Biblical Languages


FACULTY Professors: Curtis, Finley, Wilkins Associate Professors: Arnold, Russell Greek The purpose of these courses is to introduce students to the Greek language in order to enhance th eir personal understanding of the New Testament and to prepare those who desire to pursue graduate biblical studies. The plan is to provide stu­ dents with tools which will enable them to utilize the Greek text in future study, interpretation, and expo­ sition of the Word of God. Upon completion of 12 uniis of Greek, it is intended that the student's proficiency in the Greek language will enable him/ her to read and translate a Greek text with accuracy using a stan­ dard lexicon and grammar; to explain the significance of tenses, cases and important grammatical structures; to exege te a biblical text accurately; and to undertake individual research in biblical and extra-biblical Greek. The courses Greek 101 , 102, 201 , and 202 will fulfill the general education for­

403 Hellenistic Greek (3) Readings from the Jewish , patristic and pagan writers of the Hellenistic period, including the Septuagint, with atten­ tion to literary analysis and comparison with relevant biblical authors. Oppor­ tunity may be given to use the GRAM­ CORD and Ibycus computer projects. Prerequisite: 202 or equivalent. 405 Advanced New Testament Textual Criticism (3) A survey of the material s, history and theories of New Testament textual criticism. Prerequisites: BBST 201 and two years of Greek. 407 Advanced Greek Grammar (3) An advanced study of syntax focusing on nuances of grammar and style. To facilitate this study, in addition to the use of advanced grammars, spec ial · studies and articles, extensive use is made of examples drawn from biblical and extra biblical literature. Prerequi­ site: 304 and 305. 480 Directed Research (1-3) Individual research and writing for advanced students by special arrange­ ment. Study may include concentra­ tion in New Testament literature, his­ tory, tex tual criticism, specialized grammatical or lexical projects, intro­ ductory matters, or New Testament theology. Prerequisite: 202 and at least six units of upper division Greek and / or consent. May be repeated with different content. Hebrew 101, 102 Elementary Hebrew Grammar (3,3) Introduction to the language of the Hebrew Bible: accidence, syntax, as well as reading and translation of bib­ lical texts. 201, 202 Intermediate Hebrew Grammar (3,3) Advanced grammar and syntax with emphasis upon rapid reading as well as the development of exege ti ca l skills. Prerequisite: 102.

465 Integration Seminar (3) Relates Christian conviction to academic inquiry. May focus on a specific area or include a variety of topics. Often team­ taught and cross-listed between depart­ ments. Usually involves a major research paper/ project and class presentation. May be repeated with different content for a maximum of six units counted toward graduation. Prerequisites: IOI , I10, 120,121 ,200,251,304. 470 Biblical Studies Seminar (1) Majors and faculty members meet to dis­ cuss readings and research papers/ pro­ jects presented by seniors. Three semes­ ters may be counted toward, and are required for, graduation (one including presentation). Prerequisites: IO I, 110, 120, 121 , 200,251,304. 480 Directed Research (1-3) Guided independent reading, research, problem-solving and preparation of a formal paper or project done in consul­ tation with a selected professor. Maybe repeated with different content for a combined total of six units of 480 and 490 counted toward graduation. Prereq­ uisites: IOI , 110, 120, 121 , 200,251 ,304. 490 Practicum (1-3) Supervised experience in teaching bibli­ cal su1dies. Includes course preparation, observation and evaluation. May be repeated with different content for a combined total of six units of 480 and 490 counted toward graduation. Prereq­ uisites: 101 , 110, 120,121 , 200,251,304.

440 Advanced Study: Old Testament (3) Independent student research and writing in addition to a seminar style classroom aunosphere for the study of selected texts and/ or topics. May be repeated with different content for a maximum of six units counted toward graduation. Prerequisites: IOI, 110, 120, 121 ,200,251,304. 450 Advanced Study: Christian Thought (3) Independent student res earch and writing in addition to a seminar style classroom atmosphere for the study of selected texts and / or topics from either or both testaments , themati­ cally arranged to emphasize biblical, historical and/ or systematic theology. May be repeated with different con­ tent for a maximum of six units counted toward graduation. Prerequi­ sites: IOI , 110, 120,121,200,251,304. 455 Pauline Theology - Romans (3) Study of Paul 's theology and world­ view as contained in the book of Romans, with special attention given to introductory and historical matters. Prerequisites: IOI , 110, 120, 121, 200, 251,304. 458 Theology of Mission (3) Study of God 's redemptive acts in Scripture in behalf of mankind , with application to the mi ss ion of the church today. Prerequisites: IOI , 110, 120, 121 , 200, 251,304.

eign language requirement. 101, 102 Elementary Greek Grammar (3,3)

An introductory study of the basic ele­ ments of New Testament Greek, emphasizing syntax and development of vocabulary. Translation of selected por­ tions of the New Testament, with exten­ sive translation of a selected New Testa­ ment book in the second semester. 201, 202 Intermediate Greek Grammar and Exegesis (3,3) Acomprehensive survey of New Testa­ ment Greek grammar and vocabulary which builds upon the first year of study. Introduction to textual criti­ cism and exegetical methodology which will aid students in interpreting the New Testament. Reading in selected portions of th e New Testa­ ment. Prerequisite: I 02 or equivalent. 304, 305 Studies in Biblical Greek (1-4, 1-4) Exegesis of biblical Greek texts for advanced students, with attention to translation , grammar, backgrounds , interpretation, and problems of analy­ sis. Study may include one or more portions of New Testament literature. Prerequisite: 202 and/ or consent. May be repeated with different content.

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