Commander C - Simple, Reliable Motor Control



Control Mode: Linear V to F

(Definable Boost)

Control Mode: Square V to F

(Definable Boost)

Control Mode: Low Energy Mode (Dynamic V to F) Control Mode: Set Point V to F Control Mode: Stator Resistance Compensation Control Mode: RFC-A (Enhanced Open-Loop Performance) Motor Stability Optimiser

Slip Compensation Auto-tune: Static Auto-tune: Rotating Switching Frequency

Size 1 - 4: 0.667, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 12 & 16 kHz

Size 5 - 9: 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 12 & 16 kHz

(Factory default = 3kHz)

Catch an Already Spinning Motor Speed Feedback via SI-Encoder Option Second Motor Set-up Motor Pre-Heat Control

Stop Mode: Ramp Stop Mode: Coast Stop Mode: Ramp & DC Injection Stop Mode: DC Injection Brakingwith 0 Hz detect Stop Mode: Timed DC Injection Braking Built-in Braking Transistor (External Resistor Required) Brake Settings (DC bus) Programmable Braking in RFC-A Mode Mechanical Brake Controller

Supply Loss Detection Low DC Link Operation Analogue Input Control Analogue Output Control Digital Input Control Digital Output Control Relay Control

Logic Function Control Timer Function Control Limit Switch Control Variable Selector Temperature Monitoring Keypad Button Assignment Programmable Output Current Limit General Diagnostics Error History Log


Auto-Reset After Error Error Time Stamping Power Loss Ride Through Run Time Log Cloning

Via: Modbus RTU, SD Card, Connect

Energy Meter Security

4-digit PIN protection


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