Three additional units must be com­ pleted in any one of th e fo ll owin g courses : English 353, 354, 360, 370, 420, 430, 440 or 460. Six uni ts must be compl ete d in any of th e fo ll owing courses: English 342, Communica tion 330, 33 I, 334, 388, 431, or 457. English/Communication Secondary Credential The English Department in cooper­ ation 1,~th the Communication Depart­ ment provides a program leading to a Single Subj ect California Teaching Cre­ dential in Engli sh/ Communi cations. Thi s prog ram provides considerable fl exibili ty for those planning to teach English in high school. Students who complete this program are able to waive the National Teacher's Exam (NTE), which otherwise would be required for a California Teaching Credential. In addition to the general educa­ tion requi rement of 12 units in Eng­ lish 11 0 A/ B, English 250: Ameri can Literature and Communi cation 100, an English core of 22 units (English 25 1, 252, English 320,35 1or 353, 354, one unit of Engli sh 470, and nin e uni ts to be selected from English 340, 342, 360, 370,400, 420, 430, 440,450, and 460) is required. Communi ca­ tion 476: Communicati on Education Seminar for two units is required. For a total of 33 uni ts in the major, an additi onal nin e un its are to be se lected fr om one of fo ur optional areas in Communication: (I) journal­ ism/ writing, (2) drama, (3) speech com. / fo rensics, (4) spe ec h com./ voca tional. The student must consult with the Departme n ts of Engli sh, Communi cation and Educa tion fo r th e spec ifi c courses all owed in the fo ur areas listed above. Humanities Major/English Concentration The Department of English offers an Engli sh co nce ntrati on for the Humanities major (see Human ities sec­ tion for specifics). It is basical lya minor in English, but more fl exibili ty is possi­ ble through department advisement. MINOR An English Mino r is offered with compl etion of 18 uni ts , 12 of whi ch must be upper di vis ion . The student selec ts uni ts from three or more of th e courses li sted above under the department major.

435 Secondary Curriculum (4) Secondary schoo l cu rriculum, class­ room management, teaching meth­ ods, use of media and other educa­ tional skills in content areas. A mini­ mum of 60 hours of observation/ par­ ticipati on in publi c and Chri sti an schools is required. Prerequisite: 330 and consent. Fee: $20. 440 , 442 Student Teaching, Elementary Schools (6,6) 450 , 452 Student Teaching, Secondary Schools (6 ,6) Full time laboratory ex peri ence in school classrooms under the direction of qualifi ed supervising master teach­ ers and uni ve rsi ty supen~sors. Weekly seminar required. Prerequisite: appli­ cation and consent. Students do ing student teaching are limited to a max­ imum of 15 uni ts that semester. 470 Computers in the Classroom (2) Knowledge and skills in computer use in educati on settings; in cl udes com­ puter appli catio ns in cur ri cu lum, manag ing inst ruction, reco rd keep­ ing, generating in st ru ctional mate ri­ als, and use within appropriate grade leve ls and subject areas to deve lop process skills. Prereq ui site: consent. 480 Directed Study (1-3) Consideration of to pics in school cur­ riculum according to needs of indivi d­ ual students. Prereq uisite: consent.

Chair: Elizabeth L. Rambo, Ph .D. FACULTY Professor: Doland Associate Professors: Gilman, W. Shanebeck, Smith Assistant Professors: Holt , Ingraffi a, Rambo, Taskesen OBJECTIVES The Department of Engli sh has five objectives: the understanding of language as a means of communi ca­ tio n, the abili ty to speak and wri te with clari ty; an understanding of li ter­ ature as a record of the development of human thought and the re fl ec tion of human hi sto ry; th e apprecia ti on and enjoyment of li te ratu re; and an acquaintance with th e literary her­ itage of the English-speaking wo rl d. Hi story 305 is recommended for all Engli sh majors. DEGREE PROGRAM A Bachelor ofAits degree in English is offered upon completion of the uni­ ve rsity bacca laur ea te and Engli sh major in one of the emphases whi ch consists of 30 units, 24 of which must be upper division. MAJORS English Emphasis English 25 1 and 252 are required for the major and are prerequisite to upper division cou rses in the major. The student must also complete three units of 400 Shakespeare , three units of 450 Studi es in Literary Criticism, three units of 470 Seminar and select at least th ree uni ts from each of 35 1 or 353, 354, 360, and 370. Remaining units may be completed in any of the uppe r division Engli sh course offer­ ings. The following emphases/ special programs are also offered: Writing Emphasis The English Department offers a Wri tin g Em phasis. This prog ram enables studen ts to supplement their studyof li terature with theoretical and vocational training in writi ng. As part of the regul ar general edu­ cation requirement, stude nts must complete English 11 OAand 11 OB, Eng­ lish 25 1, and either Communi cation I00, 170, 181, 280. The major consists of 36 uni ts , 30 of which must be upper di vision. Students must take th ree uni ts in each of the fo llowing courses: English 252, 340 , 35 1, 360, 370, 400 , 450, 470 and Communi ca ti on 230.

330 Psychological Foundations of Education (3)

Applica tion of psychological p1inciples to the educative process, role of the teacher and learner, human growth and development , learning styles, moti va­ tion , memory, transfer of learning, mea­ surement and evaluation, research and experimentati on in learning theory. This class is designed to fulfi ll the Uni­ versity's writing competency require­ ment. Prerequisite: 300, Psychology 200, approved consent, and fo rmal application and acceptence into Educa­ tion Department. 370 Teaching Assistant Preparation (1) Insti tu tion and pract ice in general and specific methods of teaching as an assistant to professors of large uni­ vers ity classes . Taught jo intl y by in stru ctors fr om the Edu ca ti on Department and the specific de part­ ment using teaching assistants. 410 Mainstreaming (3) Focuses on competencies that teach­ ers must develop to mee t needs of exce pti onal pupil s; special attention to needs of minority students, to cul­ tural and ethni c differences, and to development of moral/ sp iri tual va l­ ues. Prerequisite: 330 and consent. 420 Teaching Reading in Elementary Schools (3) Methods and materials fo r teachi ng readin g to stud ents in elementa ry sc hoo ls; attenti on to a var iety of approaches and techniques; considera­ tion of the needs of pupils with varied cultural and language backgrounds. A minimum of 35 hours of observation / participati on in schoo ls is required. Prerequisite: 330 and consent. 425 Teaching Reading in Secondary Schools (3) Methods and materials fo r teaching reading through content areas in sec­ ondary schools; attention to reading techniques, tes tin g, and individuali za­ tion. Aminimum of 35 hours of obser­ va ti on/ parti cipati on in schoo ls is required. Prerequisite: 330 and consent. 430 Elementary Curriculum (4) Introdu ction to th e scope and sequence of the elementary school cur­ ri culum in mathematics, science, social studi es, and language arts; emphasis on vari ety of teaching approaches, integra­ tion across content areas , cl assroom management, and resources ava ilabl e. A minimum of 60 hours of obse rva­ tion/ participation in public and Christ­ ian schools is requi red. Prerequisite: 330 and consent. Fee: $20.

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