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Like Napoleon Hill talks about in “Think and Grow Rich,” outside perspectives help you navigate challenges and develop new ideas. In my mastermind, I get the brain power of 19 other talented achievers to help me solve my business hurdles. It’s the multiplier effect. That continued connection is so powerful for my business. Besides loneliness, it’s easy for entrepreneurs’ egos to get in the way of making decisions. It can morph their marketing into messaging that would only attract them. Everyone is limited by their own perceptions, and the only way to overcome that is to talk to other people. In my mastermind, I get to bounce ideas off of a whole room of people who like to be sold to differently than I do. If you don’t have a mastermind group, I highly recommend that you connect with one or a similar small-business group that you can bounce ideas off of and learn from. Despite what you’ve felt in the past, you don’t have to go it alone. P.S. Right now, I have spots open in the minimastermind that I host, and I’m waiving the entry fee for those who respond now. You can give us a call at 940.220.9187 to reserve your spot. I look forward to connecting with you. – Scott

For any of you solo business owners out there, have you ever felt like you’re going it alone? You have your supportive family and friends who are always there for you, but in terms of your business and the daily challenges and joys you experience, unless you have a business partner, there isn’t anyone else who really gets it. One day during college, I remember sitting in chapel listening to the sermon. The pastor was talking about a farm and the way the pigs react when the farmer tosses some feed into the pen. “The one that squeals is the one that gets hit,” he said. I thought back to this message recently as I read an email addressing how lonely it can be to start a business. If I were a pig, I probably would have squealed, because the author’s words hit a nerve. Being an entrepreneur is a lonely lifestyle, and you feel like you’re out there on your own. Every failure, and every success, rides on your decisions. You reap the benefits and suffer from the losses. It can be overwhelming, and you need others to turn to. For me, being part of a mastermind has been my antidote to the entrepreneurial blues. Every time we meet, I get feedback and encouragement from this group of other business owners. We collaborate on solutions to each other’s challenges, from navigating QuickBooks to crafting a targeted message to an email list. No one else quite gets it, but they always do. Those face-to-face exchanges fuel me and keep me sharp; texts and phone calls don’t cut it.

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