ADVANCED PLACEMENT PROGRAM Biola University, as a member of the College Entrance Examination Board, recognizes the merits of the Advanced Placement Program and will grant credit for Advanced Place­ ment courses taken in high school. Credit will be given when recommended by the high school and when the Advanced Placement examination is grade 3 or better. COLLEGE LEVEL EXAMINATION PROGRAM Biola University subscribes to the College Level Examina­ tion Program (CLEP) of the College Entrance Examination Board. Biola University encourages transfer students from non-accredited schools to validate certain credits on the basis of the examinations provided by this program. High school students with superior records are encouraged to take the general examinations prior to attending Biola University. Credit for CLEP general examinations will be awarded only in those areas where a general education requirement has not been met by previous college coursework and only up to the amount needed to complete the requirement. (For example, a minimum of only eight units in the sciences and mathematics will be released if the students have no credits in these areas.) Elective credit will not be given for the general examinations of CLEP. Credit will be awarded for CLEP subject examinations in areas not covered by CLEP general examinations, provided no college credits have been attempted or earned in the same field. Students should not take English composition through CLEP. Students are advised to take the CLEP test as early as pos­ sible in their college program to receive the maximum value from them. Biola University reserves the right to determine the score at which credits will be released and the amount of credit awarded. The Registrar 's Office has final authority for the release of CLEP credits into Biola University. CHALLENGING ACOURSE In addition to the Advanced Placement Program and the Coll ege Level Examination Program, both of which may release actual units of credit toward graduation, it is possible for a student to challenge a particular course or require­ ment. If the student demonstrates by his performance on a comprehensive examination that he has a good grasp of the course content he can be granted exemption from taking the course but no units or credits will be allowed. However, the R.N. or L.V.N. , units of credits may be granted based on chal­ lenge examinations. Specific information regarding these examinations is available from the Department of Nursing.

courses in order to insure that transfer credit will meet the needs of their curriculum. No course below a "C" (2.0) will be transferred from another institution. Credit/ No credit and Pass/ Fail courses should not be taken. Vocational or technical courses will not be accepted for university credit. Admission counselors are prepared to give academic advisement to those attending, or planning to attend, community colleges with the intention of transferring into Biola University. ACADEMIC STANDARDS With the exception of the business, education, foreign lan­ guage, and nursing departments a grade of "D" is accepted as a passing grade in a single course, although such quality ofwork in general is at no point a criterion of progress from level to level. Aminimum grade point average of "C" is necessary to graduate. Still higher minimums are required before admission to student teaching and nursing. AG.PA of 2.5 is required for admission to the nursing program. Students receiving less than a "C" grade in any nursing course must repeat the course to progress in nurs­ ing. Students who transfer units from other institutions must maintain an average grade of "C" in all work completed at Biola University as requirement for graduation. All students must have a minimum of a "C" average (2.00) in their major field. Academic Probation Any student whose cumulative grade point average in Biola University falls below "C" (2.00) is placed on academic proba­ tion. Probation indicates a period of trial and the student must achieve better than a 2.00 average the subsequent semester or face the possibility of being disqualified. Astudent is restricted from participation in extracurricular university activities and the academic load will be limited during this period of probation to a maximum of thirteen units each semester. Students on acade­ mic probation must participate in the Learning Skills Program. Academic Disqualification Astudent may be disqualified at any time if his grades are below a 1.00 GPA in one semester or if he has achieved mini­ mum grades for two successive semesters. A student who is considered for disqualification may make written appeal to the Registrar's Office to be allowed to continue on strict pro­ bation as determined by the Academic Standards Commit­ tee. A disqualified student may apply for re-admission only after a full year has elapsed. After one year, he may apply for re-admission only if evidence is given which indicates that chances for scholastic success are good. Astudent who has been disqualified twice may not be re-admitted. For full statement on satisfactory academic progress, please see the Academic and Behavioral Standards section of the catalog. UNDERGRADUATE HONORS Students achieving a semester grade point average of 3.50 or better while enrolled in nine or more units with a cumula­ tive GPA of 3.00 or better, will be placed on the semester Dean's List. For graduation honors, students completing their course with a 3.50 GPA are graduated Cum Laude. Students with a 3.70 GPA are graduated Magna Cum Laude. Students with a 3.90 GPA are graduated Summa Cum Laude. In order to

For further information see the university registrar. COMMUNITY (JUNIOR) COLLEGE TRANSFER

No student will be permitted to transfer more than 70 units of credit from a community college. No upper division credit can be allowed for courses taken in a community col­ lege. Final authority for the acceptance of transfer credits into Biola University rests with the Registrar's Office. Current stu­ den ts taking courses at local community colleges while enrolled at Biola should request written prior approval of

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