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APRIL 2020

Empowering Small Practices to Deliver the Best Care



We are facing unprecedented times right now. First and foremost, we want to thank those of you on the front lines who are helping stem the tide of COVID-19 infections that are threatening the lives of many in our country. We salute you for your courage and sacrifice. Meanwhile, one of the seemingly insurmountable challenges we all face is practicing social distancing while keeping our businesses and clients up and running. Some 95% of AZCOMP’s staff is now operating from home, leaving those who remain at the office with the ability to maintain proper social distance.

Here at AZCOMP, we hope you find comfort in our belief that we are strong enough as a company and as a country to weather this storm. We know your inboxes, social media feeds, and TVs are flooded with conflicting news reports — most are troubling, yet others share uplifting messages of hope. We want to be a part of the solution, so our question to you now is this: How can we help? I’d like to finish with an appeal for all of us, no matter what challenges lie ahead, to maintain our humanity. One of the most difficult aspects of all of this is the unknown. None of us knows when this crisis will abate or how much worse it may get before

it gets better. We don’t know the ramifications this will have on the economy in the long run. But I do know that no matter what may come, it will all be okay in the end. This will be a time that none of us will ever forget. Let it be a time we don’t look back on with regret. Rather, let it be a time we will sincerely treasure for the growth we all experienced and the love that we were shown and gave to others.

“We want to be a part of the solution, so our question to you now is this: How can we help?”

Let me emphasize: AZCOMP is 100% functional, and we are anxious to help our partners and practices be the same. We have the expertise and the manpower to help you. The government has given the health care industry the green light to care for patients remotely. We celebrate that flexibility but recognize it leaves most of you on the front lines feeling bewildered about how to do that. We know every office operates in its own distinct way. There are several options available that will allow you, with your unique circumstances, to find the solution you need.

–Lance &Marcee Foster

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