Christian Education


CE 521 Psychological Foundations of Christian Ministry and Lifestyle (3) Investigation into the major issues of educational psychology including growth and development, learning theory, moti­ vation , individual differences, self-con­ cept, human nature, determinism, social interaction, maladjustment, discipline, moral influence and retention . Discu~ sion of the major theories and theorists of psychology. Integration of theology and psychology an emphasis. Also inve~ ligation into personality development as it relates to Christian growth and lifestyle. Required ofMA. (C.E.) students. CE 543 Counseling Adolescents and Their Parents (3) An overview of the issues related to pro­ viding pastoral counseling to adoles­ cents and their parents including addic­ tive behavioral problems, abnormal developmental concerns, intervention and enrichment counseling and aware­ ness of when and to whom to refer ado- 1esce nts for professional therapy. Required of M.A. in Youth Ministry. CE 552 Life Span Development in Ministry (3) A survey of human developmental research with attention given to physi­ cal, cognitive, socio-emotional, moral , and faith aspects as they all relate to spiritual development as a basis for a holistic Christian education ministry. Required of M.A. Min. (M.F.M.) and M.A.C.E. students. CE 555 Parachurch Youth Ministry (2) Focus on the various types of para­ church ministry to junior high and high school age students available . Includes principles which make para­ church youth ministry different from local church youth ministry and prin­ ciples for beginning a new parachurch campus club. Elective CE 557 Moral and Faith Development in Ministry (2) An advanced study of the leading theo­ ries of moral and faith development with attention directed toward implication for intentional education ministries that develop a Biblical va lues system. Required of reduced MA.C.E. program. CE 562 Personal and Interpersonal Development (3) Emphasis on personal and interper­ sonal growth through individual assignments and small group interac­ tions. Opportunity given for spiritual, physical, emotional, mental and rela­ tional development. Required of two year M.A.C.E. students.

Chair: Kenneth R. Garland, Ed.D. FACULTY Professor: Dirks Associate Professors: Anthony, Bechtle, Issler, Stevens Assistant Professors: Cunningham, Garland, Leyda, Ten Elshof OBJECTIVES The aim of the department of Christian education is that of develop­ ing Christian educators who under­ stand the significance of an educa­ tional ministry and who possess the skills necessary to function as Christ­ ian educators . To this end, course offerings have been designed to blend theory and practice. Most elective courses are designed for tracking to accommodate the student's vocational specialization. COURSES CE 511 Foundations of Leadership (3) Investigation into leadership theory and practice leading to the deve lop­ ment of a bibliocentric philosophy of leadership; practice in basic leader­ ship skills; studyof application of con­ cepts in the church and parachurch agencies. Elective. CE 512 Educafion Administration (3) An analysis of administrative princi­ ples and processes as theyapply to the church and parachurch agencies. Special attention to the relation of administrative functions and min­ istry. Required of M.Div. (C.E. ), M.A. Min. (C.E.) , and M.A. (C.E.)students. CE 514 Women and Men in Christian Ministry (2) An investigation of the role of women and men in ministry and leadership in the light of Scripture. Also includes a discussion of issues men and women in the ministry face when working together. Elective. Offered fall, odd years. CE 516 Curriculum Writing and Development (3) Emphasis on custom development of a curriculum for various youth min­ istry teaching programs such as Sun­ day school , Bible study, discipleship groups, and more. Various youth cur­ riculum sources will be surveyed and their materials evaluated for effective­ ness of presentation. Elective.

CE 566 Youth Group Development and Programming (3) Astep by step approach to the building of a youth group and developing a yearly youth group ministry program. Emphasis may be on either junior high or high school age group and course will contain an emphasis on develop­ ment of community within the group. Required of M.A. in Youth Ministry. CE 570 Special Studies in Christian Education (2) Designed for students who desire a spe­ cific course content not covered in any of the regularly offered classes. May be taken twice with different emphasis . Content will differ based on need/ inter­ est. Possible required fee . Admission to course by advisor approval . CE 600 Educational Ministry in the Church (3) Analysis of ministries of edification as they relate to the personal , the congregational and the administrative aspects of ministry with people of all ages. Focus is on the explanation of various methods and resources available for ministry and on the development of individual skills in communicating and leading in these ministries. Required of M.A. (C.E.) , M.A. (Min.) , M.A. (B. / T.S.), and M.Div. students. CE 612 Missionary Education (2) Objectives, programming, activities and administrative methods of imple­ menting a program of missionary edu­ cation. Investigation into the auxiliary organization of the church's educa­ tional program through which mis­ sions are taught. Elective. Offered fall, odd years. CE 616 Principles of Curriculum Development (2) Consideration of essential elements in curriculum formation . Intensive study of varied existing curricula. Analysis of contemporary trends in curriculum production. Elective. Offered spring, even years. CE 618 Psychopathology and Assessment (3) An overview of various models of psy­ chopathology and introduction to some of the tools of personality assessment with the goal of being able to determine which people to work with and which to refer to other helpers with more special­ ized training. Required of M.A. Min. (M.F.M.), students.

CE 620 Premarital Preparation and Counseling (2) Counseling techniques applied to dat­ ing and courtship, engagement and premarital adjustments. Principles and structures of premarital counseling are stressed and demonstrated. Emphasis on the use ofTJfA, Prepare and Family History analysis. Prerequisite: PT 706 or permission of professor. Required of M.A.C.E. Reduced Program stu­

dents. Offered fall , even years. CE 622 Philosophy of Ministry (3)

Investigation into the theological , hi~ torical , and philosophical foundations which underlie Christian ministry. Also includes an investigation of current practices of ministry through an analyti­ cal perspective. Designed to help the minister evaluate ministry programs and respond with remedial or enrichment strategies. Required of M.A. (C.E.) M.Div. (C.E. non-thesis) students. CE 629 Group Counseling Leadership (3) Training in the principles of counseling and therapy in a group setting. The class itself used as a laboratory experience with the student participating both in the role of therapist and client. Required of MA Min. (M.F.M.) students. CE 633 Principles of Research (2) Basic methods of educational research with assessment of each method for use in religious education. Introduction to statistical measurements. Formulation and implementation ofresearch projects in ministry situations. One hour lecture and one hour laboratory required per week. Required of all MA.C.E. students. CE 636-637 Independent Study (1-2, 1-2) In-depth investigation of a topic under the guidance of the Christian education department using standard research procedures. Topic selection and course enrollment is by advisor's approval. Elective. CE 638 Current Trends in Christian Education (2) Identifying and understanding those issues which are of primary concern to the field of Christian education today. Opportunity will be provided for indi­ vidual and group research in areas of personal concern. The course will investigate current educational trends, alternative church education patterns and new forms of ministry. Elective . Offered spring, odd years.

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