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A mericans have a lot of stuff. Our houses and offices are filled, sometimes to the brim, with all the things we’ve accumulated over our lives: old bills and financial records; clothes from our college days; an endless supply of coffee mugs; the last four years’ worth of birthday cards. Maybe you don’t have any of those things specifically, but I bet all of us can think of some part of our house or office where we are losing the war against clutter. The first week of October is National Get Organized Week, which may be a much-needed reminder that we don’t have to live in all our clutter. I have always struggled to stay organized for as long as I can remember. Even though we are essentially paperless at the office, my desk still finds a way to cover itself with stacks of documents and other items. And honestly, my house could use some decluttering, too. “ “HAVING THINGS IN MY OFFICE THAT BRING ME JOY MAKES ME FEEL MORE COMFORTABLE ABOUT BEING THERE, WHICH, IN TURN, MAKES ME WORK MORE EFFICIENTLY.” Recently, I started watching “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” on Netflix, and I’ve been trying to take a few notes from the show’s titular star. Every episode, Marie Kondo visits someone’s home and helps them gain not only a little more space to move around but also a greater peace of mind. The question Marie Kondo asks the people she works with in every episode is whether the item “sparks joy,” and I really try to think about that when I clean my house and my office. Even though my office contains important information about my clients that doesn’t necessarily “spark joy,” I can’t just

throw it out. But I do try and keep a few things in my office that do make me happy. I have a quilt one of my friends, who is a quilt artist, made herself. It’s called “O Happy Day,” and the title speaks to how I feel when I look at it. I also have a painting hanging up called “Woman in Prayer,” which depicts a woman who looks like she is praying while holding some papers in her hands. It’s hard to explain, but I find it very inspirational. And, of course, I also have pictures of my kids. Having things in my office that bring me joy makes me feel more comfortable about being there, which, in turn, makes me work more efficiently. I always think I need to hang on to all the stuff that comes through my office. I don’t like throwing things away because I convince myself I might need them again. But in time, all the messiness in my office does nothing more than keep me from doing the best job that I can. More and more people are talking about organization these days. With all the software programs and self-help books on the market right now about managing stuff, it’s easier than ever to find a way to get more organized if you really want to. So, if you’re looking to get unnecessary items out of your house or your office, read some books, or watch “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” if you want, and form a strategy. You’ll feel lighter and work more efficiently than ever.

–Danielle Obiorah

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