Learn | Issue 3 Spring 2021

LEARN DEDICATED TO THE BENCH ARTIST Welcome back to Spring is here, and with it, the latest issue of Learn! In this issue, you will find a Q&A with Ryan Rehbock, owner of The Crown Collection, Jake Newell’s bench mods to get the most out of your space, an in-depth look at the fantastic new fabrication classroom in the GRSTC, plus inspiration, tips, and more!

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CROWN COLLECTION Q & A WITH RYAN REHBOCK, PAGE 08 CONTRIBUTORS Learn magazine wouldn’t be possible without our awesome contributors! If you have an idea for an article, tips or techniques you’d like to share, or just want to send us some photos of your latest work, please email GRS at creative@glendo.com.

Jake Newell has long had a passion for art. Growing up in Emporia, Kansas, provided ample opportunity to pursue this passion. Newell sought and received an Art Education degree through Emporia State University, where he discovered university-based hand engraving classes. After completing Engraving I and Engraving II courses offered through ESU, he expanded his knowledge with GRSTC courses and special study. As a professional engraver, Newell designs and hand engraves a variety of items for larger, well-known companies.

Ryan Rehbock has always been fascinated with gemstones and art, and in 2010, he became inspired to support talented artists who were able to combine both of those things. He started out buying small cases of jewelry and art from friends, promoting their work until he had sold the entire case. Once one case of work sold, he’d buy another. He hosted local community exhibitions and sold pieces at music festivals. Through social media and these events, Ryan built The Crown Collection as a brand and created a community of collectors and artists. Moving forward he hopes to continue exploring new and innovative ways to curate shows and spaces.





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