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Leaders in Animal Feed and Forage Solutions together with Expert Nutrition Advice

Specialist Nutrition is an experienced animal feeds company, supplying a comprehensive range of high-quality feeds and supplements to progressive dairy and beef farmers.

Specialist Nutrition has worked with farmers to support animal health and farm profitability since 1998. As leaders in Animal Feed Solutions, our moist and liquid animal feeds are the most efficient and sustainable feed available and provide the best value protein and source of energy for animals. We partner with farmers who value how our Animal Feed Solutions can fit into their farm system and have a very experienced team who provide Expert Nutritional Advice. Along with a range of minerals and high-quality performance products formulated using the latest research, we work with all available on-farm forage to produce real results and help build a profitable future for farmers. Specialist Nutrition is an Arvum Group company which was founded in 1859 as William Power & Co. Since then, we have been developing new agricultural technologies by being focused on innovation and building trusted partnerships.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you, and support your farm system, please call me on 051 833 071.

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Expert On-Farm Animal Nutrition


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Disclaimer: Errors and Omissions Excepted. All sales are subject to terms and conditions – copy available on request. Please consult a qualified agricultural advisor. Suggested feeding rates are produced as a guide only and many other factors may have an overriding effect on animal response; no performance guarantee can be given. Rations should be carefully balanced for energy and protein, contain sufficient forage to maintain rumen function and be fortified with an appropriate vitamin and mineral supplement. Animals must have constant access to clean water. In all activities Specialist Nutrition adheres to the highest standard of health and safety procedures and environmental compliance. We strongly recommend to all customers that they review their farm health and safety practices and work environment to ensure they operate in a safe and compliant manner.

Expert on-farm animal nutrition advice and feed analysis

Specialist Nutrition work with farmers to support animal production, rumen health and farm profitability across the beef and dairy sectors. Specialist Nutrition uses real-time NIR measurement and more specialised laboratory analysis of feed samples while formulating the diet to help improve feed management and minimise variability, to increase production and animal health. Analysing the forages and grains gives us the information we need to balance diets correctly. Regular dry matter (DM) testing of feeds and rebalancing the diet to compensate for DM changes ensures that producers are feeding the ration formulated by our nutritionist.

4 | Moist Feed and Forage Specialists

We use the most advanced technology for measuring the quality of feed inputs to help make better decisions and balance the diet to enhance animal wellness, productivity and maximise profitability for dairy and beef farmers

From rumen health to fertility, our ruminant nutritionists help producers overcome challenges to support animal performance and profitability across the following areas: • Effective minerals, amino acids, and enzymes for animal nutrition • Herd health for pre-calving, fertility, and boost immunity • Gut health management with high-quality rumen buffers, enhancers, and production improvers • Use of yeasts and fats to optimise production for your farm system • Mycotoxin management


Managing Production Lifecycle & Herd Health


Fresh Cows Period (21 Days)

Close up 21D Pre Calving

Far off 60-80D Pre Calving

Start Breeding (Day 60-120) Aim: high submission rate

Dry off 305 days

+D 100


+D 200

6 | Moist Feed and Forage Specialists

Challenges Technical & Nutritional Services Solutions Up to 48h after calving

Milk fever / Displaced abomasum / Uterus infection / Retained cleanings • Dietary recommendations

• Diet management • Add Choline to the diet to reduce loss of BCS and support peak milk for up to 21 days after calving • Reviva energy boost helps restore nutrient balance after calving, stimulates DM intakes and milk production

Early Lactation

Challenges Technical & Nutritional Services

Sudden changes in BCS / Butterfat depression / Ketosis / Acidosis / Fertility / Lameness • Dietary recommendations • Calving review • Introducing grass to the diets • Protect rumen function with yeasts and rumen buffer • Add biotin to improve hoof health and for milk production • Ensure high DMI with access to palatable feed all day • High energy concentration feed, high fibre content and small amounts of concentrates (increasing over the time) are important for the early lactation diet • Supplementation of protected fats can be helpful in early lactation (up to day 120) to minimise negative energy balance, improve fertility and butterfat content


Peak Lactation & Mid Lactation

Challenges Technical & Nutritional Services Solutions

Breeding season / Acidosis challenge / Protect butterfats / Lameness • Dietary recommendations • Pre-cut silage analysis • Protect rumen function with yeasts and rumen buffer • Add protected fats to diet for butterfats • Add biotin to improve hoof health and for milk production

Late Lactation

Challenges Technical & Nutritional Services

Regulate BCS / Regulate milk production / Control somatic cell count / Hoof health • Dietary recommendations • Late lactation is one of the most important areas of the production cycle and often neglected • It is important to regulate both milk production and body condition • A lack of body condition will put the cow under stress during the dry period • Watch out for high somatic cell count and treat accordingly • Look out for lameness and mobility issues • Address any health concerns quickly to maintain BCS and animal health • Biotin is very effective for hoof health and milk production • Maintain the right energy and protein balance in the diet to ensure they are not getting too fat or too thin

Solutions Hitting late lactation goals will ensure that the dry period is as stress-free as possible

Dry Cow Period

The dry period is the most important period to prepare the cow for her next lactation


• Control BCS to avoid ketosis and managing BCS to avoid issues in early lactation • Boost immune system • Replenish and balance mineral levels in preparation for close up and calving • Manage somatic cells and drying off • Analyse your silage for mineral content and balance your diet accordingly to prevent metabolic diseases.

Technical & Nutritional Services

• Add a good dry cow mineral formulated for your dry cow diet • Ensure BCS at start of dry cow period between 3.0 and 3.5


• Balancing energy & protein requirements for calcium mobilisation and preventing milk fever • Add our Hoofcare Package to improve hoof strength and health for the next lactation


Dry Cow Management And Precalver Minerals

The pre-calving period is a crucial time to set the herd up for healthy calving, early lactation and lead to better performance at breeding

Helping your transition cows Our precalver minerals are formulated to support challenges during transition: hormonal, metabolic, mineral, immunity and inflammation and to increase resistance to metabolic diseases during transition. Precalver minerals are designed to reduce metabolic diseases, improve gut integrity and increase longevity from improved survival rate to next lactation. OptiMin Precalver

SN Protected Precalver Our SN Protected Precalver is specially formulated to help meet all the needs around calving and early lactation. The supplementation of high-value vitamins, in particular Vitamin D3 and E, together with an ideal combination of protected and unprotected trace minerals, will significantly improve immunity status, fertility and calf growth. •

OptiMin Precalver ensures an adequate supplementation of essential minerals and vitamins during the dry cow period. • Includes all essential vitamins and trace minerals • Vitamin D3 and Magnesium will help to prevent milk fever • Vitamin E will improve immunity and help the cow manage the metabolic challenges during transition Feed Rate: 125-150 g/head/day

High levels of Magnesium and Vitamin D3 to help calcium mobilisation at calving and to help prevent milk fever High levels of Vitamin E (8000IU/kg) is supported with the inclusion of AO Mix: a blend of natural polyphenols, with proven antioxidant activity Contains protected Selenium, which, along with high Vitamin E, boosts cow and calf immunity and helps reduce the incidences of retained cleanings

Feed Rate: 125-150 g/head/day

8 | Moist Feed and Forage Specialists

SN Dry Cow Special SN Dry Cow Special is one of the very best precalvers on the market with an exceptional formulation. Combining the best formulation of vitamins with protected trace elements, Dry Cow Special supports the high yielding dairy cow in the dry period. It provides the best preparation for the start of a new lactation. Dry Cow Special is especially suitable for producers who use potassium-rich fodder (DCAD -640 meq / 1000 gr DM), to prevent hypocalcaemia. • High vitamin (A, D3, E & B) and mineral The importance of precalver minerals in the transition period is to support the immune system and meet the requirements of both the cow and the unborn calf. We have the knowledge and expertise to implement our tailored approach to define what your farm system requires.


Hoofcare Package with added Biotin: Feed supplement formulated to improve hoof strength and reduce the incidence of lameness and hoof disorders in cows and cattle

Biotin plus (Hoofcare and energy for milk production)

Choline plus

SN Dry Cow Supreme SN Dry Cow Supreme is designed to meet the highest demands of the high yielding cow during the dry cow period. Nutritional requirements increase significantly and play a pivotal role in the cow’s energy status and health both at the time of birth and the early weeks of lactation when milk production is reaching its peak. Dietary Cation-Anion-Difference (DCAD) becomes more important for dry cow diets to prevent milk fever and give cow and calf the best start in life and next lactation. By focusing on the DCAD in dry cow diets, producers can maintain healthy cows with minimal metabolic problems. SN Dry Cow Supreme is especially suitable for problems related to placental retention (Vit E 12500 mg / kg), sub-clinical ketosis and hepatic steatosis (choline chloride 10000mg / kg and vitamin PP 25000 mg / kg). • Highest vitamin content especially vitamin E to support the immune system • Uses DCAD to positively alter the metabolic status of both dry and lactating cows • Very palatable promoting good intakes • Maintains rumen function and liver support with choline Feed Rate: 100-200g/head/day

content with protected minerals to increase milk yield and fertility Contains inactivated yeast combined with B Vitamins to support liver function, rumen protection and gut health Limits milk fever response and metabolic diseases

Feed Rate: 100-200g/head/day



Farm-O-San Reviva

Farm-O-San Reviva Restore nutrient balance after calving

Farm-O-San Reviva is a specially formulated nutrient drink to replenish cows immediately post calving while also replacing fluids lost during parturition. As a result, cows can recover considerably quicker due to the combination of electrolytes, glucose, vitamins, and minerals that Farm-O-San Reviva provides. For best results, ensure that Farm-O-San Reviva is available immediately after calving before free access to drinking water is given. The high energy content and excellent palatability of Farm-O-San Reviva make it a beneficial ingredient for animals limited in their energy intake, such as high producing dairy cows. In addition, it gives vital supplementation to freshly calved cows while also replacing lost fluids.

Rich in calcium, vitamins, and energy Farm-O-San Reviva contains all the electrolytes a cow needs to quickly restore her nutrient balance after calving and increase her blood calcium levels. Farm-O-San Reviva also stimulates dry matter intake after calving, which helps maintain good milk production and body condition.

• • • • • • •

Replenishes lost fluids

Provides electrolytes and nutrients Reduces the risk of milk fever Contributes to a healthier cow Rich in calcium, vitamins, and energy. Tested and proven to be very tasty - 94% of freshly calved cows drink it without hesitation. Highly palatable

Administration Available in 7kg & 20kg buckets, Farm-O-San Reviva is easy to use. Mix 1kg of Farm-O-San Reviva in 20Litres of lukewarm water. Administer immediately after calving before free access to drinking water is given.

10 | Moist Feed and Forage Specialists

Recommended additional feeds for the Transition Period.

• Ruminase as an additional feed for Rumen Performance

• Reashure™ Precision Protected Choline as an additional feed to help reduce ketosis During transition, cows mobilise body fat to meet the energy demand at lactation which if not actively managed, can lead to a decrease in Body Condition Score (BCS) at a time when the cow We have had excellent results, health improvements and reduction in milk fever incidence by combining Protected Precalver with Ruminase for the last three weeks of the dry cow period. The addition of Ruminase yeast with high-value B Vitamins prepares the rumen for lactation and will ensure a good microbiome of minerals. See page 21 Feed Rate: 50g/head/day for an adult animal

needs to be at peak milk. See page 26 Feed Rate: Dairy Cows 60g/head/day

• Rumen Mg +E as an additional feed to prevent metabolic diseases around dry period Rumen Mg + E is specially formulated with high levels of Magnesium, Calcium and Vitamin E along with yeast for an extra boost to prevent milk fever and other metabolic diseases. See page 21 Feed Rate: 50g/head/day

Hoofcare Package with added Biotin Feed supplement formulated to improve hoof strength and reduce the incidence of lameness and hoof disorders in cows and cattle. These can be added to mineral formulations where necessary. See page 22 Feed Rate: 15-20g/head/day


Post Calving Minerals Our range of dairy minerals is formulated with high-quality ingredients essential to maintaining your herd health and performance

OptiMin Dairy and OptiMin Dairy P-Extra

SN High-Performance Dairy Our SN High-Performance Dairy mineral is suitable for farmers looking to manage overall herd health and performance. Contains a high concentration of all the essential vitamins and protected minerals for high yielding herds, which are vital to maintaining health and improving performance, as they are easily absorbed and readily metabolised. •

OptiMin Dairy is an excellent all-rounder dairy mineral, formulated for cows on grass silage- based diets or cows at pasture. To balance low phosphorus in maize, whole crop, beet, and other root diets use OptiMin Dairy P-Extra. • Includes all the essential vitamins and trace minerals • High Vitamin D3 inclusion • Higher Phosphorus level available (P-Extra) Feed Rate: 100-150g/head/day

Trace minerals optimise performance, fertility and immunity due to higher bioavailability High levels of vitamins, including vitamin E High content of protected copper and selenium to meet the demands of a high yielding dairy herd

• •

Feed Rate: 100-150g/head/day

12 | Moist Feed and Forage Specialists


Our mineral range includes all the essential ingredients in just the right formulation to ensure that you have the optimum balance for all stages of the animal lifecycle.

Hoofcare Package including Biotin: Feed supplement formulated to improve hoof

strength and reduce the incidence of lameness and hoof disorders in cows and cattle

• AB Vistacell Yeast & Rumen Buffer Farm Pack • Vistacell yeast • Ruminase (inactivated yeast & B Vitamins) • Rumen Mg E with inactivated yeast

SN Dairy Cow Special SN Dairy Cow Special is a mineral formulated with an enhanced mineral-vitamin integration to meet the needs of high-performance dairy animals. With proven performance on the farm in Ireland, SN Dairy Cow Special contains vegetable extracts, enhancers and ruminal fermentation optimisers for energy metabolism, essential vitamins for growth and stimulating action on rumen microbial protein synthesis. The highly appetising power of plant extracts stimulates the appetite of animals and increases feed intake. •

SN Dairy Elite with live yeast SN Dairy Elite is an excellent dairy mineral which helps the health and fertility of the animal and supports milk production. The combination of IntelliBond® protected trace minerals with high levels of essential vitamins, VistaCell live yeast, and Acid Buf™, a long-lasting premium rumen buffer provides a high potency combination mineral, high in bioavailability, all contributing to optimise animal health and productivity. •

High levels of essential vitamins with IntelliBond® protected trace minerals Contains Vistacell™ yeast for rumen protection & better rumen function Acid Buf™ for long-lasting rumen protection, stabilising rumen pH, increasing fibre digestion and productivity per kg dry matter intake High vitamins and protected trace minerals with selenium yeast to meet all the demands of a high yielding herd

All-in-one product with high vitamins especially B Vitamins and trace minerals Contains Biotin and Choline for better hoof health, milk production, immune system and ketosis problems Live yeast to improve rumen digestion, stabilising rumen pH and overall performance

Feed Rate: 150-200g/head/day

Feed Rate: 80 – 120g/head/day


Beef Minerals Mineral supplementation is the key to optimising beef cattle performance and live weight gain

Beef Minerals

As a market leader in beef nutrition in Ireland, we have a range of exceptionally high- quality minerals with vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and rumen microflora combined with protected urea yeast to achieve the very best results on-farm.

OptiMin Beef OptiMin Beef is an all-rounder for indoor or outside cattle. This mineral will meet your demands while feeding grass silage or outdoor on grass with lower concentrate feeding. It has a good range of all essential vitamins and minerals to achieve great results. • Good vitamin, minerals and trace element content to complement your grass-based diet • Helps to safeguard health and productivity of cattle • A molasses mineral with a high palatability • Contains Trouwferm a digestion enhancer which increases cellulolytic bacteria in the rumen for improved fibre digestion, higher dry matter intake all giving good effects on performance.

SN Intensive Beef SN Intensive Beef is our high-performance mineral for fattening beef cattle. It contains high levels of all essential vitamins, macro and micro minerals and is an ideal mineral for all beef cattle. •

Contains Vitamin B1 to ensure the rumen function and compliment high levels of cereals and low levels of forage High levels of Vitamin A & D3 and E to account for the reduced level of forages Supplemented with high trace minerals for performance

Feed Rate: 120-150g/head/day

Feed Rate: 120-150g/head/day

14 | Moist Feed and Forage Specialists


We have formulated our beef minerals range using the latest research and with on-farm evidence for the best growth, health and performance of the animals.

• Hoofcare package with added Biotin: Feed supplement formulated to improve hoof strength and reduce the incidence of lameness and hoof disorders in cows and cattle • Vistacell yeast • AB Vistacell Yeast & Buffer Farm Pack • Phosphor 6% • Ruminase (inactivated yeast & B Vitamins) • Essential Zym (inactivated yeast and essential oils) • Limestone

SN Special Booster Beef SN Special Booster Beef mineral is one of the very best minerals on the market for fattening cattle. This high finisher product will achieve the highest growth rates while ensuring a healthy rumen and optimising fibre digestibility. • Highest level of vitamins and minerals including B-vitamins •

SN Beef Elite (with yeast) SN Beef Elite (with yeast) is our superior complete formulation for intensively fed cattle with high levels of performance. It provides the best results in finishing beef cattle with a unique combination of yeasts and rumen buffers supporting the rumen function, improving their immune system and rumen health. •

High levels of live yeast to ensure the best microbiome in the rumen for digestibility and rumen protection

Contains Vistacell™ to ensure the highest digestibility of intensively fed beef cattle Combines two rumen buffers (Acid Buf™ & Trouwferm™) in one product to achieve the optimum rumen pH Niacin allows beef cattle to thrive

• Very palatable and fragrant for increasing intakes Feed Rate: 80 – 120g/head/day

Feed Rate: 150g/head/day


Milkivit Calf Milk Replacer contains • Yeasts & Buffer ensure rumen protection and intestinal health • B-Vitamins, Butyrate, Acidifier to preserve feed and increase digestion by promoting the beneficial bacterial growth while inhibiting the growth of pathogenic microbe • Fibosel (cell wall extract) stimulates the immune system by decreasing mycotoxin absorption • Butyrate, Lactose and flavours for GI tract development and higher intakes caused by mother smell • Can be mixed with cold water

Bag Size

Milkivit Range Energizer Energizer + Pulmo Professional Professional + Pulmo Premium



50% Skimmed Milk Powder 35% Skimmed Milk Powder










Whey based product



Premium + Pulmo






Milkivit Energizer – Based on skimmed milk powder (50%) • Milkivit Energizer is our top-end product designed for higher growth rates. • Contains 50% skimmed milk to ensure the best development while supporting overall calf health • With a high level of oil for energy and an optimal balanced vitamin and mineral content, Energiser Calf Milk achieves higher planes of nutrition and growth rates. It is more comparable to whole milk than other milk replacers • Milkivit Energizer is easy to mix and designed for higher feeding rates and ad libitum feeding (mixed in a solution 135g/litre) Milkivit Professional - Based on skimmed milk powder (35%) • Milkivit Professional is based on skimmed milk powder, designed to offer an outstanding package for dairy heifer replacement. It will provide good fat cover and a shiny gloss on the calves back while supplementing highest levels of Amino Acids for optimum growth and development • Milkivit Professional calf milk replacer is easy to mix in a solution of 125-150g/litre Milkivit Premium - Whey based • Milkivit Premium is a high-quality calf milk replacer and part of the LifeStart programme • Suitable for every farm situation, it is very palatable and will achieve excellent growth and health results • Milkivit Premium is easy to mix in a solution of 125-150g/litre

16 | Moist Feed and Forage Specialists

Milkivit Calf Milk Replacer

Achieve better performance, improve health and a reduced need for antibiotics with Milkivit.

Milkivit Calf Milk Replacer Milkivit Calf Milk Replacer contains highly digestible oils & proteins, vitamins and minerals to promote higher intakes, better rumen development and increased resistance against diseases and stress. Achieve better performance, improved health and a reduced need for antibiotics with Milkivit. The latest dairy farming science shows that the first eight weeks of a calf’s life provides a huge opportunity to boost the lifetime performance of the cow. The selection of the right milk replacer and proper calf management are essential factors for having a smooth and successful calf rearing with healthy and efficient animals. Natural and sustainable, Milkivit contains specially selected dairy products and highly digestible oils & proteins to satisfy the needs of fast-growing calves, plus vitamins and minerals to promote health and a reduced need for antibiotics.

PULMO+ Immunity Boost and Better Respiratory Health for Calves Pulmo+ can be added to your milk replacer to support a healthy respiratory and intestinal tract. Its unique combination of essential oils provide an extra boost to the immune system.


Rumen Health The rumen plays an essential role in the bovine digestive process

Why is the health of the Rumen important? The rumen plays an essential role in the bovine digestive process. Two things are vital to good rumen function; a healthy microbial population and a suitable pH (ideally above pH 6.5). Without these, the rumen becomes less efficient at the digestion of feed. This leaves the animal susceptible to health complications, lowers feed efficiency and will negatively impact animal performance.

Why use Rumen enhancers? Rumen enhancers increase the rumen’s efficiency by creating an environment that allows for the complete digestion of ration feedstuffs, resulting in an increase in the absorption of nutrients. Buffers help to reduce the rumen acidity that commonly results from feeding diets designed for high milk production. They can increase dry matter intake, rumen microbial, protein production, and fibre digestion, resulting in an increase in milk production and milkfat production. The risk of acidosis is not only a problem for high yielding cows which are fed high in starch, sugar and concentrates. It’s a common risk for all ruminant animals. Pasture-fed dairy cows are at the same risk of acidosis from high concentrations of rapidly fermentable carbohydrate.

Take care to watch for rumen problems, especially at the start of the grazing season when there is highly fermentable grass with less effective fibre in the diet. Common signs of rumen function problems • Reduced milk composition • Butterfat depression • Reduced fibre digestion • Inflammation • Reduced milk yield • Changes in manure • Less dry matter intake

The result of these impacts are: Lower milk yield and milk solids

18 | Moist Feed and Forage Specialists

Maintaining butterfat levels at turnout can be challenging due to the reduced fibre content of the lush grass. The inclusion of Acid Buf optimises rumen function for over 8 hours, by stabilising the rumen pH and increasing the performance of the beneficial rumen microbes.

Rumen buffers

Acid Buf Acid Buf is a highly efficient rumen buffer made from calcareous marine algae. Acid Buf has a unique marine mineral matrix that consumes excess acid in the rumen and regulates long term optimum pH in the rumen. Its natural honeycomb structure breaks down slowly in the rumen providing twice the buffering capacity of sodium bicarbonate, even when fed at much lower concentrations. Acid Buf is a slow-release rumen conditioner that reduces the time below pH 5.5 to less than 1 hour and maintains a higher daily (24hour) mean pH. Acid Buf is the leading rumen buffer and a 100% natural animal feed ingredient. Acid Buf’s long-lasting buffering ensures a stabilised rumen pH for optimal fibre digestion Feed Rate: 80-100g/head/day

Benefits of Acid Buf •

Increases fibre digestion, which raises milk solids production Increases butterfat and milk protein Long-term pH optimisation in the rumen by maximising the time the rumen spent between pH 5.8 - 6.2 Optimises healthy rumen functioning, reducing subclinical rumen acidosis (SARA) and acute acidosis Increasing productivity per kg/dry matter intake Highly bioavailable source of calcium and magnesium Cost-effective and supported by independent peer-reviewed research

• •


Vistacell™ YEAST Vistacell acts as a probiotic to improve rumen and gut health by boosting the growth of beneficial rumen bacteria and improving rumen fermentation. By removing oxygen and competing for sugars in the rumen, Vistacell yeast improves the environment for fibre digesting and lactate utilising microbes, allowing them to thrive and grow. The result is an increase in microbial protein production, and optimised rumen pH and improved fibre digestion. These are all factors which are essential in maximising the efficiency of high performing dairy cows.

Vistacell™ ensures the delivery of the highest dose rate of live yeast for ruminants on the market (60 billion CFU/head/day) compared with other live yeasts.

Benefits of Vistacell™ yeast

Increase milk yield by up to 2 litres/ cow/day Increase LWG for beef herds Improve feed efficiency and increased dry matter intake

• • • • • • •

Reduce the risk of acidosis

Improve rumination and cud-chewing

The higher the live yeast dose rate, the greater the response

Improve dung consistency

Less diarrhoea

Cows/cattle look more content

Also available as Vistacell AB, providing the benefits of Vistacell and Acid Buf in one combination farm pack product

Vistacell™ Farm Pack Vistacell™ 4% live yeast Vistacell™ 8% live yeast

AB Vista Farm Pack

Vistacell™ AB 4% live yeast with Acid Buf Vistacell™ AB 8% live yeast with Acid Buf

20 | Moist Feed and Forage Specialists

Rumen Mg + E with inactivated yeast

Rumen Mg + E is specially formulated with high levels of Magnesium and Vitamin E along with yeast as a high-performance farm pack. • Prevents Milk Fever • Magnesium and calcium for the lactating cow and an extra boost in the last ten days for the dry cow (closed group) • Contains high levels of Vitamin E and Selenium • Inactivated yeast to support rumen function Feed Rate: 100-200g/head/day

Ruminase inactivated yeast and high B Vitamins

Essential Zym inactivated yeast and B Vitamins with amino acids Essential Zym is a combination of pure yeast and essential oils derived from plant extracts which maximise flora and gut health while also promoting feed intakes. Essential Zym is a cutting-edge product designed for maximising performance in cattle from predominantly home-produced forages and grains. • Further utilising feed degradation • Improving fat and protein content in milk • Creates a greater carcass gain and body condition score

Ruminase is an inactivated yeast with very high purity levels and little or no fermentation residues. It is a fantastic source of amino acids, B vitamins, nucleotides with superb palatability. Combined with a good base mineral, Ruminase contributes to the maintenance of optimal conditions of the gastrointestinal tract, in the case of possible dietary errors, and during treatments with antibiotics and sulfonamides. • Increased intakes •

Increases the digestion of fibre and allows the utilisation of more available energy from the diet Reduces the production of lactic acid and provides a greater synthesis of propionic and acetic acid All this increases the energy level of the entire food ration, improving the rate of fat and protein in milk or the production of beef

Feed Rate: Beef /Dairy/Calves 20-60g/head/day

Feed Rate: Beef /Dairy/Calves 20-50g/head/day



Biotin Biotin is a B-group vitamin and an essential nutrient for the animal production cycle. Though it is synthesized in the rumen of all ruminants, its bioavailability depends upon the ration formulated. Biotin is especially required for the production of keratin and the epidermal tissues of hoof-horn and has other metabolic effects that influence milk production. Studies have shown a deficiency of biotin could be a limiting nutrient for high producing cows. Key biotin metabolism functions • Fat metabolism • Energy metabolism • Protein metabolism The role of biotin to support metabolic functions Biotin

Lameness is ranked second to mastitis as the most costly health problem on farms Lower BCS can lead to a fatty liver causing ketosis, which results in a lower dry matter intake, higher risk for metabolic diseases after calving and lower milk yields.

During transition, cows mobilise body fat to meet the energy demand at lactation which, if not actively managed, can lead to a decrease in Body Condition Score (BCS) at a time when the cow needs to be at peak milk.

Scientific studies show that biotin delivers better-producing dairy cows, and the return on investment is considerable, even in well-managed herds Biotin for hoof health Improving hoof strength reduces the likelihood of problems associated with lameness. Cows with sound hooves eat more, produce more, and are more willing to breed. Biotin is also essential for dry and transition cows to help minimise the disruption of horn growth that occurs around calving. Biotin for milk production Biotin increases the production of glucose by the cow and is essential for milk production. More glucose means higher milk yields.

Available to be added to all Specialist Nutrition minerals

Many leading dairy nutritionists, advisors and vets are now recommending biotin supplementation. Feed Rate: 15-20g/head/day

22 | Moist Feed and Forage Specialists

“The group getting the SN Triple Booster Pack were on average producing over 5 litres more than their counterparts. Cows are happy, in great condition, going in calf and filling the tank. ”

Case Study

“We began using SN Triple Booster Pack in August 2020 as part of a trial with Specialist Nutrition. Specialist Nutrition believed that this combination pack providing energy and improving rumen function would increase overall animal performance. In particular, we were looking for a boost in milk composition and yield in an already high yielding herd, and an improvement in overall herd fertility. We trialled 15 cows on against 15 not on the SN Triple Booster with equal ability and age. The animals were fed using a hopper specially developed for use with the Lely Astronaut. Initially we didn’t see huge increases as my herd were already on one of the ingredients, and I had seen the first lift in yield from using this already. However, by October a significant difference was clear. The group getting the SN Triple Booster Pack were on average producing over 5 litres more than their counterparts. When I analyse overall herd performance, 9 of the top 10 cows are on the trial, and all milking over 42ltrs while holding body condition. I have seen fertility improve with an increase in conception to first service. Specialist Nutrition provide all the nutritional advice I need and have a tailored plan for the herd. Cows are happy, in great condition, going in calf and filling the tank. ”

John O’Callaghan Cork


Robotics Feed Solutions

High energy source for top performance dairy cows

Glucosure Energy Boost High energy source for top performance dairy cows

Boost milk yield

Glucosure is particularly suitable for high-performance dairy herds, and where there is poor utilisation of energy sources and limited feed intake. Used mainly in robotic milking systems, Glucosure Energy Boost gives an energy boost at milking time, and it helps bring the cow to the robot. Glucosure Energy Boost offers exceptional palatability, and a slow-release high energy ingredient that can stimulate animals to increase their feed intake and enhance appetite. Particularly suitable for high performance dairy herds, and where there is poor utilisation of energy sources and limited feed intake.

Enhance appetite

Increase feed intake

Feed Rate: 500g/head/day for high yielding dairy cows

24 | Moist Feed and Forage Specialists

SN Triple Booster Pack High Energy pack to improve overall animal performance and rumen function

Boost milk yield

Enhance BCS in early lactation

Improve fertility

1. Boosts animal performance - Increases milk yield up to 5L and raises milk solids (as trials have shown) - Increases fibre digestion which leads to improved butterfat level - Beef Farming | Promotes extra weight gain in beef (LWG), increasing productivity per kg/dry matter intake 2. Provides concentrated energy source - Combats negative energy balance (NEB) in early lactation - Reduces the risk of acidosis by combining rumen buffers to improve rumen efficiency and optimise healthy rumen function - At 37 ME (MJ/kg DM) the SN Triple Booster Pack provides a fantastic concentrated and healthy energy source 3. Improves Body Condition Score (BCS) and boosts herd fertility - Helps reduce body condition loss, particularly in early lactation - The combination of C16 and C18 protected fats will help to enhance BCS and fertility - Readily available energy source to enhance fertility during NEB Feed Rate: 400g/head/day


Performance Products For High Yielding Herds Performance Improvers to increase milk yield, fat & protein

Performance products for high yielding herds:

ReaShure™ Precision Protected Choline for rumen protection ReaShure™ Precision Release Choline is proven to help dairy animals’ transition more smoothly, reducing the risk of metabolic disorders, supporting higher milk production, reproductive efficiency and overall animal health. •

High yielding dairy cows require some extra care to manage their production, health, and fertility. Keeping cows healthy during the critical transition period will save money on treatment cost, replacement animals and lost milk. Our range of performance products target all of these areas and can either be purchased as straights or added as part of your mineral formulation

Used in the transition period to boost milk production (up to 5%) supporting milk fat synthesis

• • • • •

Reduces metabolic disorders Supports fat metabolism

Reduces ketosis by increasing fat utilisation from the liver Increases butterfat and milk protein Fed at 60 grams per day for 21 days pre to 21 days post-calving

Feed Rate: Dairy Cows

60g/head/day 7 g/head/day


26 | Moist Feed and Forage Specialists

Keeping dairy animals healthy during the critical transition period will save money on treatment costs, replacement animals and lost milk. A smoother start will have a lasting economic impact on the entire lactation.

These products are available as straights or can be formulated as part of your mineral mixture

AminoShure-XM® rumen-protected methionine AminoShure®-M Precision Release Methionine is the next generation in rumen-protected methionine, with gradual release encapsulation technology. Methionine must be consumed in the diet. If not enough is consumed, your cow is unable to build proteins required for tissue and organ maintenance, growth, reproduction, fetal growth or milk protein production. It provides exceptional bioavailability, for high yielding dairy cows in lactation and dry period so you can be confident your cows are getting the methionine required for maximum milk protein production. AminoShure®-M Precision Release Methionine is the milk protein builder. Consistently provides 10% extra protein in milk Feed Rate: 20g/ head/day to meet the cows’ MP methionine requirement for maximum milk protein production. Fed at 20g per head per day and delivered in 20kg bags, one bag will do 1000 cows a day.

Nitroshure™ Encapsulated Urea Nitroshure Urea is an encapsulated urea supplement for lactating dairy cows designed to create a slow-release protein source for the rumen. •

Improving protein quality by replacing low-quality protein sources in the diet and increasing microbial protein synthesis Creates more space in the rumen for other ingredients such as forage and energy- dense ingredients while reducing feed costs Achieved a more balanced rumen while improving fibre and carbohydrate digestion

Feed Rate: Replace 100g of Soya with 20g of NitroShure up to a maximum of 150g Replace 10 g of Rapemeal with 15g of NitroShure up to a max of 150g


Rumen Bypass Protected Fats

Protected fats are added to the diet of ruminants for their high energy content

Goldenflake GoldenFlake is an energy-dense feed which is used to drive milk yield, support butterfat levels, and reduce loss of body condition in early lactation , which in turn, can boost herd fertility. Fats comprise of approximately 2.25 times more energy compared to carbohydrates or protein. Maintaining butterfat levels is one of the main challenges facing milk producers during the grazing season. It is a particular issue for spring calving herds, where cows are also hitting peak yield and need to retain sufficient condition for good fertility. In beef cattle, protected fats can increase the energy density of the diet while minimising the risk for acidosis.

Benefits Allows the energy density of the diet to be increased for high-performing stock without impairing rumen function. Additional energy can be portioned for milk production and improved fertility. Provides the building blocks for milk fat synthesis, increasing value per litre. Simplifies feeding

Need Increase milk yield Increase energy intakes Improve body condition Increase milk fat %

Feature Extremely high content of rumen-protected, highly digestible energy

A source of C16 fatty acids

Ready to feed

Dry, free-flowing, flaked product

The predicted responses (benefits) assume that the specified nutrient, physical or structural dietary components are limiting livestock performance in the current ration.

28 | Moist Feed and Forage Specialists

It is worth considering adding protected fats such as GoldenFlake to your buffer diet to drive milk yield, support butterfat levels, improve body condition, which in turn, can boost herd fertility

Butterfat Extra Butterfat Extra is a rumen protected fat extremely high in energy and C16 fatty acids, to boost milk production and milk fat content. C16 fatty acids can be directly used for butterfat production when there is less energy (glucose) needed for milk fat production. For high performing dairy cows or cattle Butterfat Extra allows the energy density to be increased without impairing the rumen and give a risk for acidosis. Butterfat Extra has a positive effect on the overall energy balance of the cow where the additional energy can be portioned for milk production and fertility.

Need Increase milk fat %

Feature A source of C16 fatty acids

Benefits Provides the building blocks for milk fat synthesis, increasing value per litre. Allows the energy density of the diet to be increased for high-performing stock without impairing rumen function. Additional energy can be portioned for milk production and improved fertility.

Increase milk yield

Extremely high content of rumen-protected, highly digestible energy

Easily incorporated into the diet.

Ready to feed, easy storage

Dry, free flowing, mini prills or flakes

The predicted responses (benefits) assume that the specified nutrient, physical or structural dietary components are limiting livestock performance in the current ration

Availability, handling and storage

• Available all year around in 25 kg bags, 600kg bags or pallet multiples of 1.2 tonnes • Store in dry, well ventilated builings and out of direct sunlight (max. temperature 35⁰C) • Pallets should not be stacked more than two high and have a gap between to allow air circulation


Mycotoxin Management

Mycotoxin Management An indicator of a Mycotoxin issue on a farm can be reduced herd health and performance with animals presenting as generally unwell. There may be specific health problems, feed intakes can be reduced, and silage heating may be occurring. To protect animal health and performance, the mycotoxins that are contaminating the farm feed need to be deactivated. Your Specialist Nutrition advisor can help identify the right toxin binder based on an understanding of your operation, the contamination of your feed, the status of your animals and your farm operation.

Ultrasorb R Farm Pack (Mycotoxin binder with Vistacell live yeast)

Biomin Mycofix® Plus

Mazzoleni Toxibull

Vistacell AU (Probiotic Health Pack with Mycotoxin binder, Vistacell live yeast and Acid Buf)

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The leading cause of environmental mastitis is three groups of bacteria: Streptococcus, Coliforms and Enterococcus. Due to its specialised formulation, Confort reduces the development and infection created by these microorganisms, significantly limiting the occurrence of udder disease and increased somatic cell count in milk. Confort

Characteristics •

Moisture absorption (natural zeolites) Bacteriostatic effect (calcium hydroxide)

• Limits the development of fungi & bacteria (sulphur-bentonite) • Contains essential oils extracted and purified from Aloe vera and peppermint • No toxicity

Main Properties •

It significantly reduces the ambient moisture that contributes to bacterial growth on the cubicle. At the same time, it reduces the release of harmful gases, improving the environment and the animal welfare • Reduces the occurrence of udder diseases while also contributing to the control of interdigital dermatitis • It promotes the reduction of ammonia and hydrogen sulphide in the environment • It has a soothing and disinfectant mode of action • It helps the positive breakdown cycle of the bedding and slurry • The product is formulated to be completely safe for the operator and the animals

COMPONENTS: Minerals, Essential oils extracted and purified from Aloe vera and peppermint.

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: Cubicles: spread the product 1-2 times/week at a rate of 100 - 200 g/h/d.

Loose straw bed: add it with straw, sawdust, and dry manure at the rate of 50 - 100 g/h/d. Calf Housing: distribute equally over the calf shed flooring and side walls 15 - 30 g/h/d.


Butterfats Maximise butterfats to boost milk value and income

Maintaining butterfat levels during the grazing season is one of the main challenges facing milk producers. It is a particular issue for spring calving herds, where cows are also hitting peak yield and need to retain sufficient condition for good fertility.

The positive impact of stabilising rumen pH Good rumen function is also critical, with fibre digestion in the rumen impaired whenever rumen pH drops below 5.8. This not only further cuts acetate and butterfat production, but can reduce feed intakes, overall nutrient supply and milk yield, as well as increasing the incidence of health problems such as laminitis. The high levels of rapidly fermentable carbohydrates and sugars in spring grass, combined with low levels of structural fibre, can result in extended periods of low rumen pH. If the rumen drops below pH 5.8 – the threshold for sub-acute ruminal acidosis or SARA – the impact is even greater. Low butterfats are an indicator for SARA at any time of the year, but in the spring, when butterfats are already depressed, it can be harder to spot. Farmers should aim to keep rumen pH as stable as possible and to minimise the time spent below pH 5.8 when fibre digestion is compromised. This can be done by ensuring an adequate forage- to-concentrate ratio in the overall diet, and make sure any buffer feed contains sufficient long fibre to stimulate cudding – to release acid neutralising saliva – and good rumen function.

The main component in milk fat production is the volatile fatty acid acetate, which is produced when dietary fibre is fermented in the rumen. The problem is that although young spring grass provides a great source of both energy – in the form of rapidly fermentable carbohydrates or sugars – and protein, it’s structurally immature. As a result, fibre levels are extremely low compared with older, more mature grass. This limits the amount of acetate produced in the rumen, which in turn reduces butterfat levels. Balancing energy supply Supplying the right amount and type of energy to the cow, irrespective of breed or type is therefore critical if butterfat production is to be supported without adversely affecting milk yields, body condition or fertility. While grazed grass can be low in fibre with high sugar and oil contents, for modern ryegrass swards this can persist right through until late summer, not just during spring when most expect it. Unless properly balanced in the rumen, the rapidly fermentable carbohydrates, together with the higher oil content, can have a negative impact on rumen function and fibre digestion, resulting in depressed butterfat production.

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