and Graduation Requirements

REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL BACCALAUREATE DEGREES 1. All baccalaureate degrees require a minimum of 130 degree applicable units for graduation. Each major consists of a minimum of 30 units of which 24 must be upper divi­ sion . The Bachelor of Music degree requires 142 uni ts. A degree in biological science requires 135 units and nursing requires 142 units. For specific major requirements please see indicated major listings. 2. Compl etion of all academic requirements and approval of the student's graduation petition by the major advisor and the Registrar 's Office a year before graduation. To ensure completion of degree requirements, the normal academic load, during the last year, for a student anticipat­ ing graduation is 18 units. Those students who wish to take more are expected to notify their graduation counselor. Approval for the additional units beyond the norm will be made through the Registrar 's office. 3. A minimum of 30 units must be taken at Biola Uni­ versity, at least 15 units (upper division level) in the major field. Extension credit or credit by examination may not be used to fulfill the minimum residence requirement of 30 semester units. See paragraph for information on minors. 4. Aminimum "C" average (or a 2.00 grade point aver­ age) is required on work taken at Biola University and within most of the major fields. (Note: GPA requirements are higher in some majors. See departmental requirements.) 5 All correspondence course work must be completed and an official transcript received by the Registrar's Office before the senior year, two semesters prior to graduation. 6. All course work during the final semester which will be applied toward graduation requirements must be taken at Biola University. 7. All students who have entered the Un iversity in the fall 1986 or later and who will be graduating in the spring 1990 or later must pass the Writing CompetencyExam. Special Note: All graduation requirements may be met within four school years by carrying approximately 16 or 17 units each semes­ ter. A student may still be graduated within four yean if he wishes to take a lighter wad and enroll in Summer Session and/or lnterterrn. GRADUATE PROGRAMS Double Emphases Aminimum of 12 units must be taken that are unique to the second emphasis. (i.e. , Talbot: a minimum of 78 units for two emphases in the M.A. and a minimum of I IO units for two emphases in the M.Div. degree). All prerequisites, sup­ porting courses, and departmental requirements for both of the emphases must be completed prior to the required single commencement. The student must receive the approval of both the departments and approval of the Registrar's Office. Second Master's Degree Students seeking a second master's degree must complete a minimum of 24 distinct units in a second area of major

study, (i .e., Talbot: a minimum of90 units for two M.A.s, and a minimum of 122 units for an M.Div. and an M.A. are required for graduation with a second master's degree). All prerequisites, supporting courses and departmental require­ ments for each degree must be completed prior to gradua­ tion. The student must receive approval from the appropri­ ate academic department and from the Registrar's Office . The student may choose to graduate with both degrees at one commencement or different commencements. REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL GRADUATE DEGREES See individual degree programs for specific requirements for graduation. I. Complet ion of all academic requir ements and approval of the student's graduation petition by the major advisor and the Registrar 's Office a year before graduation. 2. All course work during the final semester which will be applied toward graduation requirements must be taken at Biola University. 3. Aminimum of twenty-four (24) units must be taken at Biola Un iversity in the degree program. 4. Aminimum of twenty-four (24) distinct units must be completed at Biola in any additional graduate degree at the same level. This applies to the second (or additional) degrees and double degrees taken at Biola for all graduate programs. HONORS AT COMMENCEMENT In recognition of high achievement, students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher with the appropriate number of resident units, are awarded honors. All honors are rounded to the thousandth for qualification. Astudent must earn the designated GPA only on work completed at Biola University. Honors recognition for the graduation ceremony is based upon the final GP As for courses completed through the semester prior to graduation. Honors designated on the student's permanent record, are based on all resident coursework including the final semester. For more information, undergraduates need to check the Undergraduate Honors section of the catalog. Graduate students should check their degree program in the catalog. COMMENCEMENT All degree requirements must be completed before the stu­ dent may participate in commencement ceremonies. Those who complete their degree requirements during interterm or summer session must register in a nonresident status for the following semester, with graduation scheduled at the time of the next commencement. In such cases no tuition is charged. It is expected that all graduating students will be present at commencement ceremonies except in cases of extreme emergency or other similarly difficult circumstances. Permis­ sion to graduate in absentia must be secured from the Regis­ trar's Office well in advance.

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