Craven: Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Sport Physiotherapy | Orthopedic Rehabilitation | Training January, 2018 “Reaching Your Fitness Goals Will Brighten Your Mood!” SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER (SAD)

EXERCISE AND SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention, 14 percent of people in the United States experience SAD (also known as seasonal depression). But research shows that many people can manage or avoid SAD with 30 to 60 minutes of exercise and 20 minutes of exposure to sunlight each day. In addition, data show exercisers have lower rates of recurrent depression compared with study participants who throughout the winter, especially if your goal is health and well-being as well as a trim waistline. Try the tips for maintaining your winter exercise routine this winter: • Arrange your schedule to start and end later or earlier so that you can exercise outside after sunrise or before sundown. • Get outside to walk, jog, run, snowshoe, or cross country ski. The exposure to sunlight can help increase your vitamin D levels and elevate your mood. • Enlist the services of a personal fitness trainer. Many people find meeting with a personal fitness trainer helps them stick with their exercise routine. Personal fitness trainers also can help vary workouts to keep them interesting and effective GET PROFESSIONAL HELP FOR SAD IF YOU NEED IT Although lack of sunlight and activity often are culprits of seasonal Sunday, January 7th at 2pm – 3pm Craven SPORT services #3 – 701 2nd Avenue North Saskatoon, SK Have you heard the benefits of strength training but don’t know where to start? We are hosting a FREE STRONG(HER) Workshop! In this workshop we will cover how you can get stronger by lifting weights with proper technique and we will answer all of your questions about the benefits of strength training! REGISTER NOW! Call us at 306-934-2011 or email us at or register online here:

affective disorder, genetics and hormonal changes also may contribute to the condition. If exercise alone doesn’t improve your mood and your sadness persists for more than 2 weeks, schedule an appointment with one of our physiotherapists. We will provide you with techniques in addition to exercise to manage stress. References: Rosen LN,Targum SD,Terman M. Prevalence of seasonal affective disorder at four latitudes. Psych Res. 1990. 31;131-144. RosenthalNE.Winterblues:everythingyouneed toknow tobeatseasonalaffectivedisorder.NewYork,NY:GuilfordPress;2006. Blumenthal JA, Babyak MA, Doraiswamy PM, et al. Exercise and pharmacotherapy in the treatment of major depressive disorder. Psychosom Med. 2007;69(7):587-96. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention. CDC Features. Insufficient sleep is a public health epidemic. www.cdc. gov/features/dssleep/. Accessed November 1, 2016. Centers for disease Control and Prevention. Alcohol and Public Health. Frequently asked questions. alcohol/faqs.htm. Accessed November 1, 2016.


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