417 Printmaking Ill (3) Exploration of personal imagery through the use of various technical approaches in the application of color to plates gen­ erated from intaglio, relief and collo­ graph methods of printmaking. Single place applications of color and multiple plate printing will be taughL Fee: $55. 418 Ceramics IV (3) Experimental ceramics. Advanced indi­ vidual development of style and aes­ thetics. Prerequisite: 411. Majors only. Fee: $50. 419 Graphic Design II (3) A consideration of psychological, tech­ nical and aesthetic concerns relating to various types of graphic design includ­ ing mailers, folders, brochures, and package design. Includes beginning production processes covering one- and twcxolor preseparation art. Fee: $25. 420 Graphic Design Ill (3) A consideration of advanced design concepts and production skills in four color process reproduction. Prepara­ tion for starting a professional career in graphic design, including promotional pieces, portfolio development and employment opportunities. Fee:$25. 421 Printmaking IV (3) Exploration of the translation of pho­ tographic images into the printmak­ ing mediums. A variety of methods available through printmaking, pho­ tography and drawing will be used separately or in combination to realize

427 Internship in Studio Art (3) Apprenticeship program designed to give students first-hand exposure to professional artists' studio experiences. Internships individually tailored to

312 Typography (3) An introduction to the symbolic and communicative aspects of typography. Emphasis on typography as a design element. Pragmatic formulation of skills related to layout, copy fitting, and type specification, as they relate to the graphic design process. Fee: $25. 313 Graphic Design I (3) Exploration of creative ideas and resources as related to graphic design. Use of tools, media, and terminology; includes development of layout skills. Fee: $25. 315 Contemporary Art Trends (3) A study of art produced since I970, focusing on current movements within the international art commu­ nity. Fee: $55. 318 Technical Drawing and Rendering (3) Introduction to drawing as a basic organizer of thought progressing to the use of drawing as a means of trans­ lating specific ideas. Rendering tech­ niques and composition formulation through the use of a broad range of media will be emphasized. Fee: $25. 319 Advanced Figure Drawing (3) Emphasis on long poses for serious thor­ ough investigation of the figure and the traditions of figure drawing. Fee:$50. 320 Illustration II (3) Continued exploration of illustration as a form of graphic communication. Development of personal visual vocabu­ lary with the addition of new media and advanced techniques. Conceptual devel­ opment of solutions for both editorial and advertising illustration. Fee: $25. 321 Historical Development of Graphic Design (3) Investigation of issues and ideas in the history of graphic design and illustra­ tion from the icon to the logo. Indi­ vidual designers and periods explored. Fee: $20. 322 Photography II (3) Further study in technique of black and white and introduction to color photography covering creative and technical aspects. Prerequisite: 221. Fee: $45. 325 Contemporary Art Forms (3) Interdisciplinary studio exploration in contemporary model. Multi-image projection, general video technology, performance theory - practice, and installation theory practice. Fee: $50.

332 Non-Western Art (3) Survey of non-western art and archi­ tecture. Introducing major forms, functions and materials used by the peoples of Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Americas. Areas of investigation will include aesthetic theories, value systems, as well as social, philosophical and religious traditions. Fee: $20. 348 Art Video (3) Concerns of video art including formal , conceptual, and narrative approaches. Emphasis on the use of video as a cre­ ative medium for personal expression. Hands-on studio format focusing on camera work and editing. Students are required to provide their own video cameras. Fee: $55. 408 Advanced Drawing (3) Drawing with an emphasis on per­ sonal experimentation. Fee: $25. 409 Secondary Art Workshop (3) Units of study, motivational tech­ niques, and instructional resources specific to the art program in sec­

meet the needs of the student. 430 Art Therapy Fieldwork (3)

Tutorial offering students clinical expe­ rience in mental health setting super­ vised by a licensed art therapist. Obser­ vation and participation included. 435 Senior Portfolio Presentation (3) Culmination project for majors with emphasis in pre-art therapy and those in graphic design who do not enroll in 460. For graphic design majors, preparation and presentation in professional portfo­ lio format of approximately 12 graphic design or illustration pieces. Full state­ ment of intent and visual samples must be presented, approved, and certified at the beginning of the semester. Culmi­ nation of project includes final portfolio reviews by at least three outside profes­ sional graphic designers. For pre-an therapy students preparation of 12 to 15 art pieces representing a wide range of media, with statement of intent accom­ panying the final presentation at the conclusion of the course. Fee:$100. 444 Advanced Art Video/Senior Project (3) Senior-level. Course designed to give students opportunity to complete work on individual projects. Students expand and refine skills acquired in prior courses. Culmination of semes­ ter includes professionally presented show open to public. Students are required to provide their own video cameras. Fee: $55. 445 Video Internship (3) Internship program with a profes­ sional art video studio. First-hand exposure to all aspects of video art production. Students are required to provide their own video cameras. 460 Senior Art Exhibit (3) Approximately 12 art pieces based on integrated theme. Full statement of intent must be presented along with visual samples of ideas at the beginning of the semester, approved and signed by committee. Culmination of project includes professionally presented show in the University Art Gallery. Required of all majors with the exception of pre­ art therapy, film and video majors and graphic design majors who elect to take 435. Fee: $100.

ondary schools. Fee: $50. 410 Seminar in Art (1-6)

Independent study in areas of concen­ tration under faculty direction with emphasis in history, studio and cre­ ative research. Prerequisite: Consent. Seminars may be repeated. 411 Ceramics Ill (3) Advanced forming , including sculp­ tural forms in clay, along with contin­ ued exploration with glaze formula­ tions. Fee: $50. 412 Internship in Graphic Communication (3) Internship program with local art stu­ dios, graphic design firms, publishing companies and other related fields. 413 Painting Ill (3) Extensive experimentation in studio problems with emphasis on individual direction and expression. Fee: $25. 414 Painting IV (3) Exploration of specific problems in each student's area of concentration and interest. Fee: $25. 415 Sculpture Ill (3) Advanced sculptural concepts empha­ sizing individual development of style, aesthetic stance , and continuation of media exploration. Fee: $50. 416 Sculpture IV (3) Concentration on independent cre­ ativity covering a wide range of media and methods with an emphasis on the formulation of ideas of appropriate forms. Fee: $50.

the desired image. Fee: $50. 424 Computer Graphics I (3)

An introduction to the use of com­ puter graphics programs for graphic design and illustration. Development of design and computer skills to allow the student to use the computer as a primary design vehicle. Fee: $50. 425 Computer Graphics II (3) Advanced methods and design consid­ erations as they relate to computer­ driven graphic design and illustration. Linotronic output for most projects. Fee: $50. 426 Introduction to Art Therapy (3) An introduction to the principles, meth­ ods, and the application of art therapy techniques to the field of mental health. The client/ therapist relationship, media and methods, case studies, work­ ing with groups and individuals, aes­ thetic considerations as related to ther­ apy, art as an aid in diagnosis, and meth­ ods of defining therapeutic goals through art will be addressed. Fee: $35.

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