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Established in 2012,Success Electric Pte Ltd specialises inmanufacturing low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies for diverse market sectors in Singapore and numerous global projects. The company’s electrical power distributionsolutions range frommainswitchboards(MSB) todistribution boards (DB). It also provides motor control and automation panels for air conditioning & mechanical ventilation (ACMV) systems, plumbing & sanitary, fire pump, refuse chute, and machinery control systems.

The Challenge

Singapore Botanic Gardens is the first and only tropical botanic garden on the UNESCOWorld Heritage List. Its newGallop Extension is eight hectares of framed landscapes composed of native plants and forests, contributing to the gardens’ rich heritage and its role in research, conservation, education, and recreation. As a natural extension of the gardens’ nature area, it covers the rain forest and the learning forest, educating visitors on forest ecology and conservation significance.

With a new addition to the visitor attraction, the Botanical Gardens required an irrigation booster pump system to supply water to the entire Gallop Extension field of plants and forests. On winning the contract, Success Electric set about the mission to find the right drive for the job.

The Benefit

The Solution

Control Techniques’ Commander C drives are integrated into Success Electric’s irrigation booster pump system controller. Commander C controls and regulates the pumps to distribute the water supply to the entire field of native plants and forests at programmed times of the day and night, keeping the plants watered while saving energy and natural resources. Commander C provides a low starting current while ramping up to full speed at 50Hz, thus reducing the overall energy consumption. The easy-to-use LED keypad and a parameter guide on the front of the drive allow the gardens’ maintenance team to modify the pressure settings for the pump sets.

“The solution has reinforced the energy saving benefits that variable speed drives deliver. In this case, Singapore Botanical Gardens is making energy savings of 30%. With the compact and programmable Commander C drives,wewere able to reduce the panel footprint, leaving more space for nature that visitors can enjoy.”

AnthonyYeo Success Electric Business Manager


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