CE 642 Youth Minister's Home and Family Development (3)

CE 791 -792 Educational Practicum (2 , 2) Directed experiences in educational ministries conducted through a local church . Praxis in leadership for major educational funct ions for vari­ ous age levels. A minimum of I00 hours field involvement per semester. Prerequisite: 48 units of class work. Required of, and limited to, M.Div. students majoring in C.E.

CE 662 Youth Education and Leadership (3)

CE 692 Practicum in Ministry II (1) Structured experiences in a C.E. min­ istry fi eld site with an approved supervi­ sor focusing on leadership develop­ ment including assessing needs, setting goals, planning strategy, implementing programs and evaluating programs. Course may be repeated. Required of the M.A.C.E. and M.A. Min. CE 716 Ministry to Single Adults (2) Investigation of single adult ministries in the context of the local church. Emphasis in the deve lopment of an effective single adult ministry. Various proven and experimental modelsof sin­ gle adult ministries will be examined. Elective. Offered spring, even years.

Emphasis on the leadership role in the local church, coll ege campuses and mi~ sion field. Development of a youth leadership program within the local church. Study of extra-<:hurch organiza­ tions and parent-teen relationships and ministry emphasized. Required of M.A. Youth Ministry. Offered fall , odd years. CE 673 Biblical Foundations of Family Ministry (3) Building a theology of fami lyministry. Relating biblical principles to fami lyand relationship issues. Required ofMA.C.E., and MA. Min. students. CE 675 Family Lile Education in the Local Church (3) Objectives, organization and adminis­ tration of a program of fami ly life edu­ cation in the local church. Includes an analysis of current trends in family life education. Required of M.A. Min. (M.F.M.) students. CE 678 Adult Development and Education (2) A study of issues and developmental tasks of adul ts. Attention to the min­ istry of meeting the needs and utiliz­ ing the potential of adults. Elective. Offered spring, odd years. CE 681 Development of Youth Speaker Skills (2) Emphasis on the package of skills nece~ sary to become an effective youth speaker. Includes the various types of speaking such as; evangelistic, discipling, teaching, preaching, testimony, story­ telling and more. Class will enable the srudent to evaluate his/ her potential for this area of ministry and to sharpen those skills during the semester. Elective. CE 683 Camp Leadership (2) The philosophy, objectives, administra­ tion , program and leadership of a church-related camp. The use of wor­ ship, sn1dy, crafts, recreation and coun­ seling in church camping. Investigation into trends of camping, centralized and decentralized camping. Techniques in planning and directing a camp pro­ gram, including counselor training. Elective. Offered spring, even years. CE 691 Practicum in Ministry I (1) Structured field experience in a C.E. ministry fie ld site with an approved supervisor focusing on the develop­ ment of students' spiritual gifts and personal skills applied to teaching the Bible. Required of the M.A.C.E. and M.A. Min. Fee: $50.

Emphasis on techniques to balance professional ministry schedule with home and family life and responsibi li­ ties. Includes personal nurture tech­ niques, family nurture techniques and development of a plan for meeting fami ly needs in the context of being a youth ministry professional. Required of M.A. in Youth Ministry. CE 644 Music in the Church (2) The place of music in the church's pro­ gram . Criteria for the se lec ti on of appropriate music. Techniques for lead­ ing music and teaching various groups. The relationship of music to worship, instruction and fellowship. Elective. CE 648 Current Trends in Youth Ministry (2) Emphasis on trends and issues related to life on a contemporary junior high or high school public school campus. Includes principles for development of relationships between the youth minister and local school adminis tra­ tors whi ch will enabl e both to func­ tion effectively. Also contains princi­ ples for blending studen ts from pub­ lic , parochial and Christian campuses into your youth group. Elective. CE 649 Instructional Technology (2) Development and adminis tration of media for ministry. Uses of the com­ puter , print , audio , video , mixed media and multimedia technology for promotion, education and motivation. Elective Offered fall, even years and each lnterterm. CE 653 Childhood Development and Education (2) The chi ld from birth to 12 years with emphasis on deve lopment of moral and re li gious va lues, cogni tive processes and social relationsh ips. In addition, an analysis is made of home and church ministries related to ch ild­ hood education. Emphasis given to basic teaching and ministering skills. Elec tive. Offered spring, even years. CE 661 Adolescent Culture and Development (3) Finding and meeting adolescent needs, writing objec tives for you th ministry, leadership of learning experiences and outreach experiences, disciple-building and review of ava il able resources. Development of personal plans for ministry. Requi red of M.A. Youth Min­ istry. Offered spring, odd years.

CE 724 Advanced Methods of Educational Instruction (2)

Consideration given to the various phi losophies of education, theories of learning, and the factors that inOu­ ence learning. Emphasis given to becoming a more effective teacher. Variab les in motivation , retention, transfer and hi gh level thinking will be discussed. A supervised classroom teaching experience is required. Pre­ requisite: CE 461 or its equivalent, or by permission of the professor. Required of Th .M. and M.A.C.E. stu­ dents. Offered spring semester.

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