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A REASON TO CELEBRATE Why Independence Day Holds a Special Place in My Heart

a happy career. Our happiness in our relationships with our friends is mirrored at G3, which is a place where people heal and gather to grow their minds, bodies, and spirits through strong relationships. Mike and I thrive on fun and quality people, and so do our patients. Mike and I have instilled our desire for meaningful relationships in our kids, who also love the Fourth of July for its ability to bring people together for a good time. When we were younger, Mike and I would have barbecues on the beach, but we’ve switched it up the last few years by taking the kids to Legoland Hotel to see the impressive sculptures and watch the incredible fireworks display. The girls love our trip, and it’s refreshing to take time away from our hectic lives for quality time with the family. As we’ve gotten older, Mike and I have been able to recognize very distinct phases in our lives. When we were younger, we loved to hang out with our friends and have fun, but then our focus shifted solely to our careers and family, and now, we’ve learned how to balance work and play. We strive to emulate our personal lives in our professional careers, and I think we’ve done a commendable job. Just as there are different stages in life, there are different stages of healing. The road to recovery isn’t always linear. Some days will feel worse than others, and some days, you feel like you can fly. There are many ups and downs in the journey to recovery, but what matters is that you are always heading in the right direction. We hope that our G3 family enjoyed celebrating the Fourth with their loved ones and took some times to relax and unwind. Everyone came back feeling refreshed and ready to get our patients back on their feet. We also hope that you had a wonderful and safe Independence Day.

Last month, my family celebrated a wonderful Fourth of July as we always do, with our friends and family.

Independence Day has always been a special holiday in my life. My best friend growing up loved the holiday as much as I did, and we celebrated together as often as we could. I have so many great memories from Fourth of July celebrations in grade school, high school, college, and as a professional. In fact, the Fourth of July is the reason why Mike and I are married! One year, I was celebrating Independence Day with a college friend in Del Mar, and he set me up on my first date with Mike. If I hadn’t had such a strong love for the Fourth, I would have never met my husband! Every year, Mike and I try to spend Independence Day with our family and close friends. We believe that great friends and strong relationships are the foundation to a happy life and, subsequently,

See you soon!

– Sa ndra


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