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A Call to Advance From the Desk of the President

Our names are important. Many times we embody the very names given to us. It's nomistake that God gave our founder, Dr. David Shibley, the name Global Advance over 30 years ago. Yes, we are global, but this year God is highlighting the word advance . Here are some of the foun- dational ways God is speaking to us regarding our call to ADVANCE: We're called to take enemy territory. Jesus was always about advancing His Father's agenda. 1 John 3:8 says that, "the reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the work of the devil." The Great Commission is a charge to advance; to GO, andmake disciples of every nation (Matthew 28:18-19). At Global Advance, we use the term "frontline leaders" because they are the ones closest to enemy lines.  It is vital that we equip and empower national leaders working on the front lines of the gospel's advance. We're called to move forward. The apostle Paul said this in Philippians 3:13: "But one thing I do: forgetting what is behind and straining towards what is ahead, I press on toward the goal..."  Our world and its values are constantly changing. The fundamentals of the gospel and the Christ-honoring life will never change! At Global Advance we are firm on our mission, but will always be evaluating the best methods to accomplish the mission. As we take bold steps tomove forward in the things of God, we can expect His provision, protection, and power because God has allowed Global Advance to be a front-runner inmany ways. Thirty years ago, fewminis- tries completely focused on training and equipping indigenous leadership. In the early 2000's, we stepped into a distinct role in the pioneering of marketplace missions.  Once again, God has givenGlobal Advance a very rare and unique assignment  to build interna- tional collaborative coalitions: national teams comprised of top leaders, whose kingdom impact is faster-moving and further-reaching, because they're working together. Inmany ways, we're called It is by His Spirit, not by our own efforts, that His missionwill be accomplished through us. We believe and look forward to the day when Psalm 22:27 becomes a reality: "All the families of the nations will bow down before Him." Together, may we advance in every good thing He has called us to in 2020! Gratefully commissioned, Jonathan Shibley  President, Global Advance to plant seeds which others will benefit from.  As we ADVANCE together, let's remember this:  It is always God's heart to advance His Kingdom and gospel. He's the never-changing God.  We're called to lead the way. 


How Your Partnership Makes a Difference: A 2019 Year-in-Review

• Trained 14,000 frontline leaders • Partnered with leaders in 20 of the 50 most persecuted nations • Commissioned national pastors to plant 1,300 churches among the unreached • Helped launch Kingdom Business Networks on 4 continents • Launched the David Shibley Institute for global missional leaders • Provided relief to Christian families facing severe threats and perse- cution • Provided clean water and the message of the gospel to hundreds of families in unreached villages

And that’s just scratching the surface! Check out more featured stories at:

A young boy in a remote village in the Sindh Province of Pakistan enjoys the first cup of clean water from a freshly drilled well.


2020 South Asia National Team Training

F or seven years, Global Advance has been building teams of high capacity leaders representing eight nations in South Asia (Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, & Maldives). Earlier this month, Global Advance convened 39 of these national team leaders, plus 5 Global Advance staff members, in a neutral location in Sri Lanka. God answered our prayers to strengthen these cross-cultural relation- ships, to communicate best practices for ministry, to further develop their national team strategies, and to track progress towards their collaborative vision to see 15,000 new churches planted throughout South Asia. Glory to God, they’re well on their way; to date, regional leaders attend- ing our Global Advance Church Plant trainings have already committed to plant close to 5,000 new churches!

The work of planting the church is the greatest way tomeasure the advance of the Great Commission. However, this isn’t a commitment these leaders can afford to take lightly. Many are literally risking their lives to advance the gospel in some of themost unreached and highly perse- cuted nations in the world. While gath- ered in Sri Lanka they once again re-upped their collaborative commitment, with an inspiring goal to convene, train, and commission an additional 2,000 church planters in the next 24 months. What a privilege it is to empower and help resource this South Asia coalition to see this bold vision become reality! Commit to praying and partnering with us today!

The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) is the regional intergovernmental organization and geopolitical union of states in South Asia.


2020 South Asia Gathering • In Their Own Words...

"In four days my kingdom vision went from one nation to eight nations!" - Sri Lanka Pastor

"I was feeling quite burdened and heavy when I arrived, but during these days my burden has been lifted. I am empowered, refreshed, and motivated tomove forward." - Pastor from the conflict-stricken India/ Pakistan border of Jammu/Kashmir

"The kindness and love of each member in this gathering touched my heart. I no longer feel that Afghanistan is an isolated nation, because now we have joined with a big family in Christ. We belong. We are going back with healing and passion to show the love of our Savior,

and to light the darkness in our country." - Afghanistan undercover missionary

"The participants were so open to each other, and the topics were so encouraging for us. I am personally so motivated by the messages." - Bangladesh Pastor


Advancing With 2020 Vision: Seeing the fields that are ripe for harvest and ready for our partnership

Empower Leaders We will reach across every domain of society to strengthen business leaders who will have an impact on their nations for Christ! They’re the job creators, city influ- encers, and kingdom work funders in their own nations. In this decade, we will cultivate 100 Kingdom Business Networks to bless the nations and fulfill the Great Commission.

Advance the Gospel This year we will bring young leaders from 12 nations to the USA for the second annual David Shibley Insti- tute: a two-week train- ing intensive focused on lifting and launching young nation builders. We will provide practical and spiritual support to women globally, empow- ering them to build rela- tionships, identify local assets, and own the dreams God has given them in order to trans- form their communities for Christ.

Aid the Persecuted In 2020, we will continue to work in places where believers are oppressed, imprisoned, discrimi- nated against, and even physica l ly at t acked because they believe in Jesus. This work includes di st r ibut ing Bibles , developing safe homes, and assisting those work- ing undercover to share the gospel.

Plant Churches This year we will part- ner with local leaders in Pakistan to drill water wells in villages that have historically been violently opposed to the gospel.These leaders have discovered a strategy that works: clean water opens doors to relation- ships, which has resulted in salvation, discipleship, and new churches being planted.

This is just a small glimpse into what we have planned for 2020. See more of our scheduled frontline leader training events here:


At this stage of life, my most fulfilling times of ministry are when I’m imparting my life into younger gospel proclaimers. Last summer the David Shibley Insti- tute (DSI) was launched in Dallas. I view this annual Institute as something of a capstone on the ministry God has privi- leged me to steward. The David Shibley Institute is an intensive, two-week time for selected young leaders from developing nations. It’s an inter- active, life and ministry-shaping time. I impart to the delegates my theology, passion for Christ and the gospel, and my vision for world evangelization. Each year Global Advance brings 12 carefully-vetted young church leaders to Dallas for two weeks. I literally pour the core of my ministry heart into them. I eat with the delegates, pray with them, listen to their hopes and dreams, and equip themwith my resources and vision. Several friends assist by imparting their life message to these young nation-build- ers, as well. Jonathan Shibley, who coined the name for the Institute, notes that raising up these young leaders will create a new network of international advocates for Global Advance. “God impressed on my heart a clear directive to secure the legacy of the founder,” he notes. “This Institute will prevent erosion of vision and what some call ‘mission-drift.’” DSI enables me to multiply the vision and passion for the gospel to future generations. Your prayers and financial gifts make the Institute and our many outreaches possible. With all my heart, thank you for your partnership. David Shibley Founder &World Representative - Global Advance

Our friends from Brazil visit our new co-working space in HopeHub for fellow- ship and strategic planning.

Did You Know? Global Advance is growing! We’re now operating out of 4 regional locations:

• Global Advance Headquarters: Rockwall, Texas Exciting news! This year we’re renovating our Rockwall office to best steward our property, maximize efficiency, and add new cutting-edge technologies. We can’t wait to share our prog- ress with you! • Global Advance Satellite Office in the new HopeHub at the Hope Center: Plano, Texas • Global Advance South Asia Office: Chandigarh, India • Global Advance Satellite Office: Estes Park, Colorado



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