top realtor call, you should have an idea of what your top realtors are passionate about. Most of them have a cause they contribute to. So, volunteer there and invite them on out. Some events: Ronald McDonald House near Laurie Hospital.

Corner Stone Community Outreach:

Anti-Cruelty Society involved/giving-to-the-society/other-ways-to- give/

Lunch & Learns: are a great way to attract new realtors: If you have topics that will draw true interest, excellent food helps as well, it’s a win, win situation. Be sure to introduce you self to all realtors who attend and grab their business cards. Set up a lunch or a coffee with them and discuss what you can do to help them with their business. Also, post these on to bring in new realtors, or realtors who might just be starting out. Lunch & Learn Topics: – contact manager for information on who can present this. Team Outings: Once per month, take your team on an outing. Everyone on your team should also build a relationship with the realtors you deal with. That way, if you don’t have time to pay attention to one realtor, someone on your team can help and pick up the slack. Once your outing for the month is set, call your top five realtors personally and invite them out. Every month invite five, going down your top list from 1-40

Lunch & Learn for realtors

• • •

Team Outing, invite top 5 realtors


*During all events, take time to touch everyone who took time out of there day to support your event* Mention wanting to grab a coffee with them and hold them to it with a follow up call.

The purpose of these events to is solidify old relationships and garner new ones.

Get everyone’s business card, or make note of who attended and send them a thank you card. If you have the next event in place, attach a small save the date for the next event. When you attend closings, be sure to bring your gift, a hand written thank you card and invites to the next event. Everyone in the room, should get an invite to your next event (there are enough events to fit everyone in every category), maybe even the closer.

Donations: If you would like to give a realtor something for their birthday, put a donation in their name. Talk

to them and ask them, what their favorite charity is. Make the donation and present a certificate to them. This a great gift for the realtor that has everything. Client Happy Hour: Every month, send out invites to the client happy hour. These are clients from the previous two months, that closed a loan successfully with you. You can set up a recurring appointment with the venue to make it easier. Drinks (ask about using drink tickets to keep the price in check) and light appetizers to be served. If clients RSVP to the happy hour, keep track of this and make sure you let their realtor know that they RSVP’d. All realtors and attorneys are invited to this event.

Evidence of Success (EOS)

This is a monthly post card that should be distributed to your realtor data base. You can use reviews, realtor quotes, client quotes or proven stats to advertise you and your team. This is a good way to keep your name omnipresent in the realtor world.

Cheesy Gift

Cheesy Gift (if this is compliant) Realtors love presents. You should send out a cheesy gift every month to your top 40 realtors. It should be something clever, catchy, and memorable. Some ideas below: Baseball Sign by you: the attached tag would have your business card and it could say, lets him a home run this season. Baseballs/dp/B0015CFUZW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1490211630&sr=8- 1&keywords=bulk+baseballs Container: Protection-Baseball/dp/B00NZLCB76/ref=sr_1_11?s=sports-and- fitness&ie=UTF8&qid=1490211692&sr=1- 11&keywords=baseball+display+case Bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups: The attached tag would have your business card and it would say: Have I told you REESEntly, how much I enjoy working with you?

Slap Bracelet: For realtor who may not work with you yet. Purchase the slap bracelet from the link below. Use the template linked here: You’re not working with (LO) name. Slap yourself. alias%3Daps&field-keywords=slap+bracelet Use Clapping Hands: alias%3Daps&field- keywords=clappy+hands&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Aclappy+hands

Birthday program for Realtors

Birthday Program: Your Top 40 realtors should be broken up into categories A, B, C.

A = 5+ deals B = 3,4 deals C = 1,2 deals

You can also adjust these to whether or not you think the realtor is capable of giving you more deals than you have or their potential as a realtor. This is something that should be reviewed frequently.

The program is as follow: A = 5+ deals = Cake or cupcake, personalized happy birthday video, $100 gift card B = 3,4 deals = Cake or cupcake $50.00 gift card C = 1,2 deals = cake or cupcake The trick here is to send this to their home address. You should have your assistant call the realtor the day before, to find out where to drop off their presents to. All realtor birthdays should be on your Top 40 realtor spread sheet. They should also be in everyone’s calendar, with a reminder 1 week out, so that you have time to purchase the gift. is a great resource for gift cards. If you are in a big city, you can get a gift card within 2 hours, if you are a prime member. You should be able to set up a vendor program with a local bakery, or use the cookie vendor, mention previously and send cookies instead! It’s the thought that counts!

Social Media

Social Media •

Before: Before the mortgage process, when you get the initial lead, this would be a good time to friend them on social media. Your name is fresh in their head and most people like to have a glimpse inside of your life. Friend them on your personal page and on invite them to like your business page. During: Once you receive the contract, friend everyone on the contract except the seller. This means both agents, client, and lawyers on both side. These people also need to be added to your CRM or database. All information, phone, email, address need to be loaded. You will be marketing to them later. Monitor their social media if possible and create a few simple interactions. At Closing: If possible, take a picture with the client and the realtor and yourself at closing, along with the personalize wine bottle. Get permission to use it on social media and tag the client in the post. If you can’t get a picture with the client, then default to the below. After: Once the client has closed on their home, congratulate them with a post. Some people prefer not to have their business on social media, so use these example posts to recognize the client. Also, tag the realtor who was a part of the transaction:

Before During

• •


Daily Social Media to build recognition.

Every morning as soon as you come in, you should tend to the business page and the personal page. The LO should post as they would about family, friends, likes etc. The SA should have access to both pages to post accordingly. There are two ways to post, using or posting manually every morning. Hootsuite is a website where you can have all of your social media pages in one place. It allows you to link multiple accounts to hootsuite so that your message goes out to each account, instead of having to post to each account individually. You can also time posts to go out at peak times Capture great articles using the RSS Feed Feature. Click below, for a guide on how implement RSS Feeds: reader-app/

Here is one example below:

This method is recommended: Posting with house suite gives you some control over what is posted. You can line up what you post through an information dump for 2 months. However, if you use RSS feed to post, you will have minimal control of what come from the RSS feeds. Click here for information on information dump:

What to post?

Whenever possible post to your business page and share to your personal page. Here are some examples of things you can post, when you don’t know what to post • Quotes: • /kevinkruse/2013/05/28/inspirational- quotes/#2ce08c986c7a • Funny Videos from youtube • Educational videos from gateless: • Live video of your event, brokers open, you personal market update • Share content from other realtors • Share listings, broker open dates and open house info from realtors on your friends list

Advertise upcoming events

• •

Advertise new loan programs (found on gateless) Something Free in your city? Let everyone know Share articles from guaranteed rates facebook page Pose questions, then later post the answer. Wish people congrats or happy anniversary on their page Holiday greetings

• •

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