I college catalog is great place to learn about a school. It can describe what degrees the college offers, it can tell you what courses are available, it can show you its faculty's creden­ tials. The photos give you a glimpse of the campus: some At Biola we're pleased with all we can offer you. This catalog lists everyclass we offer. It describes each of our chal­ lenging academic programs. It details our flexible financial aid packages and introduces you to the many conferences, activities and travel opportunities that Biola has designed to help build your mind and character. But remember that thumbing through this catalog is not smiling young faces, some picturesque buildings. like strolling through Biola's campus-you won't see the groups of students talking and praying together, you won't see the classes sitting in a circle on the lawn on sunnydays. This catalog can 't let you hear the bell tower 's chimes, the din of conversation in the cafeteria, the melodies wafting from the music practice rooms. It can't show you the faces of the life-long friends you'll make here. So, as you read this catalog and learn about Biola 's many academic distinctives, bear in mind that it doesn't tell you every­ thing. And remember that what it can't tell you, you can only discover by being here.

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