Commander C - Simple, Reliable Motor Control


Protection Conformal Coating Fire Mode DC Bus Undervoltage Error Level

100 V models: 175 Vdc | 200 V models: 175 Vdc | 400 V models: 330 Vdc | 575 V models: 435 Vdc | 690 V models: 435 Vdc Frame sizes 1 - 4: 100 V models: 510 Vdc | 200 V models: 510 Vdc | 400V models: 870 Vdc Frame size 5 - 9: 200V models: 415 Vdc | 400 V models: 830 Vdc | 575 V models: 990 Vdc | 690 V models: 1190 Vdc

DC Bus Overvoltage Error Level

Drive Overload Error

Programmable: Default settings: 180% for 3s, 150% for 60s

Instantaneous Overcurrent Error/Limit

220% of rated motor current

Phase Loss Error

DC Bus Ripple Threshold Exceeded

Overtemperature Error

Control Board Over Temperature, Inverter Model Temperature, Inverter Thermistor Temperature, Drive heatsink temperature exceeds 95°C (203°F)

Short Circuit Error Ground Fault Error

Protection against output phase-to-phase fault Protection against output phase-to-ground fault

Motor Thermal Protection

Electronically protects the motor from over-heating due to loading conditions

Keep Running

Parameter set to avoid errors and machine downtime

Dedicated Thermistor Input General Items supplied with the drive

Avoid downtime or machine damage due to overheated motor

Step-By-Step Guide, Safety Information, Grounding bracket, Surface mounting brackets (frame 5 to 9)


Modbus RTU Communications (available with AI-485 Adaptor)

Control Word Control

Serial Baud Rate

600 to 115200 bps

Modbus RTU Mode

8.2NP, 8.1NP, 8.1EP, 8.1OP, 7.1 EP, & 7.1 OP

On Board PLC User Memory Space

30 KB

Pre-set Programs (Available on Request)

Unbalanced Load Detection (Laundry drive variant), Solar Pump (Available in Connect)

Custom Application Parameters



Analogue input 1, analogue input 2, pre-set speeds, keypad reference, motorised pot reference, frequency input, PID output or communication control

Selectable References

Jog Reference Up / Down % Reference (Motorised Pot) Bi-Polar Reference Pre-set Speeds


Pre-set Timer Skip Frequencies


Skip Frequencies Dead Band Local/Remote S-Ramp Acceleration Rates


Deceleration Rates


Frequency Input Reference (Pulse Train)

0 Hz to 100 kHz

Torque Reference


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