and Graduation Requirements

•••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Admission, Regi,stration and Graduation Requirements

RE-ADMISSION A student who has attended Biola University and has dropped out for one semester or longer will be required to file an application for re-admission a $10 fee. Apastor's ref­ erence will be required if the student 's leave of absence exceeds two years. ADMISSION OF INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS AND RESIDENT ALIENS English Proficiency It is essential that students from other countries be able to understand lectures in English and also be able to express their thoughts clearly in both written and spoken English. Admis­ sion to the University is based upon the understanding that stu­ dents either already have or are actively making progress in these ski lls. In order that the applicant's proficiency in English may be determined, the applicant must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) as administered bythe Educa­ tional Testing Service at the nearest overseas examination cen­ ter. The minimum score for admission is a total of 500 for the undergraduate student and 550 (with a score of 55 or above for each of the three test sections) for the graduate student. How­ ever, all international students without TOEFL scores can enter into the Biola degree program of their choice if they have met all the other requirements for admission to that degree pro­ gram through the successful completion of the Biola English Language Studies Program (ELSP). Upon admission to Biola without the TOEFL exam, the student is required to take the Biola English Placement Exam (BEPE) which is equivalent to the TOEFL, but is more comprehensive. According to the results of the test, students will take Engl ish classes at their level before starting their academic courses. For those students who have passed the TOEFL exam, an English Placement Test at the University will be given to determine which course(s) (English 102, 103, 105, 107 or 109) , if any, they_must take. The course(s) must be taken during the student's first semester in residence and every semester until the student has successfullypassed the English Placement Test. Since admission to the University is based on the under­ standing that the student will successfully complete the ESL sequence, students will not be allowed to graduate or con­ tinue at Biola if they do not complete their ESL requirement. A "passing" score on the English Placement Test must be achieved before taking English I lOA. English 11 0A and B must be taken following satisfactory completion of the above requirements. (See Department of English section.) Students who wish to take TOEFL should obtain the TOEFL Bulletin of Information for Candidates, Interna­ tional Edition. Copies of this bulletin and the registration form may be obtained in a number of cities outside the United States. They often are ava ilable at Amer ican embassies and consulates, offices of the United States Info,r-

Admission to Biola University is on a selective basis and only those are admitted who are most likely to profit from Biola University's educational program and its distinctively Christian emphasis. Because it is the purpose of Biola Uni­ versity to train Christian young people, the applicant should have been a Christian for at least one year. Biola University has a strongly evangelical Christian commit­ ment and requires that to be accepted, the applicant must be an evangelical believer. However, no discrimination with reference to racial or national background is practiced in the admission policies. Biola University welcomes all applicants regardless of racial or national origin who are personally committed to faith in Jesus Christ Students who are interested in attending Biola University should request application forms from the office of admis­ sions. Because enrollment is limited and admission is on a selective basis, applications should be made as early as possi­ ble. Decisions are made only on completed applications. Visits to the campus are encouraged. It is advisable to write or phone in advance to arrange an appointment. Each semester, Biola hosts visitation weekends (University Days, Biola Bound, and Focus Days) that help acquaint prospective students with the programs on campus. The dates for these days are listed on the academic calendar. Admission to the University does not guarantee admission to the /rnsiness administration, education, music and nursing programs, nor to on-campus housing. Application forms for these programs are available from the department offices. UNDERGRADUATE/GRADUATE PROGRAMS See the specific program for additional admission, regis­ tration and graduation requirements in the appropriate undergraduate/ graduate sections of the catalog. ENROLLMENT DEPOSIT Applicants Applicants who have been granted acceptance are required to remit an enrollment deposit. It is held in the stu­ dent's account for two years, to be used if the student enrolls within that period of time. The deposit is non-refundable if the student never enrolls. Accepted applicants, whether or not they are preregistered, must inform Biola of any change in their plans regarding enrollment. Enrolled Students When enrolled students officially withdraw, their enroll­ ment deposit will be applied to any balance owed at the time of departure, or will be refunded if their account is paid in full. As a student continues his enrollment at Biola, the enrollment deposit is retained as a continuing preregistra­ tion deposit to assure the enrolled student of a place in the student body. Students who discontinue their enrollment at Biola and fail to officially withdraw at the Registrar's Office (by December 31 for the spring semester, or by July 31 for the fall semester) will forfeit the enrollment deposit.

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