English 6units ENGL l l0A/ B Studies in Criticismand Composition All students scoring less than 400 on the verbal section of the SAT (or 16 ACT) must take the English Placement Test administered by the English Department at the beginning of the semester. Native English speakers who do not pass the test must enroll in and successht lly complete Basic English Workshop (three semester hours with no credit towards grad­ uation) prior to enrolling in English I JOA. Non-native Eng­ lish speakers who do not pass the test must enroll in the pre­ scribed English for Non-Native Speakers course(s) prior to enrolling in Engl ish 11 0A. Note: International students, please see the English Language Studies section ofthe catalog/orEnglish I02, I03, I05, I07, and I09. literature 3 units ENGL 250 Literature in Context ENGL 25 1 English Literature to 1798 ENGL 252 English Literature si nce 1798 Students may take any one of the above courses to fulfill the literature requirement. With the English Department chair's permission, the student may substitute any upper divi­ sion literature course from English or foreign languages. Fine Arts 3 units Any one of the following will meet this requirement: ARTS I 00 Art Appreciation ARTS l06 Art of the Pas t ARTS 130 Introduction to Studio Arts COMM 160 Introduction to Drama MUSC 101 Introduction to Music History 8units To fulfill the eight-unit history requirement, History 100 is required as we ll as either History 200 or Political Science 200. History I 00 The West and the World (4 units required) Students who may have completed three units of World Civilization are advised to take History 110 Perspec tives on Western Civilization (1 unit). History 200 United States History (4 units required) or Political Survey of American Government Science 200 ( 4 units required) Students who may have completed three units of United States History or United States Government are advised to take History 210, Perspectives on American History (l unit) or Poli tical Science 2IO, Perspectives on American Government (1 unit) to complete the requirement. Note: An alternate routefor meeting the requirement for History I00, History 200 or Political Science 200 is to take the appropriate History department proficiency examination. The examinations are twice a year in September and February. For those students, who pass the examination, upper division History courses will be substituted in lieu of History I00, History 200 and Political Science 200. Approp,iate upper division coursework is determined in con­ sultation with the History department.

6 units required 3 units required 3 units required 8 units required 3 units required 4 units required 3 units required

Literature Fine Arts



Physical Education Behavioral Science

Science/ Mathematics 8 units required The courses that meet the general education require­ ment are the following: Communication 3 units Any one of the following will meet this requirement: COMM 100 Introduction to Public Communication COMM 170 Small Group Communication COMM 181 Introduction to Argumentation and Debate COMM 280 Oral Interpretation Foreign language 12 units If you have completed: You will be required to take: (of the same language) (of the same language) BA *BS I year high school 12 units 4 units Elementary I and 2 and first semester Intermediate 2 years high school 8 units None

Elementary 2 and first semester Intermediate

3 years high school

4 units None First semester Intermediate

4 years high school one *Conversational language courses may be used toward the B. S. requirement but not the B.A. requirement. If you take a classical language for your foreign language you must take it through the 102 level for a B. S. degree. None Students with two years of a high school language must take the I02 and 20I sections of the same language in order to com­ plete the BA requiremenL However, the insouctor of each class may require an unprepared student to change to a lower level class. Enrollment in Spanish classes will be determined on the basis of a mandatory placement exam. Students who do not maintain continuous enrollment in the program must be retested and placed accordingly. If the student needs to review prior coursework, he should ei ther audit IOI or forfeit all previous lan­ guage experience bytaking the first semester course for crediL Exceptions to this policy are noted under the appropriate departments (please note the unit difference per semester for classical languages) . International students for whom English is a second language need not take a foreign language under cer­ tain circumstances. In addition, students who have acquired a second language without taking high school or college classes in it may be eligible for a waiver of the requirement. (For advise­ ment see the Foreign Language Departrnent. ) All non-native speakers of English will be able to count 12 units of ESL instruction (bothEU and ESL courses at the 102 level and above) toward gradua­ tion. For students pursuing the B.A. degree, the 12 units ofESL will satisfy the foreign language requirement. For students pursuing the B.S. degree, /our units will satisfy the foreign language requirement, and an additional eiglu units can be counted as electives.

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