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APRIL 2020

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We are facing unprecedented times right now. First and foremost, we want to thank those of you on the front lines who are helping stem the tide of COVID-19 infections that are threatening the lives of many in our country. We salute you for your courage and sacrifice. Meanwhile, one of the seemingly insurmountable challenges we all face is practicing social distancing while keeping our businesses and clients up and running. Some 95% of AZCOMP’s staff is now operating from home, leaving those who remain at the office with the ability to maintain proper social distance.

Here at AZCOMP, we hope you find comfort in our belief that we are strong enough as a company and as a country to weather this storm. We know your inboxes, social media feeds, and TVs are flooded with conflicting news reports — most are troubling, yet others share uplifting messages of hope. We want to be a part of the solution, so our question to you now is this: How can we help? I’d like to finish with an appeal for all of us, no matter what challenges lie ahead, to maintain our humanity. One of the most difficult aspects of all of this is the unknown. None of us knows when this crisis will abate or how much worse it may get before

it gets better. We don’t know the ramifications this will have on the economy in the long run. But I do know that no matter what may come, it will all be okay in the end. This will be a time that none of us will ever forget. Let it be a time we don’t look back on with regret. Rather, let it be a time we will sincerely treasure for the growth we all experienced and the love that we were shown and gave to others.

“We want to be a part of the solution, so our question to you now is this: How can we help?”

Let me emphasize: AZCOMP is 100% functional, and we are anxious to help our partners and practices be the same. We have the expertise and the manpower to help you. The government has given the health care industry the green light to care for patients remotely. We celebrate that flexibility but recognize it leaves most of you on the front lines feeling bewildered about how to do that. We know every office operates in its own distinct way. There are several options available that will allow you, with your unique circumstances, to find the solution you need.

–Lance &Marcee Foster

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Follow Basic Computer Security Practices

There’s never a bad time to refresh your computer security practices. If you think, “It’ll never happen to me,” then you’re exactly who hackers are looking to take advantage of. Avoid feeling like a fool this April by following these basic computer protections. Stay Updated You must stay up to date with all your software and hardware. Your program may have been the latest and greatest when you first purchased or installed it, but most software companies create new versions or updates quite often. They do so to update both the security and operations of their product. If you’re not installing their updates, you’re not letting them help you protect yourself. Just remember that the newer it is, the more built-in protection it will have. Beware of Phishing Many cybercriminals will let you do all the work for them by way of phishing, or sending spam messages that prompt you to either send sensitive information back to them or click a link that makes it easier

for them to access your information. Phishing can happen via email, phone, text, or social networking sites, so proceed with caution. Be suspicious of anything that looks fake or unusual or asks for too much information. Build Strong Passwords Using the same passwords for all your accounts is the easiest route to take, but it’s far from safe. You should have unique passwords for every single one of your accounts and make them as complex as possible. They should be long; use a mix of letters, characters, and numbers; and be changed every few months. Yes, it’s a lot of extra work, but password manipulation is one of the most common ways hackers access information, so it’s well worth doing. You should also be careful about what sites you visit and never leave your devices unattended. Stay vigilant with basic protocols, and you’ll put yourself a step ahead of those trying to cause harm. NEED NETWORKING OR COMPUTER HELP?


If there ever was a time to communicate with your patients, it is now. In these uncertain times of the coronavirus outbreak, patients look to medical professionals to be their source of information and advice. You can help your patients help themselves and their families. You can also send important information on when and how to contact your office. AutoRemind has a range of features to help you communicate with your patients, whether you are in the office or working remotely and are signed in to your Medisoft or Lytec software.

Call our direct support line: 480-730-3055 Create a support ticket via email:

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The newsletter feature is effective and quick in delivering the content of your choice to your patients electronically. It can be used remotely even if you use your practice management system database. Send emails, texts, and even make phone calls. If you are interested in sending newsletters or using other AutoRemind features, please contact us to learn about different options that would best fit your needs.

“What every small business owner must know about protecting and preserving their company’s critical data and computer systems” covers the essential information you need to know to keep your network safe. If you aren’t up to date on the latest in security, your network will be at risk.

company’s critical data & computer systems!

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This report is available for free at Download it today to ensure your computer systems are as secure as possible. With this report, you will have peace of mind and can spend time enjoying the spring weather without worrying about the safety of your network and data.

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Spring is in the air, which means it’s time to go green! Planting and gardening is a relaxing and rewarding hobby, and filling your home with plant life is visually appealing and can improve productivity, reduce stress, and boost your mood. If you’d love to have all those perks but aren’t gifted with a green thumb, then the Xiaomi Smart Monitor can lend you one. The Xiaomi Smart Monitor is a four-in-one capability monitor for indoor and outdoor plants. Its pronged sensors push directly into the soil surrounding the plant so its real-time sensor can track how much water and sunlight the plant is getting and also read its temperature and nutrition levels. The device then communicates with a downloadable app on your smartphone so you can expertly monitor every delicate detail of your vegetation. The interactive app has over 5,000 plants and flowers in its database, so it knows exactly how to care for each species. You can also use it for multiplant tracking by simply changing the sensor’s location in the soil then switching to the profile of a different plant in your app. So take the guesswork out of gardening and use Xiaomi to keep your plants thriving this season. GIVE YOURSELF A GREEN THUMB


By Making Art for Your Feet

Bucketfeet sells some beautiful shoes. In fact, you can’t get their shoes anywhere else. That’s because each shoe is custom-crafted by an artist who creates your shoe based on your design preferences. But Bucketfeet is about a lot more than personalized, funky fashion trends. The co-founders of Bucketfeet met by happenstance while traveling independently in Argentina. Aaron and Raaja formed a quick friendship, and when they parted ways, Aaron gave Raaja a pair of hand-designed shoes he made. During the remainder of Raaja’s trip around the world, those shoes sparked hundreds of conversations with people from dozens of countries, cultures, and backgrounds. That led to an incredible epiphany. Art has the power to bring people together, so in 2011, they launched Bucketfeet, a company that commissions artists from around the world to design unique sneakers. Every pair of Bucketfeet shoes is handmade to order and crafted specifically for the buyer. The wearable art sparks conversation because each shoe is unique to the wearer. That also means nothing is ever out of stock or overpurchased, which cuts down on the environmental waste that results from housing excess product and material. Bucketfeet’s network contains over 40,000 artists from 120-plus countries. They connect and collaborate with one another and their customers, which means styles change quickly and are entirely unique. When a customer buys a pair of Bucketfeet shoes, they directly support these global artists who earn commission on every pair sold. Since launching, Bucketfeet has given over $600,000 back to their artist community. Art plays an important role in everyone’s life, whether they’re aware of it or not. It’s in everything we see, from architecture to advertisements. It has the power to impact people, raise awareness, and inspire connections. A single conversation can spark a lifetime relationship, and Bucketfeet knows that. Now, they want to share it with the world.

FORGET WHAT YOU THINK YOU KNOW ‘Nine Lies About Work’ Sheds Light on Leadership

Countless methods exist for promoting business growth. In general, they point to the necessity of good feedback, organization, strategy, culture, and leadership. But the authors of “Nine Lies About Work: A Freethinking Leader’s Guide to the Real World” suggest that the basics of these elements aren’t entirely accurate. Authors Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall come from impressive leadership and team-building backgrounds with

successful companies. They’ve seen many businesses adhere to all the operational tenants they seemingly should yet never reach their full potential. After dissecting real-world stories and poring over analytics, Buckingham and Goodall concluded that successful, freethinking leaders have the ability to recognize something in their workplace that other leaders don’t: the power of individual uniqueness. The cohesiveness of a team matters more than the company’s culture. Real-time intelligence should gain focus over top-down planning, and rather than attempting to align people’s goals, you should strive to give each person a sense of purpose in their work. The success of a team is not about constant feedback, but rather helpful attention. Freethinking doesn’t mean you’re not a team player. It means you have unique ideas to contribute to your team. “Nine Lies About Work” is an eye-opening new approach to leading your team if you think you’ve been doing everything right but haven’t seen the results you’ve been expecting.

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By Liz ROLL WITH IT It takes a special type of personality to go with the flow. It’s often a trait you have to be born with, but some people can learn to live that way. If achieved, it can be a great way to get the most out of life while also giving back to others. In 2019, a feel-good story that took place on a Southwest flight emerged on the internet. There was a young girl flying by herself to go see her mother, and with Southwest’s open seating, everyone deliberately chose to not sit next to a rambunctious child. But one couple decided to just roll with it and sit next to her. Within minutes, the little girl was chatting them up. She took out a watercolor painting set, shared it with the couple, and instructed them in a group art project. She even covered her seat- mates with stickers. Seems like it should have been a nightmare flight for them, right? Well, that wasn’t the case.

They could have ignored the girl. They could have moaned and groaned about her bugging them. But they didn’t. Instead, they decided to roll with it. They had fun and participated in things that made the young solo traveler feel comfortable. They were friends to a little girl who was all alone during her flight, and they seemed to have a fantastic time in the process. At AZCOMP, we try to exemplify the mindset of rolling with things in our core value “We Care About the One.” Caring about others frees us from focusing too much on ourselves and allows us to address and solve the issues of others. Rolling with the problems others bring to us and truly caring about the people behind the problems make us good at what we do and, even more so, play a big role in why we love what we do.

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