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A ll too often, I hear stories about people not liking their jobs. They dread going to work on Monday and anxiously await the weekend. Growing up, I knew I needed to enjoy my job. After all, people spend a huge part of their lives working, so to me, choosing a profession I actually liked made the most sense. When I was in eighth grade, my junior high home economics teacher in Riverside, California, held a career day to get us thinking about jobs we wanted to have HOW MY EIGHTH-GRADE DREAM BECAME A REALITY MY JOURNEY TO BECOMING A LAWYER

While I knew I wanted to be a lawyer, I wasn’t sure what kind I wanted to be. Even after graduating from BYU and starting law school at the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, I still hadn’t decided. I knew, though, that I wanted to make a positive difference in the community. So after passing the bar exam in Utah, I took a position at a personal injury firm in Salt Lake City. There was something about the position that really intrigued me. And after I began practicing in this area, I really started to get passionate about what I was doing. I opened the Kramer Law Group in 2004 and have been growing my personal injury law practice ever since. While I believe I could have enjoyed working in other legal areas, such as environmental law, helping clients resolve their cases after someone wrongfully injured them makes me excited to go to work each day. In most cases, my team and I are representing the underdog fighting against big insurance companies with unlimited resources that are trying to defeat or damage my clients’ claim. It’s satisfying to guide our clients through what can be an intimidating and complicated process and then get them a fair result. One case that stands out among many is one where a client came to me for help after a company truck driver failed to yield and crashed into my client’s car, leaving him permanently

when we got older. As I thumbed through some of the career information books, I knew I wanted to pursue something that involved being a professional. I had spent much of my youth working paper routes and doing yardwork for money, but I wanted more of a white-collar job. I momentarily thought about becoming a doctor, but then I remembered that the sight of blood made me queasy. So when I read about being an attorney, I just knew that was the career path for me. And I kept that in the back of my mind as I completed my schooling. Under my senior picture in my high school yearbook, it says, “Plans to become a lawyer.”

disabled with a spinal cord injury. After a seven-day jury trial, my team and I got him a nice verdict that provided the financial means for him to better deal with the consequences of his injury. Knowing I had made a difference in his and his family’s lives was extremely rewarding. I knew I had made the right choice to become a lawyer, and with each

new case, the goal is to likewise make a meaningful difference in our clients’ lives.

–Ron Kramer


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