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February 2020

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The Power of Networking Make an Impact With Your Networking

A few weeks back, I attended a two-day legal marketing seminar.

It was a fantastic event because I learned a lot and made amazing connections. We started by introducing ourselves and describing our law practices. The first evening, we had a reception. As we were sitting there with our drinks, a nearby woman was making an odd face in my direction. After a second or so, her face straightened out as if she remembered me. She proceeded to point at me, saying, “You’re the parachute guy!” As in, I give my clients a stable footing after they leave their company, the so-called “golden parachute.” It’s funny because I often introduce myself as “a guy named Guy.” It gets a laugh and seems to help people remember my name. This goes to show the impact networking can have. In the marketing seminar, the speaker said it takes seven interactions for someone to remember you. These interactions can be through emails, phone calls, newsletters — anything. When the speaker was talking about them, I started thinking about the quality of every interaction. What I find so impactful when networking isn’t necessarily the number of people I see, but the quality of the relationships. When you meet a possible contact at one of these events, the key is learning what they do and making a meaningful connection. Networking is best done when we focus on connecting our brands with people who can add value by helping us connect with others. The last thing you want to do is overtly sell yourself or your company. Networking is an essential part of marketing because it’s an opportunity to share your brand with people inside and outside of your industry. It establishes you as an authority in

them or be a customer, I refer them. Naturally, the conversation will swing my direction, and they ask the same thing. If they know someone who is selling their business and may need a retention agreement, they will refer their friend to me. You may not immediately see a return on investment for your time, but it will pay off in the long run. Nothing happens overnight, but there is value in just being there. It shows you’re committed and reliable. So, when a conversation does start, the potential customer or client will feel you’re a person of your word. So, if you know of any fun networking events, let me know next time we talk. I’m always looking for an opportunity to make new connections and find out how I can help our local business community.

your market. Networking can be vital if you’re exploring other industries, too. You won’t have to search out key contacts or industry experts since you’re meeting them where they are. I attend a monthly networking event on a Saturday at 5:30 a.m. at a local Starbucks. Can you believe it? Starbucks at 5:30 in the morning! It’s truly remarkable how many people want to connect. It is amazing to walk in to find 40–50 people there for the sole purpose of networking to help build their businesses. But my goal isn’t to meet all 40–50. Instead, I hope to form connections with 4–5 people. Even if they don’t need my services now, they may know someone who does. When I do connect with someone, I ask how I can help them even if it’s not by providing my legal expertise. Here is another question I’ll ask when a conversation starts: “Who is your ideal client?” If I know someone who could help

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