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Here at SFPT, summer kicks off the start of a very busy few months! Not only does my family take our yearly vacation before the kids return to school, but it’s also the beginning of our giving season at the office! Through the month of July, we collect donations for Operation Shoebox. Operation Shoebox is an organization that we have worked with for a few years now. They collect donations for deployed troops, package them, and send them off with no cost to the military service members or their families!

walk it with her! Autism Speaks is near and dear to her heart as she has a family member with autism.

You can get additional information about any of our events by calling our office at 732-356-5363. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for our biggest event of the year, Toys for Tots, beginning Nov. 1! It’s essential for my family and me to invest some time in each other. Considering all of the emotional and physical journeys we tackle throughout the year, hitting the reset button almost becomes mandatory. That’s why we’re taking a big trip to Aruba. There are so many activities we’re excited for. Anytime I’m on a golf course close to the beach, I’m in heaven. But golf is just the tip of the iceberg. Our family is going to run the gamut of activities to get the absolute most out of our time in the tropics. Windsurfing, snorkeling, sailing, fishing, and swimming are just some of the water activities we’ll do. We are also planning to check out a quaint butterfly farm where there are species of butterflies from around the globe. I’m looking forward to taking a guided tour of the island in an open-air jeep. The whole adventure seems too good to be true, and I feel fortunate to enjoy it with those closest to me. We hope your summer is full of exciting pastimes with those closest to you. If you’re interested in learning more about some of our unique events, reach out to our office today. Our team is ecstatic about all the programs we’re putting on, and we would love to have you involved. Making a difference doesn’t take loads of money or resources; it just requires a willing heart.

“Considering all of the emotional and physical journeys we tackle through the year, hitting the reset button almost becomes mandatory.”

The fun doesn’t stop there. September in New Jersey provides the perfect setting for Franklin Day. On this day, the township of Franklin has a beautiful festival with loads of attractions in the park. It features live music, car shows, food trucks, and a whole slew of festivities to celebrate our great community. We always have a booth there with some great giveaways and general information. Stop by this year on Saturday, Sept. 22, and say hi. Our favorite part of the day is seeing our former and current patients’ friendly faces. Our next fundraiser begins Sept. 1 and runs through Oct. 10 for Autism Speaks. During those weeks, we will be accepting sponsorships for our walk on Oct. 14. Sponsors’ names will be hung though the office leading up to the event. This event came about when a long-time patient and gym member of ours told us that her goal was to walk a 5K. Naturally we helped her get there and will

–Kevin Kurtz

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Learning That Doesn’t Feel Like School Every summer, parents across the country have to deal with the same delicate problem. They want to make sure their kids continue to learn without feeling like they’re being assigned tasks. After all, summer homework is every child’s worst nightmare. Luckily, you don’t have to rely on math problems and book reports to keep your child’s Mentally Stimulating Activities for Summer

development from taking a two-month vacation. Here are a few mentally stimulating activities that are as educational as they are fun.

For Little Ones: Homemade Bubbles

Bubbles fascinate young children, so why not spend a day making your own solution and experimenting by blowing different types of bubbles? The formula is simple: 1 part dish soap (Dawn or Joy work best) to 10 parts water. Optionally, you can also include 1/4 part glycerin. The process of making the solution will teach ratios, and finding creative ways to blow bubbles fosters problem-solving skills and creative thinking.

like learning; it feels like fun. Encourage your older children to take the reins for preparing regular meals throughout the summer. You can pick guiding themes, like “a trip to Mexico” or “pasta party,” but let them choose the recipes and prep the meals on their own.

For the Entire Family: An Educational Field Trip

For Teenagers: Family Dinner Party

Field trips always inspire excitement in students, and you’ll find the same goes for your family members. You can tailor your destination to the interests of your kids for maximum engagement. If you have a family of art lovers, head to a museum for some inspiration and discussion. Kids who prefer the outdoors will enjoy a nature walk or hike. You can bring along a field guide to identify flora and fauna. These trips may not pack the thrill of a water park, but they’re fun in an entirely different way.

Cooking teaches so many important skills: math, science, nutrition, concentration, cultural understanding, following directions, creativity, time management, and more. Even better, it doesn’t feel

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My PT Story I needed surgery to repair a torn right biceps tendon. Afterward, my arm and shoulder had limited strength and motion. Picking SFPT worked out great for me. After six weeks of PT with Aditi, my arm and shoulder are at 100 percent. Plus the whole staff is warm and friendly — they make each session fun! I would highly recommend them to anyone needing PT. I actually already did — my daughter is now coming.

–Nick Decibus

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The welcoming temperatures in these late summer and early fall months tend to foster fantastic opportunities for outdoor recreation. From taking a stroll through the park, perfecting that golf swing, or even competing in the 100-mile ZTrek cycling event, summertime offers us a plethora of options to enjoy our surroundings. Wonderful as they are, these options often heighten the possibility of physical injury, particularly to the body parts we use most often: our wrists and ankles. According to eMedicineHealth, the most common cause of wrist injuries is a fall on an outstretched hand, which can often result in a sprain, strain, or break. When you feel the pain from a sprain, you are experiencing an injury to the ligaments within your wrist. A strain is slightly different — it means that you have torn muscle fibers in the area surrounding the

the injury. Interestingly though, WebMD reports that every single day, at least 25,000 Americans sprain their ankle, and over a million people visit emergency rooms each year due to ankle injuries. Because damage to these body parts occurs so often — and even more so in these active summer months — taking the time to learn about injury prevention could provide you with extra hours to soak up that precious sunshine before the cold weather sneaks up. At Somerset Family Physical Therapy, our mission is to assist you by utilizing the most current therapeutic exercises, modalities, and manual techniques to prevent these types of injuries. Furthermore, if you or someone you know is already experiencing pain as a result of wrist or ankle sprains, strains, or breaks, we offer individualized rehabilitation services as well. Feel free to make an appointment today!

wrist. A break, of course, is the worst of the three and might be the easiest to define: a break or crack of a bone in the wrist.

Similar to wrists, ankle injuries are also categorized according to the severity of

Have A Laugh

Kielbasa Kabobs This take on the classic Italian sausage and peppers uses fully cooked Polish kielbasa so you can prep the kabobs and bring them to your next cookout.


DIRECTIONS • 2 pounds fully cooked smoked kielbasa • 2 large onions • 2 green bell peppers • 3 red bell peppers • 2 cloves garlic, minced • 1/4 cup olive oil • Salt and pepper, to taste 1. Heat grill to medium. 2. In a small bowl, combine oil, garlic, and a pinch of salt and pepper. 3. Cut pepper, onion, and kielbasa into 1-inch chunks. 4. Thread onto skewers, alternating ingredients. 5. Brush with oil mixture and grill, covered, 10–12 minutes.

[NOTE: If using bamboo skewers, soak in water for 30 minutes before threading to prevent burning.]

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Exclusive Spots You Must See to Believe Secret Swimming Holes of the World

Dos Ojos, Mexico

Summertime is for swimming,

but why settle for a community pool when you can have access to the most beautiful swimming locales

The Spanish translation of the name for this magical system of caves is “two eyes,” and you’ll want to have yours checked after you see this swimming hole. When limestone bedrock collapses, a sinkhole called a “cenote” is formed. The unearthed water from the natural aquifer balances a color palette of earth tones with the most majestic shades of blue you’ll ever behold. The calling cards for these bodies of water are the Blue Eye and the Black Eye. Both offer unforgettable experiences, but the price of entry is a hefty sense of adventure. You’ll need a full set of scuba gear to get to either hole. The Baths, Virgin Gorda A day in the Caribbean is like living every moment inside a beautiful pastel painting. The elegance of this location in the British Virgin Islands will make you feel like you’ve been transported into a cathedral. The large boulders and natural rock formations create shallow caves that will captivate your eyes as you wade through the water in wonder. When you exit, you’ll witness the sight that gives this beautiful spot its name. A handful of 40-foot granite boulders form private pools as if that was what they were made for.

in the world? These three exclusive, little-known spots are sure

to take your breath away.

Hali’i Falls, Hawaii

With its spiral staircase of waterfalls, this remote jungle location offers up more than one unique spot to take a plunge. Visitors never fail to be awestruck by the deep blue-green hue of each pool created by the four cascading waterfalls. Hali’i means “to spread out,” which is precisely what each waterfall does, showcasing a serene experience unlike any other. But the beauty of this one-of-a-kind experience is only outdone by its exclusivity. To reach these pools, you’ll have to hike through dense forest, deep marshes, and wide-open pastures of sugar cane.

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