and Graduation Requirements

mation Service (USIS) , Uni ted States educational commis­ sions and foundations abroad, and binational centers. Students who cannot locally obtain a TOEFL Bulletin of In fo rmation for Candidates, International Edition and regis­ tration form should wri te for them we ll in advance to: Test of English as a Foreign Language, Box 899-R, Princeton, New Jersey, USA 08541 Because this test is administered only at certain times, the candidate for admission should inquire about testing dates well in advance of the date of anticipated matriculation in the U.S. Requirements for admission of international students entering the undergraduate programs at Biota University I. All international students must meet the same under­ graduate requiremen ts fo r admission as U.S. Citizens, and have successfully completed a college prepara­ tory course of study in their native counur. 2. Transfer in ternational students must have completed satisfactory course work with a 2.4 academic GPA. 3. International students must verify financia l support before being admitted to the un iversity. 4. International students must subscribe to the Biola Uni­ versity international student health insurance policy and maintain coverage throughout their en tire stay at BU. 5. International students are req uired to attend the internat ional student orientation program prior to initi al enrollment. Documents needed for admission of international students entering the undergraduate programs at Bio/a University I. An app lication for admi ssion and a $35.00 non­ refundable application fee. 2. Transcripts from all seconda1r schools and post-sec­ ondary instinitions attended. All transcripts must be offi. cial and accompanied by a certified English translation. All documents must show coursework and examinations taken, indicate grades received, identify passing and max­ imum marks, and show evidence of secondary gradua­ tion. International students must have successfullycom­ pleted college preparatory course of study in their native country. Certification of the accreditation status of post­ secondary institutions and the comparabi li ty of courses for transfer credit is the responsibili ty of the applicant. Certification request forms and schedule of fees are avai~ able in the Admissionsand Registrar'sOffices. 3. Acompleted Affidavit of Support form that certifies the student has sufficient funds to study in the U.S. must be on file prior to acceptance and issuance of the 1-20. 4. Two character reference fo rms. One reference from a pastor/ minister and another from a school administra­ tor, teacher, or employer who has known the applicant for at least one year. Reference fo rms are provided by the University and are included with the application. 5. TOEFL scores of 500 or above for undergraduate studies. Students will be referred to the English Lan-

guage Institute for preparatory courses in English if the scores are below requirement.

Filing Deadlines for Undergraduate International Applicants

The application deadline for entrance into the fall semester isJune I. Sp,ing semester applications should be filed prior to Jan uair I. Late applicants will assume expenses for documents needing express postal delivery to and from the university. Financial Responsibility of International Students All applicants for admission to Biola University must establish the degree of their financial responsibili ty to meet the costs of an education in the United States. The student must supply information attesting to his ability to provide Un ited States dollars in the minimum amount required to support the costs of tuition and room and board, in excess of the cost of a round trip fare from his native counll)'. Applicants who do not have the finances to payall of their expenses must come under the sponsorship of an approved miss ion or other approved agency. Sponsorship must include financia l responsibili ty to,vard the sponsored student. Enrollment Requirements Foreign students admitted to the United States on a stu­ dent visa are required by law to be registered as full-time stu­ dents, carrying a minimum of 12 credit units, 9 units for graduate students, of academic work. Employment No ofkampus employment is permitted for foreign stu­ dents without written permission of the United States Immi­ gration authorities. Such permission is seldom granted. VETERANS Biola Un iversity is approved as a degree-granting institution for the attendance of veterans under Title 38, United States Code. This includes the programs covered in chapters 30, 31, 35 ofTitle 38, relating also to the education of disabled veterans and ,var orphans, and I06. The Council for Private Postsec­ ondary and Vocational Education has also authorized the Uni­ versity for the attendance of veterans and veterans' dependents. Veterans or dependents of veterans who plan to enroll in the University are urged to contact the veteran's coordina­ tor in the Registrar's office well in advance of registration so that th e necessary arrangemen ts may be made with the


Veterans administration. PRE-REGISTRATION

Pre-registration for the fall semester is held during the months of April and May, and for the spring semester in October and November. Al l students are required to prereg­ ister if they plan to return to school the next semester. Fail­ ure to preregister wi ll require a $45 non-pre-registration fee to be paid at the time of registration shou ld the student decide to enroll for the next semester.

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