Commander C - Simple, Reliable Motor Control


Embedded intelligence reduces costs

Robust and reliable design

Onboard PLC

• PCBs conformal coated for resilience to harsh environments • Patented air flow system cools and protects components • Supply voltage tolerance for smooth operation during disturbances to supply • Intelligent three speed user replaceable fan with failure detection • Trip avoidance features take action instead of tripping out: i. Load shedding reduces speed at current limits ii. Supply loss ride-through keeps motor running during brown outs • High overload capability: 180% for 3 seconds (RFC-A mode) or 150% for 60 seconds (Open loop mode) • IP20 ingress protection as standard and conduit box UL Type 1 available as an accessory

Built-in independent PID control

Energy saving

• Dynamic V/Hz - improves efficiency by reducing motor losses during low demand • 98% efficient - only 2% of energy is lost during the conversion process • Low power standby mode - drives can be idle for significant periods, saving energy • Automatic 3-speed cooling fan - keeps energy usage & acoustics noise to a minimum by intelligently responding to load and the environment • Square Law V/F mode - optimized for quadratic loads to reduce motor losses

Input / Output

Onboard as standard • 3 x Analog I/O • 5 x Digital I/O • 1 x Relay • 2 X STO (C300 only)

SI-I/O • 4 x Digital I/O • 1 x Digital input • 3 x Analog inputs (default) / Digital inputs • 2 x Relays


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