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A mericans have a lot of stuff. Our houses and offices are filled, sometimes to the brim, with all the things we’ve accumulated over our lives: old bills and financial records; clothes from our college days; an endless supply of coffee mugs; the last four years’ worth of birthday cards. Maybe you don’t have any of those things specifically, but I bet all of us can think of some part of our house or office where we are losing the war against clutter. The first week of October is National Get Organized Week, which may be a much-needed reminder that we don’t have to live in all our clutter. I have always struggled to stay organized for as long as I can remember. Even though we are essentially paperless at the office, my desk still finds a way to cover itself with stacks of documents and other items. And honestly, my house could use some decluttering, too. “ “HAVING THINGS IN MY OFFICE THAT BRING ME JOY MAKES ME FEEL MORE COMFORTABLE ABOUT BEING THERE, WHICH, IN TURN, MAKES ME WORK MORE EFFICIENTLY.” Recently, I started watching “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” on Netflix, and I’ve been trying to take a few notes from the show’s titular star. Every episode, Marie Kondo visits someone’s home and helps them gain not only a little more space to move around but also a greater peace of mind. The question Marie Kondo asks the people she works with in every episode is whether the item “sparks joy,” and I really try to think about that when I clean my house and my office. Even though my office contains important information about my clients that doesn’t necessarily “spark joy,” I can’t just

throw it out. But I do try and keep a few things in my office that do make me happy. I have a quilt one of my friends, who is a quilt artist, made herself. It’s called “O Happy Day,” and the title speaks to how I feel when I look at it. I also have a painting hanging up called “Woman in Prayer,” which depicts a woman who looks like she is praying while holding some papers in her hands. It’s hard to explain, but I find it very inspirational. And, of course, I also have pictures of my kids. Having things in my office that bring me joy makes me feel more comfortable about being there, which, in turn, makes me work more efficiently. I always think I need to hang on to all the stuff that comes through my office. I don’t like throwing things away because I convince myself I might need them again. But in time, all the messiness in my office does nothing more than keep me from doing the best job that I can. More and more people are talking about organization these days. With all the software programs and self-help books on the market right now about managing stuff, it’s easier than ever to find a way to get more organized if you really want to. So, if you’re looking to get unnecessary items out of your house or your office, read some books, or watch “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” if you want, and form a strategy. You’ll feel lighter and work more efficiently than ever.

–Danielle Obiorah

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As we enter the last part of 2019, businesses and individuals still have plenty of events and opportunities to give back to the community worth keeping in mind. So, to help you keep track of some of them, here’s a list of what’s coming up in the next couple of months. TOYOTA SOUTH ATLANTA CLAYTON CHAMBER CLASSIC Where: Eagles Landing Country Club When: Oct. 7, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. ON THE OBIORAH FIELDS EVENTS CALENDAR This upcoming golf tournament benefits businesses in Clayton County and the Clayton County Chamber of Commerce. Businesses can sponsor the event, and, in exchange, they get to form a team to play in the tournament and get the opportunity to network and promote what they do. Money from sponsorships will help the Chamber address challenges and opportunities in the community — all while you play a great game of golf and represent your business! WHAT’S COMING UP

THE FREE RADICAL 411 HOW TO MINIMIZE AGE-INDUCING ATOMS If you’ve ever picked up a health magazine while waiting at the doctor’s office, then you’re probably familiar with the term “free radicals” — at least enough to know that they get a bad rap from doctors and beauticians alike. But what are they, exactly? According to Live Science, free radicals are atoms with unpaired electrons that have split off from oxygen molecules in the body and started to “scavenge” for other electrons to pair with. That wouldn’t be problematic, except that these atoms tend to damage cells, lipids, proteins, and even DNA along the way, and that destruction has serious consequences. As Live Science puts it, “Free radicals are associated with human disease, including cancer, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and many others. They also may have a link to aging, which has been defined as a gradual accumulation of free-radical damage.” Unfortunately, it’s impossible to entirely avoid free radicals and the havoc they wreak. The process that forms free radicals, called oxidative stress, can be kick-started by a variety of different substances found in food, water, medicine, and even the air we breathe, according to the Huntington’s Outreach Project for Education at Stanford University. Unsurprisingly, these substances are things already considered unhealthy, like alcohol, exposure to X-rays, ozone, fried food, chemical pesticides, air pollutants, and tobacco smoke. That said, there is one molecule that is stable enough to stand up to and reduce free radicals: the antioxidant. According to a study published by Pharmacognosy Reviews, antioxidants can “donate an electron to a rampaging free radical and neutralize it, thus reducing its ability to damage.” Synthetic antioxidants exist but can sometimes have harmful side effects, so scientists advise protecting yourself by avoiding free radical triggers like alcohol, processed foods, and red meat, and ingesting natural antioxidants in the form of berries, stone fruits, olives, onions, garlic, and green and black teas. Herbs and spices like cinnamon, basil, turmeric, and fenugreek can ratchet up your antioxidant levels too. While it can’t guarantee immortality, the right diet can certainly help you stave off aging and disease, so why not start today?

21ST ANNUAL VETERAN’S DAY LUNCHEON Where: Riverdale Town Center When: Nov. 8, 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Every year, businesses have the opportunity to honor those who have served and are currently serving in our armed forces at the Veteran’s Day Luncheon. We are happy to once again partner with the Clayton County Chamber of Commerce to celebrate everything these brave men and women have done for our country.

ESTATE PLANNING SEMINAR Where: Obiorah Fields Law Offices When: Nov. 16, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Do you have questions about estate planning or finance planning but don’t know where to get the right information? Then this is the seminar for you! Learn from the experts how to plan, prepare a will and a trust, establish long-term financial goals, and so much more! Admission is free and refreshments are provided.

OBIORAH FIELDS HOLIDAY CELEBRATION Where: Obiorah Fields Law Offices When: Dec. 5, time TBA

If you’ve ever been a client of ours, swing through our offices in the evening of Dec. 5 for our annual Christmas party! We’ll have refreshments, gifts, and a fun, relaxing atmosphere to celebrate the season. We hope to see you there!

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Estate planning is serious business in the real world, but that’s not always the case when it pops up on TV. With Halloween just around the corner, we thought this would be the perfect time to dive into what one famous cartoon case — the classic Scooby-Doo episode “A Night of Fright is No Delight” — got wrong when it came to divvying up assets after death. In the episode, Scooby and the gang are summoned to the haunted mansion of the late eccentric millionaire, Colonel Beauregard Sanders. As luck would have it, Scooby had saved the Colonel’s life years earlier, so he had a chance to inherit his fortune. When the gang arrives, lawyer Cosgood Creeps plays a recording Sanders left behind for Scooby and the other heirs. The recording stipulates that in order to win the fortune, the heirs have to spend a night in the mansion and survive to tell the tale. There are plenty of reasons not to model your own final wishes after Colonel Beauregard Sanders’, but here are three things he got wrong off the bat. HE LEFT A RECORDING INSTEAD OF A WRITTEN WILL. Unlike properly written, notarized wills, recordings don’t stand up well in court. If any of Sanders’ family had tried to

challenge the process, they probably could have overruled his wishes. HE DIDN’T DISCUSS HIS ARRANGEMENTS WITH FAMILY MEMBERS. In “A Night of Fright is No Delight,” Sanders’ relatives are as surprised as Scooby by his wacky request. To divvy up your own estate without a hitch, discuss your plans with your family beforehand so they’re on board with the process. Scooby and the gang unmask the ghosts in the episode, winning Scooby a pile of money — $1 million in now-worthless Confederate currency. The rest of the Colonel’s assets, like his mansion, aren’t mentioned, suggesting a cartoon court battle on the horizon! To avoid a real-life confrontation, lay out plans for all of your assets in your will. If you want to ensure your estate planning is done the smart way, without any of the cartoon pitfalls, call Obiorah Fields today. HE DIDN’T GIVE INSTRUCTIONS FOR ALL OF HIS PROPERTY.

At Obiorah Fields LLC, we’re not your standard, run-of-the-mill law office. We don’t just do what’s required of us — we go the extra mile to make sure that justice is served in every case we take on. If you’ve worked with us before, and you know somebody who could benefit from taking us on as their legal team, please don’t hesitate to give them this newsletter and show them who we are! We want to help as many people as we can. We’re just one phone call away from new potential clients. If they contact us through our website and give us their name, contact info, and a brief description of their situation, we will give them a free case evaluation and report. Don’t hesitate to refer us! DO YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO NEEDS OUR HELP? GIVE THEM THIS NEWSLETTER!

NEED A SPEAKER? If you are interested in having Teri Fields speak to your organization about estate planning, please contact us at 404-994-6218.

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Jack-o’-lanterns go hand-in-hand with Halloween, but digging through the inside of a pumpkin is not something everyone enjoys. If you aren’t keen on cutting open a pumpkin, here are a few no- carve ideas you can try this Halloween! HAUNTED HOUSE Take a few pumpkins, stack them on top of each other, and create a spooky pumpkin haunted house! Then, use paint, balsa wood sheets, and hot glue to create silhouettes, ghosts, windows, and doors for a haunting effect! CREATIVE WITH STRING Use cotton twine and hot glue to create a web-like design on the surface of your pumpkin. Don’t forget to add a few plastic spiders! You can also use string art to create ghostly words or images. Lay our your design with small pegs or nails and wrap the string around them to reach your desired effect. NOTHING BUT NET You can create eerie pumpkins using fishnet stockings. Spray- paint your pumpkin if desired — just make sure the design of the stockings will stand out. Once the paint is dry, cut the legs off the

stockings, slide the pumpkin inside, remove the extra fabric around the stem, and use hot glue to secure it.

COLORFUL PAINT Painting your Halloween pumpkins gives everyone a chance to participate. Be creative by using different designs, cutouts for silhouettes, drip paint to create a marble design, or nail polish and water to give white pumpkins a unique and vibrant look. A SPOOKY MONSTER By adding a witch hat, wrapping a pumpkin in cheesecloth, attaching spider legs, or tying on a vampire cape, you can create a pumpkin version of the most popular Halloween monsters. Along with these accessories, you can also use paint, construction paper, and other craft materials to add the details that will make your creation pop! For more detailed directions for these pumpkin designs and more ideas, visit

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