and Graduation Requirements

To graduate with a baccalaureate degree, a student must have at least twice as many grade points as units in total credit value of all courses undertaken at Biola (2.00 GPA) and a 2.00 GPA. in the major field. Higher standards are required for graduate degrees, as stated elsewhere in this catalog. REPEATED COURSES Astudent will be pennitted to repeat a course in which either a Dor an Fgrade was earned. Courses in which grades earned were either Cor B, may be repeated onlywith approval from the Registrar's office. Only courses taken at Biola University will be used to change course grades. In addition, the student must notify the Registrar'sOffice, the semester a course is repeated. When a course is repeated where a student has received a D or Fgrade the first time, the better grade is the only one used in computing the cumulative GPA, and the units are counted only once. Both grades are shown on the student 's permanent record. When a course is repeated where a student has received a C or Bgrade the first time , both the first and the second grades figure into the total cumulative GPA computation and both grades are shown on the student's permanent record. GRADE REPORTS Grade reports will be issued at the end of each term by the Registrar's Office. Any discrepancy between this report and the student's personal record must be brought to the attention of the Registrar's Office before the end of the following semester. GRADE CHANGES It is the student 's responsibility to bring any error in grades to the attention of the instructor within one semester following the issued grade. Grade changes are only allowable for computational or recording errors and must be corrected no later than the last day of classes of the next full term semester. AUDITORS Students wishing to audit must pursue standard application and registration procedures. Undergraduate auditing students cannot register for a course until after the second week of the semester. (See Financial Information for fees.) Talbot stu­ dents must be college graduates and must pay the appropriate per unit fee. Auditors must receive permission from both the Registrar 's Office and the instructor of the course. Acourse taken for audit cannot be repeated for credit at a later date. ACADEMIC LOAD The minimum full-time load is 12 units at the undergraduate level. Astudent who is on academic probation maybe limited to 12 units or less depending upon his grade point average. Amini­ mum of ten units must be taken by those living on campus. The minimum full-time load is nine units for those in grad­ uate degree programs. Those carrying less than the full-time load are considered part-time students. ATalbot student is nor­ mally permitted to carry a maximum of 18 units each semester.

The normal full-time load for a Rosemead student is 12 to 16 hours per semester, but not less than nine hours. Without the advisor's approval, a student may not carry over 16 units in any semester. Part-time registration of less than nine units is permit­ ted only after a student has been admitted to candidacy. Rose­ mead does not admit part-time sn1dents to its degree programs. A unit of credit is generally considered to consist of one class hour (50 minutes) a week for a semester. In physical edu­ cation activities, laboratory sessions and in a few other instances, a unit of credit may involve more than one class period aweek. Generallyan undergraduate student is limited to 18 units of classroom work a semester. After the first semester a student with a grade point average of 3.0 maypetition the Registrar's office to ca.ny I \f-20 units. In no case will a student be permitted to carry more than 20 units each semester. Atotal of six (6) units, may be taken by a student in independent study, and/ or arranged coursework during the student's degree program. Special Note: Full-time enrollment (completing 12 units each semester) is required of the following undergraduate students: Inter­ nationals, Veterans receiving full benefits, students receiving social security benefits, and all students receiving financial aid of any kind. When drr;pping classes, students must be aware that they are required lo complete 12 units of credit. Full-time enrollment (wmpleting nine units each semester) is required of the follmving graduate students: lntemationals, Veterans ,wivingfull benefits, students rec.eiving social seczaity benefits, and all students receiv­ aid of any kind. vWien dropping classes, students must be aware that they are 1fquired /Ji wmpi£te nine units ofcredit. . CLASSIFICATION OF STUDENTS Astudent's classification is determined at the beginning of each semester according to the following plan: Undergraduate Freshman 26 units or less completed Sophomore 27-56 units completed Junior 57-87 units completed Senior 88 units or more completed Graduate (Talbot, SICS and SAS) Graduate I 28 units or less completed Graduate 2 29-64 units completed Graduate 3 65 units or more completed Graduate 4 Master ofTheology/ ICS Internship Graduate 5 Doctor of Ministry Graduate 6 Doctor of Education


(Rosemead) Graduate I Graduate 2 Graduate 3 Graduate 4 Graduate 5

30 units or less completed 60 units or less completed 90 units or less completed 120 units or less completed 133 units or less completed Internship 134 units or more completed Dissertation

Graduate 6

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