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Increase sales with this selection of gift ideas and products tailored for events, milestones, and other special occasions celebrated year-round.

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There is a market for affordable keepsake photo frames for custom gifts! You can make extra profit using our premium metal sublimer moulds. By adding these metal sublimer moulds to your sublimation printing business you'll gain the opportunity to personalise and mould your own ever-so-popular personalised photo frames and stands into different shapes made from sublimer cutting boards and photo cards. Sublimer is an inexpensive, waterproof, mould-proof, and extremely durable substrate that prints beautifully.

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Benefits of these metal moulds • Robust mould - Can withstand repeated use over extended periods without significant degradation, reduces the need for frequent replacement, saving you money. • High thermal conductivity - The metal lid and base facilitates the efficient transfer of heat throughout the sublimer, ensuring uniform moulding results, meaning happier customers and less returns. • Our cheaper moulds you'll need to use gloves to protect your hands from the heat when moulding your product due to it not having a lid. Such actions are unnecessary when using these moulds.

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Increase sales with this selection of gift ideas and products tailored for events, milestones, and other special occasions celebrated year-round.

Parents will adore receiving a 3D mini genuine bamboo photo block of the words “mom" and “dad" laser cut from the 15mm genuine bamboo. Let's not forget about your customers BFF and their loved ones with a "#bff" and "love" photoblock. A photo prints beautifully on the bamboo.

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Birthdays are a popular occasion for celebrations, of all ages. Our 11oz birthday mug is a popular choice and sought-after option for gifting on birthdays. It features a motivational message already printed on the inside of the mug. With numerous birthdays celebrated throughout the year, this product ensures you'll consistently have additional income.

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Customers can enhance their decor for baby shower events and gender reveal parties with this 2-tone sublimer stork photo frame. Personalise it with a beautiful photo that loved ones can then take home and proudly display for admiration.

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A teddy photo frame not only adds a delightful touch to tables but also serves as a thoughtful gift for moms, dads, aunts, uncles, and grandparents, allowing them to proudly display cherished photos shared with newborns, toddlers, young children, and more.

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Turning 21 is a significant milestone worthy of celebration. Our HB 21st key frame offers space to print one photo, creating a cherished keepsake gift that both boys and girls will appreciate.

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Wedding gifts and anniversaries is the time for your business to whip out the high-end gifts to sell. Step up your customers personalised gifting game with our top-selling AAA grade stainless steel gift set that has 2 x 12oz wine tumblers and 1 x 500ml bottle. Manufactured with a high-quality sublimation coating for superior printing results that ensures bright,

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vibrant, quality images, coupled with food safety for a high-valued product that will sell itself.

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Thank you gifts are a wonderful way to show appreciation to friends, family, and coworkers. Wrap a bottle of wine in our printable hessian wine bag, featuring a drawstring closure. Both sides of the bag are printable. These hessian bags aren't limited for wine bottles; they're versatile enough to carry a wide range of other gifts too.

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Milestones are worth celebrating, capture those moments on a printable tile frame for your customer. These frames are perfect for you to promote to print shops and photographers. Whether it's a work promotion, graduation, birthday, pregnancy and wedding photoshoots, frame it with our stylish frames.

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