••••••••••••••••••••••••• Appendix BOARD OF TRUSTEES Chairman Edgar R. Lehman Carol Talbot Writer, Speaker, Missionary (retired) Elaine Townsend

Paul Poelstra, Ph .D.

JOHN BLOOM Ass istant Professor of Physical Science, 1993 B.A., M.S., Cornell Un iversity; M.A., M.Div. , Biblical Theological Seminary; M.A. , Dropsie College; Ph.D. , Cornell University; Ph.D. , Annenberg Research Institute. MICHEAL BOERSMA Assistant Professor of Practical Theology, I986; Director of Field Education and Placement B.A., Cali forn ia State Long Beach; M.Div.,Talbot Theological Seminary. PAUL W. BUEGLER Associate Professor of Business Administration, 1978 B.S.B.A. , University of North Dakota; M.B.A. , University ofWashington; J.D., William Mitchell College of Law. Member of Cali fornia, Minnesota and United States Supreme Court Bars. DIETRICH BUSS Professor of History, 1966 B.A., Biola College; M.A. , Cali fornia State Uni versity, Los Angeles; Ph .D. , Claremont Graduate School. REINHARD J. BUSS Professor ofGerman and Folklore, I964 BA, University of Maryland; MA. , Ph.D. , Universicy of California, Los Angeles. DANIEL M. CALLIS Associate Professor of An, 1987 BA, California State University, Fullenon; M.F A , Claremont Graduate School. CHERYL CALTABIANO Associate Professor of Nursing, 1983

Director, Summer Session and Interterm

John Back, M.A.

Wife ofFounder of Wycliffe Bible Translators

AssociateDean, Student Affairs Mesghina Ghebremedhin , M.A. Director, International Studies Gregory Vaughan , M.A. Direct()r, Enrollment Management Phyllis Scott, B.A. Director, Alumni, Parent.and Church Relations Rick Bee, M.A. Director, UniversityDeueUipment Chi-Chung Keung, M.B.A. Director, Universi ty Relations Donald B. Sims,Jr. , M.A. Director, Auxiliary Services UNIVERSITY FACULTY 1993-94 ACADEMIC YEAR (Year indicates appointment to faculty .) GEORGEP.ALEXANDER Associate Professor of lntercultural Studies, 1994 BA, Bishop Moore College, India; M.Div. , SchoolofTheology;Th.M. , Ph.D. , Fuller Theological Seminary. MICHAEL ANTHONY Associate Professor of Christian Education , 1984 B.A. , Biola University; M.A., Talbot Seminary; M.R.E. , Golden Gate Semin ary; Ed.D., Southwestern Theological Semin ary; Ph .D., Claremont Graduate School. CLINTON E. ARNOLD Associate Professor of New Testament Language and Literature, 1987 Director ofTh.M. Program B.A. , Biola University; M.Div. , Talbot Theological Seminary; Ph.D. , University ofAberdeen. KlRKJ. BALIUS Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies and Theology, 1993 BA, Biola College;Th.M. , Dallas Theolog­ ical Seminary. MICHAEL BECHTLE Associate Professor of Christian Education, 1990 B.A., Arizona College of the Bible; M.A., Talbot Theological Seminary; Ph.D. , Arizona State Un iversity. MICHAEL BLACK Associate Professor ofBusiness, 1990 B.S., Cali fo rnia State University, Long Beach; M.B.A., Pepperdine University; D.B.A., United States International University.

Vice Chairman William Billard Roger Arnebergh* Rosemarie Avila William Bauer

Ralph Winter

Founder and General Director, U.S. Center for World Missions, Pasadena, California

Dr. Ted Yamamori

Foster Bens* Clyde Cook Arthur Fraser Lorin Grisel Dwight Hanger Irene Li Carol Lindskog Wi lliam Millet

President, Food for theHungry. UNIVERSITY ADMINISTRATION Clyde Cook, D.Miss. President Sherwood G. Lingenfelter, Ph.D. Provost and Senior Vice President Robert F. Crawford , Ph.D. Vice President, Chief Information Officer Carl W. Schreiber, C.M.A. , M. Ed. Vice President, Financial Affairs Wesley K. Willmer, Ph.D. Vice President, University Advancement Jim Guy, Ph.D. Vice President, University Services Rebekah Fleeger, Ph.D. Acting Dean, School ofArts and Sciences Dean ofArts and Professions Walt Stangl, Ph.D. Dean of Sciences William Shanebeck, M.A. Dean ofHumanities Edward H. Norman , Ed. D. Dean of Continuing Studies Dennis Dirks, Ph.D. Dean, Talbot School of Theol.ogy Donald E. Douglas, Ph.D. Dean, School of Intercultural Studies Richard]. Mohline , M.Ed . Dean ofAdministration, Rosemead School ofPsychol.ogy Michael]. Wilkins, Ph .D. Dean of the Faculty, Talbot School ofTheol.ogy Wayne Chute, Th.M. Dean ofAcademic Records and Insti tutional Research Michael E. Trigg, D.Phil. Dean ofStudent Affairs Don Willett, M.Div. Director, BOLD Program Sung W. Lee, Ed.D. Director, International Student Education Greg Balsano, B.A. Director, Human Resouces Ron Hafer, M.A. University Chaplain GeorgeJenkins, M.A. Director, Financial Aid John Kell ey, Ph .D. Director, Counseling Seroices


David Nissen George Peek* Ronald Rallis, Sr. Gorden Romberger

Robert Shank Steve Strong

Kennith Thompson Robert Thompson Kenneth Ulmer

Walter Warkentin *Honorary Members BOARD OF REFERENCE Ronald W. Blue

Managing Partner, Ronald Blue & Co., Atlanta, Georgia.

Ted DeMoss

President, Christian Business Men 's Committee

Ted Engstrom

President Emeritus, World Vision U.S.

Richard Halverson

Chaplain, United StateSenate

B.S.N. , M.S.N. , California State University, Long Beach, Ph.D. , Claremont Graduate School.

E.V. Hill

Pastor, Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church, Los Angeles, California.

MARGARET CAVIN Assistant Professor of Communica tion, 1991

Dick Hillis

Founder, Overseas Crusades

Josh McDowell

B.A. , Grand Canyon University; M.A., Southwestern Baptist Theological Sem­ inary; Ph.D. University of North Texas. MARYE. CHASTAIN Associate Professor ofTESOL, I991 B.A. , Wheaton College; LYN, Biola School of Missionary Medicine; M.A., University of Colorado-Boulder. EDWIN T. CHILDS Professor of Music, 1978 B.M. ,Wheaton College; Ph.D. , Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester, N.Y.

Speaker, Evangelist, Campus Crusade for Christ


Conference Speaker, Director, Renewal Ministries

Luis Palau

President, Luis Palau Evangelistic Association

Al Sanders

President, Ambassador Advertising Agency, Fullerton, California.

Charles Swindoll

Pastor, First Evangelical Free Church, Fullerton, California

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