GRADUATE FINANCIAL AID Before applying, applicants should make realistic assess­ ment of their resources for financing graduate study in view of the graduate tuition and fee schedule and the cost of liv­ ing in Southern Californ ia. The following federal aid programs are available to grad­ uate students. Please refer to the appropriate section above for additional information. Federal Perkins Loan. Up to $1,000 per year. Limited availability. Federal Stafford Loans (formerly CSL). Up to maximum $8,500 per year. In addition , the following aid programs are ava il able specificallyfor graduate study. California State Graduate Fellowships. Available to state residents who are planning to teach at the co llege level; requires a financial statement, eligibility application and GRE or other appropriate test scores. Church Matching Scholarship. Up to $500 from Biola. Biola will match one award per year up to $500 for a full-time student. The match is prorated for part-time and Doctor of Ministries students. Not available to BOLD students. The Church 's award must be submitted in fu ll within the first four weeks of the semester, and must be accompanied by the Church Matching ScholarshipApplication signed by the pas­ tor or Church Board Member. Fall semester deadline is Oct 1. Spring semester deadline (for spring entrants only) is March I. RoseTIU!ad (Graduate) Assistantships. Available to selected second year students and above; eligibility requirements and use of funds is established through Rosemead faculty committees. Rosemead Faculty Discretionary Scholarship. Available to quali­ fied Rosemead students on the bas is of need. Requires FAFSA forms. Graduate Grant. Avai lable in limited amounts to students who demonstrate financial need. Requires a FAFSA fil ed by fa ll registration. Nancy Meyers Nauman Scholarship Fund. Assistance is available to students enrolled and pursuing a degree in a graduate seminary program. Student Ministries Inc. Provides a means for fami lyand friends to make tax-exempt contributions to a student while in seminary, if student is engaged in 8 or more hours ofweekly ministry. GENERAL FINANCIAL AID INFORMATION The following apply to both undergraduate and graduate aid appl icants. Entitlement Aid Biola University is authorized as an institution to grant bene­ fits to veterans and dependents, social security benefits and assis­ tance from the California Rehabilitation Program. Students interested in this type of aid should contact the Registrar's Office.

Student Loans Biola will notify all aid appl icants of their eligibility to borrow through the Federal Family Educational Loan Pro­ gram, including the Stafford Loan. Biola will send a Cal ifor­ nia Stafford Application to every eligi ble applicant. If an applicant is a non-California resident but a resident of the United States, he/ she may obtain a loan through the FFELP Loan Program, by contacting a participating bank in his/ her home area. Student Aid Grants As funds are available, Student Aid Gran ts are made to needy students from the Student Aid Fund. This fund is maintained by gifts from friends of the University. Students are not required to repay the University, but it is hoped that recipients wi ll contri~ute to the fund when they have com­ pleted school in order to pr01~de for others who are in need. International Students International appli cants must establish the degree of their abi li ty to meet the costs of an education at Biola Un iversity. Each international applicant must submit a signed statement of financial responsibility as we ll as signed statements from any agencies or individuals who have taken the responsibili ty of underwriting the student 's expenses. These statements must include the exact amount of the commitment. Canadian Grants Canadian citizens who rece ive at least two thirds of their college funding from Canadian sources are eligible for the Tuition at Par (TAP) Grant for the Fall and Spring semes­ ters. The TAP Grant covers the difference between U.S. and Canadian dollars as calculated at the beginning of each semester. The grant is calculated after the studen t's other university aid is considered. Students must submit th e TAP appl icat ion (avail abl e through the Admissions Office) by April I. Renewable. Student Employment The Un iversity maintains an employment office for the benefit of students needing parttime work to defrayexpenses. Wh il e this office does not guarantee employment, it does make an effort to place every student desiring work. Jobs are avai lable both on and off campus, according to stu­ dent's ability, capacity to handle the added burden of employ­ ment and financial need. Normally, a student can expect to work 15-20 hrs./wk. when carrying a full class schedule. Previ­ ous work experience and hours avai lable for employment wi ll result in better rates of pay than the $4.25/ hr. minimum wage. Students who find it necessary to work for the entire amount of their living expenses should plan to extend the time required for their course of study and to reduce the academic load.


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