421 Managerial Negotiation and Leadership (3)

435 Business to Business Marketing (3) A practical approach to understanding and implementing marketing strategies as applied to the business to business sector. Special attention will be given to examining various marketing employ­ ment positions including analysis of the following subjects: purchasing, negotiat­ ing , marketing research, market seg­ mentation, personal selling, sales man­ agement, promotion and ethics in the business to business marketing environ­ ment. Prerequisite: 230. 436 Retail Management (3) Examination and evaluation of chang­ ing concepts of retailing and merchan­ dising from a management viewpoint. Philosophy of modern management and measures of retail productivity are employed in individual student fields projects. Prerequisite: 230 or consent. 437 Real Estate (3) Laws relating to rights and obl igations inherent in ownership of real prop­ erty; how title to real property is trans­ ferred; homesteads, trust and deeds, liens; land descriptions; escrow proce­ dures; title insurance; the real estate broker. Prerequisite: 36 1.

450 Directed Studies (1 -3) Extensive exploration of the literature in a selected field of business or eco­ nomics under faculty guidance. Prereq­ uisites: upper division standing and con­ sent. May be repeated with different section title for maximum of six units. 460 Business Internship (1-3) Business work experience related specifically to field of study. A pro­ posal describing learning objectives, collateral reading and expected bene­ fits must be submitted and accepted by a supervisor/ instructor during the semester prior to registration. Depart­ mental approval required. 462 Investments (3) Principles for the individual investor; tests of a sound investment, informa­ tion sources; types of stocks and bonds; mechanics of purchase and sale. Prerequisite: 202, 370. 463 Advanced Corporate Finance (3) Advanced analysis of the management of long-term assets, debt and equity, including capital acquisitions. Some attention to shorter term manage­ ment of inventory and payables. Prerequisite: 370.

464 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (3)

Methods, problems and factors involved in launching and operating small profit and nonprofit organizations. Prerequi­ sites: 230,370 or consent. 470 Strategic Management (3) Methods of determining strategic decision making in business and industry, with projects designed to provide actual research experience , with case study approach . Prerequi- sites: 202,321 , 230,362,370, 415.

Managerial leadership within the political realities of modem organiza­ tional life. A strong emphasis will be placed upon responsible handling of power and the ethical dilemmas that graduates will encounter in the busi­ ness world. The course content will include examination of value struc­ tures and critical decision making that is founded upon the Christian faith. Prerequisite: 415 (majors) and con­ sent (non-majors). 425 Applied Software Development Project (3) A capstone systems course integrating the knowledge and abilities gained through other compute r related courses, culminating in a comprehen­ sive systems development project. Prerequisites: 280, 402. Fee: $25. (See also Computer Science 425.) 430 International Economics and Trade (3) Principles and theory of international trade; analysis of U.S. trade with lead­ ing industrial nations; trade and growth in deve loping countries; national policies affecting trade; eco­ nomics of foreign exchange; balance of payments and monetary arrange­


ments. Prerequisite: 201,230. 431 Marketing Management (3)

Planning and implementing marketing policies and strategy. Developing mar­ keting mix. Organizing and adminis­ tering the marketing and sales depart­ ment. Planning distribution channels of consumer and industrial goods. Forecasting and budgeting. Market analysis. Marketing problems. Public policy in marketing. Prerequisites: 190,201,202,230,334 or consent. 432 Marketing Research (3) Research methods and applications in adve rtising, distribution, product development. Identification of data sources. Collection, analysis and interpretation of data in solving mar­ keting problems. Preparation of research reports. Prerequisites: 321, 334 or consent. 433 Marketing Decision Making (3) Solving marketing problems through the application of analytical tech­ niques. Emphasis on fundamental understanding and application where techniques are reviewed, explained and applied to actual marketing data. Prerequisites: 190, 223, 432.

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