No grade other than an "RD" may be altered once it has been reported to the registrar's office unl ess an error was made in grading or recordi ng. These changes can only be made upon written approval of the insu-uctor, the registrar and the Committee on Admis­ sions and Academic Qualifications. The fo ll owin g grades are also used in Rosemead records with special sign ifi cance for the professio nal aspects of the programs: S Satisfactory 0.00 points U Unsatisfactory 0.00 points AUD Audit 0.00 points R Dissertation Research in Progress 0.00 points IP Intern sh ip in Progress 0.00 points Professional Standards and Student Conduct The academic programs at Rose­ mead are designed to prepare gradu­ ates fo r Ii ce nsure (on the doctoral level) by the professional li ce nsing boards of the various states. Because of the professional nature of Rosemead's programs, studen ts are required to maintain the standards of the psycho­ logical profession as defined by the American Psychological Associat ion, the state of Cali fornia and the profes­ sional psychologists who compri se Rosemead's facu lty. As a part of Biola University, which serves a broad spec­ trum of evangel ical church es, Rose­ mead also has both a docu-inal state­ ment and a statement of conduct (See general information section of cata­ log). Prospective applicants should be famil iar with the standards. Students who do not abide by these standards or other institutional policies and proce­ dures may be subj ect to probation or dismissal from the program. Academic Probation A student failing to mai ntain the minimum grade poi nt average of 3.0 wi ll be placed on academic probation. The fo llowing semester, should the stu­ dent not meet the minimum cumula­ tive grade poin t average (3.0), they will automatically be dismissed. A student cannot graduate whi le on probation. Academic Dismissal A studen t may only be allowed a combinati on of two "F''s and/ or two "C''s (understood to include both Ct or C-); a third "C" and/ or "F" brings auto­ matic elimination from the program.

lnterYiews are conducted in a number of cities tl1roughout the counu-y, gener­ ally between January 15 and February 28. Anon-refundable fee of $50 is due and payable following arrangements for the interview. It is the responsibility of the appli­ cant to make sure that all applica tion materials have been received. If there is any doubt, the app li cants should wr it e to the Uni ve rsity Admi ssions

is only in rare instances that a student will be accepted on provisional status. Students will be classified in the program as follows: First year 30 graduate units or less completed Second year 60 graduate units or less completed

or its functional equivalent (30 semes­ ter hours of credit in psychology). This should include at least one course in: General (inu-oductory) psychology; sta­ tistical methods; experimental psychol­ ogy; abnormal psychology; theories of personality; and learn ing. Develop­ mental psycho logy is an admissions requ ireme nt. If students have not taken the course before they are admit­ ted into the program, they must take it at the undergraduate or graduate level .!!J before completion of the doctoral pro­ gram. Also su-ongly recommended are courses in measurement theory, history of psychology; physiological psychology or a year of biology/ zoology. If possi­ ble, undergraduate courses in Old and New Testament survey and henneneu­ tics 11111 su-engthen the student's prepa­ ration fo r Rosemead. (3) Submit scores on the Graduate

Third year

90 graduate units or less completed 120 graduate units or less completed Class work complete and internship in progress

Fourth year

Office for verification. Application Deadline

Fifth year

Sin ce enrollment is limited and admission is on selective basis, applica­ tions should be made as early as possi­ ble . The applica tion deadline isJanu­ ary 15. Decisions are made only on comple ted ap pli cations . Rosemead cu rrenliy admits new students for the degree programs only in the fal l semester each year. Appli cations sub­ mitted after the January 15 deadline will rarely be considered for the fo l­

Dissertation (ABO)

All requirements met except for dissertation.

Grading System

Students wishing to obtain a grad­ uate degree must maintain a consis­ tently high academ ic performance throughout their program. An overall B average , i.e., 3.0 on a 4.0 scale , is required for all degrees. Only grades of "A", "B", "C" earn graduate credit. Grades of all students are recorded in the reg istrar's office . Grading is on the following basis: Grade Grade points A Superior ach ievement 4.00 ~ 3.~ Bt Above average ach ievement 3.33 B Average ach ievement 3.00 B- Low average achievement 2.67 Ct Minimum passing performance 2.33 C Minimum passing performance 2.00 C- Minimum passing perfonnance 1.67 F Failure 0.00 A "W" indicates an official with­ drawal from a course and does not affect the studen t's grade average. A "UW" indicates an unofficial withdrawal. Students who register for a class but do not attend it are auto­ matically give n th e grade of "UW" which wi ll influence the grade average the same as an "F." A temporary mark of "RD " (Report Delayed) will be used in spe­ cial cases of ex treme hardship where an ex tension is warranted and approved by the dean. A stu dent must appeal for an "RD" grade before the end of the semester. Such a grade incurred in one semester must be made up by the end of the first nine (9) weeks of the next semester or the grad e will automatica ll y become a ''W." A "W" can be made up only by repetition of the course.

Record Examin ation Aptitude Test and Psychology Advanced Test. Informa­ tion regarding testing dates and loca­ tion may be obtained by w1iting to the Educational Testi ng Service, Box 955, Princeton, NewJersey 08540. No appli­ cant is exempt from submitting GRE scores wh ich must be received p1ior to the deadline date ofJanuary 15. (4) Submit completed profile (not answer sheet) of the Minnesota Multi­ phasic Personality Inven tory (MMPI ). This test should be taken at a college testing service or from a licensed psy­ chol ogist. Since this test material is confidential, Rosemead wi ll not make copies of tests sent fo r admission pur­ poses at any time. Appli cants are referred to the course from which the testing was administered if th ey desire a clinical interpretation. (5) Submit five letters of recom­ mendation on forms supplied by the school. Three of these are academic references and two are character ref­ erences (pastor and personal friend). (6) Appear for a personal interview with the Admissions Committee or its representative. Arrangements are made by the committee following a prelimi­ nary screening of applications. Only those who are fin ali sts in Rosemead's admissions procedure, determined by the preliminary screening, will be sched­ uled for a personal interview. For final­ ists from the general Southern Califor­ nia area, interviews are held on campus at La Mirada. Arrangements will be made by the chairperson of the Rose­ mead Admiss ion Committee for those outside the Southern California area.

lo1,1ng fall semeste r. Notice of Decisions

Th e Adm issions Committee will process applications as quickly as pos­ sibl e fo ll owing the January 15 dead­ line, Li10L1gh time must be allowed for comp let ion of personal interviews. Certificates of Acceptance will be mailed on or before April I. In forma­ tion concern ing the status of an appli­ cation will not be given except by let­ ter from the Dean of Administration fo ll owin g ac ti on by the Admissions Committee. Because of the large number of appl icants, information cannot be given by telephone . In the event that an applicant has not heard from the committee by May I, written inquiry may be made. Admission of International Stu­ dents and Resident Aliens See Admission and Registration

and Requirements section. GENERAL ACADEMIC INFORMATION Classification of Students

Graduate psyc hology stude nts meet ing all entran ce requirements wi ll be classi fi ed as regular graduate students. Students who do not fu lfi ll all entran ce requirements may be admitted on a provisional status until they correct the deficiency. Any such deficiencies must be removed within one ca lendar yea r of a student's admission as a provisional student. It

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