371 Evangelism and Discipleship (3) An overview of the biblical principles of evangelism and discipleship. The clas.s will seek to develop the ski llsof personal evangeli sm and explore biblical teach­ ing regarding discipleship ; including personal requirements , objectives , essential components and applications to the local church and parachurch agencies. Prerequisite: 25 1. 372 Christian Education of Children (3) Discovery and evaluation of methods .!!J and materials appropriate for achie\~ng learning objectives which meet the phy£­ ical , mental, social, emotional and spiri­ tual needs of children (birth through grade six.) Students may choose 373 or 374. Prerequisites: 150, 26 1. 373 Christian Education of Youth (3)

412 Missions Education in the Church (2) Basic adm ini stration of a program with in the church's educational pro­ gram through whi ch missions is taught to al l age levels. Offered spring semester, alternate years. 413 Women 'sMinistry in Christian Education (3) An examination of the biblical , histor­ ical, and contemporary perspectives of women in leadership roles within a ministry. Assessment of role expecta­ tion , relationships and voca ti onal opportuni ties. Prerequisite: 150. 415 Organization and Administration of Christian Education (3) An introduction to the biblical, histor­ ical, and current practice of manage­ ment: planning, organizin g, staffing, directing, and evaluating with special emph as is upon the app li cat ion of these functions to church and para­ church administration . Prerequisites: 150, 251,260,380. 416 Curriculum Development (2) Essential elements in curriculum forma­ tion including intensive study of varied existing curricula, contemporary tends in curriculum production and curricu­ lum writing experience. Offered spring semester. Prerequisite: one of the age level courses: 372, 373 or 374. 422 Singles Ministries in the Church (2) Issues and needs of never-married and formerly married persons, including identity cri sis, ro le definition , se lf­ acceptance and the development of intimacy. Resources, programs and skills fo r ministering to these needs are em ph asized. Offered sprin g semester, alternate years. 423 Counseling Theories and Issues for the Christian Worker (3) Introductory investigation of selected coun seling theories employed by staff members of church and parachurch agencies. The examination of each the­ ory will include: historical background, basic concepts, process, mechanisms, case examples, evaluation and appli ca­ tion to spec ifi c cou nse ling issues. Offered spring semester, alternate years. 424 Techniques of Counseling for Use in the Church (2) Distinctives of counselors in a church or parachurch agency, their qualification and necessary counseling techniques. Special emphasiswill be placed upon the student's development through experi­ ential practice of "people-helping skills" from a Christian perspective. Offered spring semester. Prerequisite: 423.

428 Family Ministries in the Church (2) Biblical concepts of the family; survey of the needs of whole and fragmented fam ilies in the church; resources and techni ques avai lab le to meet these needs. Offered spring semester. 461 Vocational Practicum I (2) Structured experiences in teaching the Bible in a fi eld sett in g wi th a selected age group. Lesson prepara­ tion, execution and evaluation with an emphasis on deve lop in g speaking ski lls associated with professional min­ istry positions. Christi an education majors only. Prerequisites: 380, 260.

462 Vocational Practicum II (2) Structural experiences in the supervision of a limited educational ministry pro­ gram in a selected vocational settin g. The emphasis of this semester will be on personal leadership development. The clas.s will seek to util ize all the student's knowledge, attitudes, and ski lls in the ful­ fillment of a ~able ministry of Christian education. For the Christian education majors only. Prerequisites: 380,461. 480 Independent Study in Christian Education (1-3) Development of ski ll in independent study of topics in the field of Christian education. Offered both semesters. Prerequisite: Senior leve l Christi an educa ti on majors onl y and depart­ mental approva l. May be repeated.

Examination of the adolescent in our culn1re with emphasis upon designing a ministry to this age level within the context of the local church and para­ church age ncies. Each student will prepare a model ministry to this age level Uunior high through college) for use in en lisunent and train ing of work­ ers and parents. Students may choose 372 or 374. Prerequisites: 150, 261. 374 Christian Education of Adults (3) Focus on understanding the needs and development of contemporary adults. Discovery of the uniqueness of adult learning and investigation of design , cur­ ricula, methods, and implementation of educational programs for the church and other agencies. Students may choose 372 or 373. Prerequisites: 150,261. 380 Ministry Planning and Development (3) Personal and interactive evaluation of the student's calling to Christian min­ istry, including character, gifts , inter­ ests, and abilities. Field observations and ot her experiences designed to give perspective and aid in subsequent placement in voca tional practicum and future employment in Christian educa tion agenc ies . Fo r Chri sti an education majors only. Prerequisites: 150, 251, 252, 261. Fee: $15. 382 Historical and Philosophical Founda­ tions of Education (3) Introduction to philosophy that bears directly upon the Christian ministry with particular attention to the teaching and learning process. Each student will be expected to analyze his own ~ew of the teaching and learn ing process to establ ish the framework for a personal and biblical philosophy of Chri stian education. Prerequisites: 150, 251 , 252.

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