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PH 566 The History of Ethics (3) A survey and eva luati on of va ri ous ethi cists and their systems from within a Christian framework. Emphasis will be pl aced on Ari stotl e, Augustin e, Aquinas, the utilitarians, and Kant. PH 587 Seminar inEthical Systems and Ethical Reasoning (3) Astudy of va rious issues in metaethi cs and normat ive et hi cs as we ll as an inves tiga tion of ethical dec ision-mak­

PH 735 Seminar (1-3) Selected topics in the fields of philoso­ phy, apologeti cs and ethi cs. May be repeated with different content. Elective. PH 835 Advanced Seminar (1-3) Supervi sed research of selected topics within th e fi elds of philosophy, apolo­ ge ti cs, and ethics . May be repeated

The Christian leader often deals with prob lems whi ch are re lated to contemporary trends in philosophical and scient ifi c thought. For this rea­ son, a kn owledge of the intell ec tual heritage of the western world and the apo logetic tec hni ques and postures which are of most value is needed . COURSES PH 523 Metaphysics (3) A top ical study of th e nature and methodology of metaphys ics with emphas is on the natu re and ultimate categories of be ing as we ll as specific areas (e.g. causation, space and time, the soul , freedom and determinism, per­ sonal identity, and essenti alism). Special emphasis will be placed on integrating metaphysics wi th the construc tion and defense of a Christi an worldview. PH 534 Metaphysics II (3) A topical study of important se lected themes and persons in the fie ld of metaphysics. Emphasis will be placed on current tensions between Christian Theism and va rious metaphys ical posi­ tions and on key past and present fi g­ ures in metaphysics. PH 544 Epistemology (3) A to pi cal study in the defi niti on of knowledge and justified beli ef, prob­ lems in skepticism, the nature of epis­ temic justification and the nature of truth . Application wi ll be made to spe­ cial epistemological issues in re ligion, e.g. re li gious experi ence , mi racles , inerrancy, burden of proof issues. PH 545 Epistemology II (3) A conceptual analysis and ph ilosophi­ cal evaluation of important contempo­ rary issues in epistemology. Special emph as is will be placed on the ro le of/that key current and past figu res have pl aced in fo rming th ese issues. An appli cat ion of epi stemolog ica l th emes wi ll be made to the concern s of religious epistemology. PH 547 The Theology and Philosophy of Science (2) A study of va rious issues that ari se in the integration of science and orth o­ dox Christian theology (e .g. models of integration the scientific status of cre­ atio nism, th e creat ion/ evo luti on debate ) as well as an investigation of se lected to pi cs in phil osophy of sc i­ ence relevant to a Christian worldview (e.g. the realist/ antireali st debate, the nature, formation, use, and confirma­ tion of scientific laws and theori es, sci­ entism and the limits of science)

sophical prol egomena to the practice of theology, and on religious pluralism. PH 722 Culls of America (2) The distinctive fe atures of the cults of America with their significance in the deve lopment of religious thought and with parti cul ar reference to th eir treatment of th e central fea tures of

orthodox Christian doctrine. PH 730 Directed Study (1-4)

with different content. Elec tive. PH 880 Directed Research (1-3)

ing and case studies. PH 602 Apologetics (3)

Read in g and researc h in se lected areas of phil osophy of religion and ethi cs. Elective .

Supervised research in selected areas of philosophy of religion. Elective for Th.M. students.


An examin at ion of the Chr is ti an world view and the vari ous Christi an apologe tic responses in relation to the areas of history, science, and philoso­ phy. Required fo r M.Di v. and M.A. (T.H.) students. PH 624 Seminar in Ethical Issues (3) A study of vari ous topi cs currently being debated in ethi cs, e.g. abortion , euthanasia, genetic engineering, infan­ ticide, surrogate motherhood, business ethi cs, environmental issues, etc.. PH 625 Seminar in Ethical Issues II (3) A study of va ri ous top ics curre ntl y being de bated in business environ­ mental and social ethi cs. PH 667 Seminar in Philosophical Anthro­ pology and Philosophy of the Mind (2) A study and defense of the ex istence and nature of the soul , the reali ty of di sembodied ex istence, th e nature of human ac tion, and issues in personal identity. Var ious models of human nature will be in ves tigated (dualism, behaviori sm, fun ctionalism, th e iden­ ti ty thesis, eliminative materialism), as we ll as their implicati ons for ethi cs. PH 669 Seminar in Historical Apologetics (3) A study of th e historicity of the scrip­ tures with special emphasis on mira­ cles, the New Testament, and th e res­ urrection ofJesus. PH 684 Seminar in Philosophy of Religion (3) An investigation of the arguments for and against the existence of God, faith and reason, the use of re ligious lan­ guage, and th e philosophical clarifica­ tion and defense of the attributes of th e God of Scripture. PH 685 Seminar in Philosophical Theology (3) A phi losophical analysis in important doc trines of the Christian fa ith , e.g., freedom and determinism, the incarna­ tion and the coherence of theism. Spe­ cial emphasis wi ll be placed on the con­ cept of the attributes of God, on philo-

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