First Year Personality and Psychopathology I Introduction to Psychotherapy History and Systems of Psychology Measurement and Assessmenl I

Prepranicum I

Learning and MotivaUon, Cogn iUon and Affect or

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2 3 3 3

Learning, Cognition and Affect Measurement and Assessment II Personality and Psychopathology II

Theology I

Prepracticum II


Theology II

Psychotherapy and Religion

I 15

Second Year Seminar in Ethical and Professional Issues Measurement and Assessment Ill

3 3 3

Cross-{;ultural Issues in Clinical Psychology*

6 3 3 4

SLB Elective

Nature and Scope or Systems of Integration

Practicum I Theology Ill


Practicum II Theology IV

4 3

Psychotherap)' Lab**



Third Year Advanced Statistics

3 3 2 3 4

SLB Elective

Research Design Practicum IV Integration Elective

SLB Elective SPY Elective Practicum Ill


3 2

Neuropsychology* or Clini cal Psychopharmacology

Integration Elective

SPY/ SLB Electives



Fourth Year Theology V SLB Elective Practicum V

SPY/ SLB Elective

SPY Elective SLB Elective Practicum VI

3 3 3 3

Integration Elective

In tegration Elective

Doctoral Research Seminar I or Psy. D. Di sse rtation Proposal

Doctoral Research Seminar II or Psy. D. Dissertation Proposal





F"tfth Year Internship


Note: "'For student with undergraduate coursework in social and physiological psychology. Students without undergraduate social psychology will take RSPY608. Social Psychology, instead ofRSPY625 Cross Cultural Issues in Clinical Psychology. Students without undergraduate physiological psychology will take RSPY607, Psychophysiological Processes instead of RSl'Y 670 Neuropsychology or RSPY 705 Clinical Psychophamiacology. These alternative courses will generally be taken during the spring of the second or third year. " Second year students elect one of the followi11g psychotherapy lab courses: RSLB613 Psychotherapy with Adolescents, RSLB642 Psychotherapy with. Children, RSLB643 Behavior Modificatio11 with Childre11 and Parents, or RSLB717 Gestalt Psychotherapy.

Psy.O. in Clinical Psychology

devoted to the integration of a variety of theological and psychological concepts

and less emphasis on fo rmal course­

(3) Comprehensive Examinations

Al l students must pass a set of docwork. In order to be admitted to candi­

11) Residence and Course Work

toral-l evel comprehensive examinadacy the student must have:

in research, theory and practice.

Nonnally, four years of residency are required unless transfer of cred it is brought in and advanced standing granted . While the doctorate is not awarded simply for completion of stated

tions covering the fo ll owing areas: l )

Dissertation Research: Students in Rosemead's Psy.D. track may fulfi ll the research component of their program

Successfully completed the

psychological intervention and 2) psyPreliminary Oral Interview

chology and theology.

■ Passed the Comprehensive

either by writing a dissertation or by sucThese examinations are given Examinations twice annually and serve as the major course work, there are basic unit requirecessfu lly comple ting a research con■ Received approval of dissertation men ts for the degree (133 semester sume rship sequence (5 units) wh ich means of evaluating a student's suitproposal by the Doctoral Commit­ ability to continue studies toward the hours). Each student is assigned a facincludes a year-long doctoral research tee or completed the two-semester, doctorate. The examinations may be ulty advisor who assists in the planning of seminar, a critical review of research li tfive-credit Doctoral Research Semi­ taken any time after comp let ion of each semester's schedule of courses and erature on a clinical topic and a profinar and comprehensive proficiency 75% of the course work and must be supervises the student's progress in the ciency examination for consumers of research examination successfu lly comp leted prior to the program. For transfer credit, see Genclinical research. ■ Compl eted training therapy Professional Qualifying Examination. eral Academic lnfonnation. (2) Prehminary Oral Interview Psy.D. students who select the (S) Professional Quahlying Examination Psychology: Psy.D. students must All students have an oral interview non-dissertation optio n will take a All Psy.D. students must successfully complete a minimum of 97 semester with a faculty committee to evaluate research proficiency exam complete an examination that evaluates hours in psychology. These 97 uni ts their progress and potential for successOn ly one retake of the examinathe student's readiness for a full -time must include at least 21 units selected ful completion of the doctoral program. tion is allowed. The dates of the Cominternship. lt may be taken any time from SLB elective psychotherapy This interview is scheduled after the prehensive Examinations are specified after the comprehensive examinations courses, and 18 units of practicum. completion of three semesters in resiin the Academic Calendar. Students may apply up to six units of have been passed and must be com­ graduate coursework from the School (4) Admission lo Candidacy dence, including at least one practicum pleted six months prior to internsh ip. assignment. The results of this interview The examining committee may require total psychology hours requirement. are reported to facu lty which votes to signifies an advanced stage in the stuthe student to complete additional The-011Jlj: All students must complete allow the student either (I) to continue, dent's progress and is accompanied by course work, practicum, or other profes­ a minor in theology which includes a (2) to continue studies with a Prelimia redefinition of full time enrollment sional growth experiences prior to begin­ minimum of 17 semester units. nary Oral Interview review the following which enables the student to place ning the internship. See the Professional lnregraiian Seminars: All students paryear, or (3) not to allow the student to greater emph asis on his practicum Qualifying Examination Guidelines in ticipate in a series of seminars (14 units) continue in the doctoral program. experience, internship and dissertation, student handbook for further detail. , of lntercultural Studies toward th e Official candidacy for the doctorate

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