DM 828 Pastoral Care and Counseling Skills (6) A course designed to help the pastor sharpen sk ill s in pastoral care and counse ling. The sLUd ent will learn and practice a mode l of helping wh ich incorporates techniques and approaches of the behavioral sciences as well as biblical principles. The stu­ dent will be exposed to live counsel­ ing sessions , extensi ve counse ling practice and professionals in practice. (Additional work wi ll be expected out­ side of class hours during the course.) DM 829 The Pastor as a Crisis Counselor (6) Student wi ll deve lop ski ll s to help individuals confronting typical crises such as the birth of a child, illness, the loss of a job, marital conflict, career adjustment, bereavement, pre-marital pregnancy, retirement and terminal disease. Anention given to prevention of stress in predictable developmental crises as well as recovery management following a crisis. A combination of clinical exposure, case study and stu­ dent experience used in this seminar. DM 830 Administrative Leadership in the Local Church (6) A course designed LO lead sLUdent through a biblical, organ izational and psychological understanding of lead­ ersh ip, motivation, planning, manag­ ing conni cts, worker training, evalua-

DM 822 Family Life Education (6) Acourse designed to lead the student through a biblical, sociological and educational investigation of family life education. Discovery of common ele­ ments of an effective family ministry in the church. Integration of this data with existing resources allows each person to develop a strategy of fami ly

areas such as anger, depression, assertiveness, leadership and relation­ ships will be exp lored . Techniques for self-mod ify ing behavior to grow spiritually and emotionally presented. DM 825 Small Groups; An Expression of the Body of Christ (6) A course focus ing on birth, care and development of biblical small groups as they function in the life of the local church. Philosophy of small group ministry explored with strategies for beginning groups and maintaining them in the local church. Participants will learn how LO train lay leaders, how small groups function effectively and wi ll be able to set up a small group program in their ministry. DM 826 Dynamics of Church Growth (6) A course designed to understand sci­ entific principles developed to date in the fie ld of church growth, to cover relevant contemporary literature on the subject and to acquire the basic skills necessary for diagnosing the health of the local church and design­ ing programs for the future growth. Course is designed to provide labora­ tory field experience in studying church growth. Involves direct research into growing churches in Southern California. (Additional work will be expec ted outside of class hours during the course.)

Lion, change principles and organiza­ tional development. Participants have the opportunity to examine their lead­ ership style and to develop sty les through group experiences and case studies that will make them more effective leaders. DM 833 Discipleship in the Local Church (6) An in-depth examination of the bibli­ cal principles, history and methodol­ ogy of discipleship. The course will emphasize the practical concern of how to develop an ongoing disciple­ ship program in the local ministry. DM 834 Advanced Church Growth (6) An in-depth look at cross-cultural issues fac ing churches in the U.S.A. Emphasis will be placed on under­ standing the mosaic of culture both within the typical Anglo churches and ethnic groups, as we ll as introducing the potential for church planting.

life education for his church. DM 823 Family Living for All Seasons (6)

Acourse designed Lo provide the pas­ tor or Christian worker with a devel­ opmental approach Lo fam ily living. Exposure LO developmental li fe changes in persons and how change events in life - such as birth of a child, job change, death of parent - can affect marriage and family. (Required for all persons in Marriage and FamilyMinistries.) DM 824 The Pastor'sSpiritual and Emotional Health (6) A course designed to examined the hazards of the ministry as they pertain to the mental and spiritual health of the pastor. The pastor assisted in identifying the area of potential per­ sonal weakness and given resources for dealing with these problems. Anention given to aspects of the min­ ister's role conflicts in his personal li fe , fami ly life and ministry. Problem

Prerequisite: OM 826. DM 850 Self-Study (1-6)

A directed individual study whereby the student may do advanced reading or research into an area of special interest. Aproposal must be prepared according to guidelines available in the D.Min. Office and approved by the D.Min. director. DM 899 Dissertation (0) Prescribed for D.Min. students.

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