Philosophy 3 units Any one of the following will meet this requirement: PHIL 210 Introduction lo Logic PHIL 211 Introduction to Ancient Philosophy PHIL 212 Introduction to Medieval Philosophy PHIL 213 Introduction to Modern Philosophy PHIL 214 Introduction to Philosophy PHIL 215 Introduction to Ethics Physical Education 4activities .Each student under 21 years of age at time of entrance to Biola is required to complete four semesters of physical edu­ cation to be eligible for graduation. Select from skill class (I 10, 130, 140, 150) Students turning 21 dming their first semes­ ter of enrollment are exempt. No activity may be taken more than once for general education purposes, however, an intermediate or advanced class may be taken. Students 21 or becoming 21 during their first semester at Biola University are exempt from phys ical education requirement. (See the phys ical education section for complete information.) Behavioral Science 3 units lntercultural Studies 300, Psychology 200 or Sociology 220. Check the catalog to determine which majors require Psychology 200 as a support course. Note: Psychology 200 is required for all majors leading to a leaching credential. Science/Mathematics 8 units Eight units are required in science and / or mathematical sciences. Computer Science courses may not be used to ful­ fill the Science/ Mathematics requirement. A minimum of three units in math and three units in science is required. Biology 100 with 110 and Physical Science JOI have both been designed for the student with a limited background in science. The courses in Science/ Mathematics approved for General Education credit are: Options: Biology: 100, 110, 111 , I20, 130, 290 Chemistry: 100, 101 , 105


Mathematical Sciences (101 or above) Physical Science: 101, I02, I03, 11 0, 250

Note: Mathematics I I I is for liberal studies majors only. Biology 252 Human Anatomy and 281 Physiology are for nursing and physical education majors only. ELECTIVES Normally a student has considerable freedom in the choice of electives in addition to the biblical studies and theology, gen­ eral education and major requirements. However, in addition to the note given at the end of the biblical studies and theology requirements, the non-music major is limited to a maximum of eight units of credit in applied music (including ensembles) and the non-physical education major is limited to eight units of credit in physical education or skill courses.

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