in the region.


Comments collected during a phone poll

and an online survey show that 90 per cent

of the civil servants contacted use private



transportation to commute.

The study suggested “the region must

now consider public transit initiatives, as


indicated in the Prescott-Russell Economic

need for

Development Plan.”

“In order to attract such federal

government employees as well as other


better public

residents who work in the cities, the survey

suggests that an improved commuter-

transit network between the east and west

Grenville-sur-la-Rouge has taken


sides of Ottawa should merit the attention

steps towards solving problems with

of the United Counties.”

the aging Calumet drinking water

During the study, 400 federal employees


replied to the telephone survey while 39

Two consulting firms have been


completed an online questionnaire.

retained to prepare plans for

“It is obvious that the relocation of the

improvements, which include the

Department of National Defence and the

drilling of a second well. The action is

Some 2,300 Prescott-Russell residents

RCMP did not have the negative effect that

meant to secure the long-term safety of

work for two federal government

had concerned us,” said Clarence-

the system. Work on the water service

departments that are moving offices to the

Rockland Mayor Marcel Guibord, who had

has been discussed over the last few

west end of Ottawa over the next four

proposed the survey to his colleagues.

years. Fear of contamination prompted

years. However, the impact of the transfer

“However, with this survey, we now have

the municipality to issue a boil water

of thousands of National Defence and

a strategic database that will allow us to

warning recently. Because of a power

RCMP employees on the counties will be

ensure sustainable growth in the region.”

failure, a pump stopped working and a


He noted that the real repercussions will

reservoir went dry, related Councillor

That is the conclusion of a $25,000 survey

not be known until the transfer of 10,000

Alain Carrière at a recent council

conducted by the united counties of

employees is completed in four years.

session. The boil water order was lifted

Prescott-Russell in an effort to anticipate


“There are no surprises,” commented

a few days later after a transformer had

the effect of the move on the district.


Russell Mayor Jean-Paul St-Pierre.

been replaced.

The results indicate that the total

Allowing that improved public transit


percentage of households in the UCPR

New fire hall

would remain a priority, he added, “We

potentially affected by the transfer of the

residents decide they must relocate closer

have to concentrate on the positive.”

At the same meeting, GSR council

workplace is about three per cent.

to their workplaces.

The study highlighted, among other

decided to set aside a sum of $150,000

Kathryn Wood, of Natural Capital

“If we apply these findings in the right

factors, that there are significant differences

for the construction of a new fire hall in

Resources, told county council last week

way, we can substantially improve the

in the values of similar-type homes in


that about 225 households are considering


Orleans, Kanata and Prescott-Russell.

Other expenses, which are to be

moving to the west end.

said Warden François St-Amour. “The

Furthermore, population growth in the

financed by grants fromHydro-Québec,

The survey also reveals that 80 per cent


United Counties also exceeded the

include an allocation of $35,000 to fix

of the affected residents are ready to “live

be of interest to those who would prefer not

provincial average between 2006 and 2011,

the Calumet library roof and a $7,000


to move to the city, and would be a step

and if this trend continues, the region could

allotment for improvements to the Sept

of their workplace might create.

towards the creation of jobs in our

remain a centre of growth even if some

Chutes park near the Rouge River.

The results also provided more impetus


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