APPLICATION FOR AID Students may apply for finan cial aid by filing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid - FAFSA - and a Financial Aid Form - FAF. In both cases, Biola University and the school code should be included on the appropriate secti ons. For FAFSA, Biola's code number is 001122; for FAF, the code number is 4017. All undergraduate California residents are expected to apply for one of the Cal Grant programs, using the FAFSA and GPA Verification form. Pell Grants may be applied for by completing the FAFSA. Departmental applications for scholarships (for musi c, ath­ letics and forens ics) are available from departments only. For exampl.e, write to the chairman, music department Biola univer­ sity. In additi on, a FAFSA will need to be fil ed unl ess a stu­ den t can demonstrate disqualifi cati on for need-based aid. Note: New financial aid applications need to be fi!.ed for each academic year. WHEN TO FILE The following deadlines have been established for the

■ Students who fail to maintain the minimum GPA will be given one semester of "Aid Probation" in which they must earn the above GPA (for that semester) or they will be suspended from the aid programs. ■ Once you have been on probation, you must continue achievi ng a 2.0/ 2.5 GPA or aid wi ll be suspended. ■ First-time freshmen wi th GPA's less than 2.0 will be given one probation semester with aid. Transfer stu­ dents with GPA's less than 2.0 are ineligible for aid. Quantity of Progress - "Unit Completion Requirement" Students requesting aid must make progress toward a degree as follows: Undergraduates Full-time: 24 units per year Graduates Full-time: 18 uni ts per year Un it completion is reviewed at the end of each academic yea r in Jun e. Summer is considered part of the Spring semester for progress purposes. The fo llowing grades are considered to demonstrate satis­ factory course completion: A, B, C, D, and CR. These grades do not demonstrate course completi on: F, Incomplete, With­ drawal, UnofficialWithdrawal, and Report Delayed. Repea ted courses for which a satisfactory grade has been given may be counted onlyonce for the purpose of aca­ demic progress. Remedial course work may be considered if the coursework is specificallyprescribed by the student's academic advisor. Students who fai l lo complete the required number of units per academic year will be suspended from financial aid until the deficit units are madeup. Defic it units can be made up either in the summer and/ or by petitioning for a semester of "Aid Probation" by submitting a Letter of Petition to Financial Aid Office. Stu­ dents whose cumulative GPA is less than 2.0/ 2.5 must make up defi cit units BEFORE the probation semester. Duration of Progress - "Maximum Time Frame" Students requesting aid are expected to complete an aca­ demic program wi thin a reasonable time frame (including transfer units) as follows: Undergraduates Full-time: 11 semesters Part-time: 17 semesters Graduates Full-time: 11 semesters Part-time: 17 semesters Time frame is reviewed at the end of each academic year. Students may appeal for extended time /Jy submilling a l.etter of petition to Financial Aid Office.


va ri ous aid programs: Cal Grant Programs New Applicants

March 2 March 2


University Aid All Applicants

March 2* *Although March 2 is the deadline for Cal Grants and the full "Biola Need Grant"students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible after January I in order to receive the optimum aid package. FINANCIAL AID DISBURSEMENTS All fin ancial aid is awarded for the academic year; one half is applied to a student 's school account each semester (unl ess stated otherwise). Students enro ll ed for only one semester are entitled to only that semester's award after it is adjusted to a one-semester expense budget. Financial Aid is not available for interterm or summer school. SATISFACTORY ACADEMIC PROGRESS POLICY Students attending Biola Uni versity who wish to receive financial aid , in addition to meeting other eligibility criteria, must be in good academic standing and making satisfactory academic progress in their degree or certificate program. Quality of Progress - "Good Academic Standing" Students requesting aid must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA as follows: Undergraduates - 2.0 Graduates - 2.5 ■ GPA's are reviewed at the end of each semester.

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