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JUNE 2018


E very Father’s Day, dads all over the country are showered with gifts, calls from their kids, quality time, and all kinds of little tokens of appreciation. But honestly, the best reward I could ever receive as a father is to see my children succeed. Luckily, I get all kinds of opportunities for that: My

Friday afternoon, I came home and put him through a crash course, guiding him on the use of the air compressor, telling him to double-check outside cuts, giving him the lowdown on corner sets — the entire spiel.

daughter Meagan works with me at the firm and is proving to be a talented attorney, and my 19-year-old son Alex is currently smashing expectations at California Baptist University. It’s incredibly gratifying to see my two kids growing up to be such driven, passionate individuals. One recent event with Alex, in particular, was yet another moment that made me feel that, just maybe, I’d done something right as a dad. As anyone who knows me or follows this newsletter can probably tell, I like working with my hands. I’ve written a lot about all the projects I enjoy doing, from installing tile to building block walls to adding entire rooms to a home. So, when Alex came home and asked if he could borrow my truck to pick up some baseboards for his girlfriend’s mom, my interest was piqued. And then, when, the following weekend, he asked if he could borrow my saws, air compressors, nail guns, and all my tools with the goal of actually installing the baseboards, I was really intrigued.

And then he was off. He started at 8 a.m. that Saturday, and after 12 hours of painstaking work, he was done. The home wasn’t your typical layout, and it required a huge number of cuts to the boards to get them to fit correctly, but Alex put the time in and made sure everything looked great. I was impressed to see his handiwork: the care he’d put into every board and how much the finished product really made the room pop in a way it hadn’t before. It gave me a huge sense of vicarious satisfaction to see him take the initiative — and with such success. A move like that is a big step towards self-sufficiency, and I was proud to see him do so well, completely of his own volition. Alex is in his third year at school, blasting through his studies at a rapid pace, with around a whopping 20 credits per semester. Right now, he’s in summer school and should be coming up on graduation within a semester or two. Then he’s off to law school and will eventually come practice with Meagan and me at the firm.

More power to him, I thought, and I told him that I’d lend him whatever he needed and help him remember the basics. When I redid the baseboards on my own home, he was 4 years old, and when we recently set up Meagan’s baseboards, he was right there with me, cutting the boards and carefully installing them, so he was no slouch when it came to projects like this one. One

I guess at that point we’ll have to change the name from Silva & Silva, to Silva, Silva, & Silva — but I can tell you that I’ll for sure be proud to have him on the team. –Patrick Silva

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