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DEVOTIONAL LIFE The University believes the spiritual life of the individual stu­ dent is of utmost importance. Therefore, every student is urged to set aside time for personal devotions. In addition to these per­ sonal devotional periods, undergraduate students meet each Monday, Wednesday and Friday in Chase Gymnasium for a 40-minute chapel service for worship and praise. The graduate schools plan separate chapel programs. The chapel programs include speakers chosen from faculty, alumni, students, visiting guests; musical groups; Christian films; drama; and other special events. Each fall there is a Spiritual Emphasis Week. Once each semester the school observes a planned Day of Prayer and infor­ mal prayer groups meet as a regular part of residence hall life. The Torrey Memorial Bible Conference and the Missions Con­ ference are high points in the development of the spiritual life of the student Attendance is required at all of these events. STUDENT GOVERNMENT FOR UNDERGRADUATES All registered undergraduate students are members of the Associated Students, Biola's undergraduate student govern­ ment. The stated purpose of this organization is: "To develop a community that is seeking God, that is committed to one another and that is impacting the world for Jesus Christ." The AS. President presides over two bodies that comprise the student government, the Executive Council and the Ser­ vices Council. The Executive Council, which holds the legisla­ tive power of the A.S. is chaired bythe President and consists of elected senators, the Vice President, Controller, and Secretary. The Services Council, which plans activities and ministries for students on and off campus is chaired by the Vice President and consists of the elected leaders of each board: Student Mi!r sionary Union, Social Board, Intramural Board, Student Rela­ tions, Chapel Board, Club Director, and Publications Board. Students are welcome to attend the weekly business meetings of both councils as well as participate on the vari­ ous boards and work with senators. The Associated Student's offices are located upstairs in the Student Union Building and are open Monday through Friday from 12 pm to 5 pm. STUDENT GOVERNMENT FOR GRADUATE STUDENTS Each graduate school has an appropriate student govern­ ment program which provides leadership and activities appropriate for graduate students. For additional informa­ tion contact the respective graduate school offices. STUDENT MISSIONARY UNION The Student Missionary Union is a student organization of which every undergraduate student of Biola University is a member. Amajor function of SMU is to provide opportuni­ ties for students to share their faith in Christ by various means of evangelism. These opportunities take place locally in ministries to East Los Angeles, Watts, La Mirada and the surrounding vicinity. In addition, many students spend their summers in overseas ministries with experienced missionar­ ies through the Students Abroad program.

SMU sponsors specific chapels by which students are challenged and informed concerning mission opportunities, and each year SMU presents the annual Missions Confer­ ence. Other activities include missions multi-media presenta­ tions, organizing missions prayer groups and financing mis­ sionary projects of several thousand dollars. ATHLETICS Intercollegiate athletics at Biola University provide men and women with interest and ability in athletics an opportunity to compete with other institutions of higher education whose size and athletic policies are similar. Intercollegiate competi­ tion for men is conducted in the following sports: baseball, ba!r ketball, J.V. basketball, cross-country, soccer, and track and field. Sports for women include basketball, cross-country, ten­ nis, track and field, soccer, and volleyball. Intramural activities are organized in both team and indi­ vidual sports for men and women. STUDENT PUBLICATIONS The undergraduate student body sponsors two student publications: a weekly newspaper - the Chimes - and a year­ book - the Bio/an - which also contains a fine arts section. These serve to transmit news, keep a record of school life, and provide further outlet for student creativity and expression. FORENSICS In recent years Biola University has been ranked in the top ten percent of successful speech squads among colleges and universities nationwide. As an active member of the Pacific Southwest Collegiate Forensics Association, Biola regularly attends debate and individual events speech tournaments throughout the western states. Each year in the fall and spring, Biola hosts intercollegiate speech tournaments on campus. STUDENT MINISTRY Akeycomponent in the spiritual life of a Christian is the call of our LordJesus Christ to service. As an integral part of our aca­ demic program, the faculty of the University and the student ministry staff have joined together to provide significant oppor­ tunities for service and ministry. The intent of the ministries pro­ gram is that each student should select at least one course or an extra-curricular activity involving community service each seme!r ter. The Student Ministries Office is available to serve the stu­ dents in arranging ministry relationships with church, para church and community organizations. The service learning courses, with their special component of service or outreach assignments, are designated as such in the pre-registration and registration schedule of class booklets. Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of ministries during their years at Biola. Biola has been a leader in requiring outreach in service as part of its undergraduate education. If you have any questions, please contact the Student Ministries Office or your major's depart­ ment academic advisor.

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