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Learning Assistance Learning Assistance Sen1ces pr011de programs to assist sui­ dents in becoming effective and intentional learners in order to meet the academic demands of the University. Programs include individual and group tutoring (al a nominal fee) for most general education courses. Anon-credit, learning-su-ate­ gies studyskills course and a supplemental "bridge" instruction program for first-semester students. Learning skills workshops and "µa rning Tips" handouts are available th rough CLAS. In addition, individual appointments can be made with a learning assistance counselor. Also avai lable is information and comput­ erized study material for graduate exams. Inquiries should be made in Career and Learn ing Assistance Sen1ces. APPEALS AND GRIEVANCES Detailed information regarding gri evances and appeals, whether in regard Lo scholarships, academi c life, federa l leg­ islation or student conduct are found in the Student Hand­ book of each school. Copies are ava il able upon request.

BIOLA·ISRAEL Biola-Israel is designed for the serious student, commit­ ted to Christ and to bui lding meaningful relationships with others. Students are not limited by academi c major, per­ sonal backgro und or profess ional goa ls. The program includes eight units of undergraduate credit. Study begins with a campus-based class during the fa ll semester, involving guest lecturers, special fi eld trips, and a weekend workshop. Th is is done in preparation for the abroad fi eld studies "on­ site" in the Holy Land during the January intenerm. Wi th this combinati on, the Bible as we ll as the morning newspaper comes alive as one traces the routes of biblical characters in conjuncti on with modern events. v\lhile traveling the length and breadth of the coun try, students actually mee t the peo­ ple who li ve today around the ancien t sites of Capernaum, the Sea of Galil ee, Nazareth, Joppa , Jeri cho, Jerusalem, Masada , th e Dead Sea, B'ee rsh eba, th e pl ace of Israe l's wilderness wanderings, Eil at, the Red Sea, and manymore. Directed by bibli cal studi es professor Ron Pierce , thi s unique travel-study opportuni ty provides a thoroughly inte­ grated learning experience. In the course of study the cen­ tral topic of "Israel" is approached from the varying perspec­ tives of biblical studies, historical geography, intercultural studies, hi story (ancient and modern ) and political science. You will even sharpen yo ur skills in interpersonal relation­ sh ips (small group dynamics) and, at the same time, get into shape physically for some very challenging hikes. With this in mind, the fo llowing combined fa ll-i ntenerm curri culum package was designed, which maybe counted toward gradua­ tion requirements in all degree programs. Fall Semester: BBST 465 IS lnteg Sem: Israel/Middle East 3 units An approved Physical Education class from the regular schedule lnterterm: BBST 311 IS Biblical Background 5 units PEED 110 IS PE Ski lls/ Tech: Conditioning I unit Though seeking to keep costs as low as possible, personal safety and quality education are our primary considerations. Because tuition, fees, textbooks, room, board, air and land expenses are all included in a program package, it costs little more to studyabroad than taking the same units while living on campus during the regular semester and interterm. An information packet (including many "questions and answers" about the program, a preliminary itinerary and an appli ca­ tion form) is available in the Biola-Israe l office in Feinberg Hall. Applications should be submitted along with a deposit early in the spri ng semester prior to preregistration fo r fa ll classes. Acceptance is on a first-come basis as far as the maxi­ mum class size of 30 students allows. For further informa­ tion , contact Dr. Ron Pierce at extension 4821 or 48 19.

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