312 History of Latin America (3) Major indigenous ci11lizations; conquest by Spain and Portugal; colonial institu­ tions and culture;wars of independence, political, economic and social develop­ ments to tl1e present, including the role of the United States in the region. 313 Medieval History (3) Medieval Europe from th e fa ll of Rome through th e 14th century; emphasis on the church, theological development , po litical institutions, society, literature and economi cs of the period. Offered alternate years. 318 Studies in Modern Europe (1 ·3) Thematic and period studies in 16th tl1rough 20t11 cenlUI)' Europe including: Age of Revolutions, Age of Ideologies, Enlightenment, Industrialization, Holo­ caust, and Global Interdependence. May be repeated witl1 differe111 focus. 320 The American Presidency (3) Histori cal development of the office of the presidency: formal and infor­ mal powers of the President in execu­ tive legislative,judicial, military, diplo­ matic and political areas. 321 History of the Christian Church (3) A hi storical survey of Church history from Pente cost to the present. Emphasis given to leading personali­ ties and movements within the Church. Offered fall semes ter. 323 Ancient Greece (3) Hi story of Ancient Greece from the Minoan-Mycenaean culwres 10 the Hell eni stic period; emphas is on the literature, religion , an and modes of

Social Science Secondary Teaching Credential

tion , 20th century wars and an expan­ sive economy in shaping the Amer i­ can mind and American international relations. Three hours lec ture, one hour discussion. Meets the require­ ments for United States Constitution for California teacher certification. 210 Perspectives on American History (1-2) Topics on the innuence of Christian­ ity in shaping the American mind. A discussion class is required along with th is course . For clarification contact the HistOI)' Departmen t. 300 The Black American Experience (3) An histori ca l examination of the black 's experi ence beginning with the African kingdoms, slave trade, slavery in the New World, emancipation dur­ ing the Civil War, and the search and struggle for equality, to the present. 304 Ancient Near East (3) A study of the culture of the Ancient Near East with emphasis on history, literature, religion and the modes of thought. Attention is given to cultu ral preparation for the biblical faith. 305 English History (3) Survey of British history from the Anglo-Saxon period to contemporary times; emphasis on social, intellectual , religious and political developments. 306 Studies in British History (3) Period and thematic studies in British history to include: Tudor-Stuart Eng­ land , Victorian England, Empire and Commonwealth , Religious History of England, British Politics and the Eng­ lish Middle Class. 307 The Colonial Period , American Revolution , 1607-1800 (3) Settlement and growth of the Anglo­ American ci11lization ; the American Rev­ olution; growth of political, economic, social and religious insti tutions to 1800. 308 American Democracy , Civil War and Reconstruction, 1800-1877 (3) Nationalism and the growth of sec­ tionali sm refo rm movements; Mani­ fest Destiny; di sruption of Ameri can democracy, Civil War and political reconstruction 10 1877. 31 0 Social and Intellectual History of the United States (3) Social impact of westward expansion, immigration , industrialization, urban­ ization and cultural pluralism combined witl1 major intellectual ideas instrumen­ tal in the shaping of American society. Prerequisite: 200. Alternate years.

Chair: Dietrich Buss, Ph.D. FACULTY Professors: D. Buss, Wilshire Associate Professor: Lind OBJECTIVES

The History Department in cooper­ ation with the Education Department provides a program leading to th e Social Science Secondary TeachingCre­ dential. The Cali forn ia Commission on Teacher Credentialing is phasing out the History Secondary Credential as of January I, 1995. Fo r specifics on the Secondary Social Science program con­ tact the History Department directly. Humanities Major/History Concentration The Department of History offers a History conceriu-ation for the Humani­ ties major (see Humanities section for specifics). It is basically a minor in His­ tory, but more nex ibility is possible through department ad11semen1. Minor A History Minor is offered with the completion of 18 units beyond the general education requirements, 12 of which must be upper division. The studen t is advised to take at least 12 units in one area of concentration. COURSES 100 West and the World (4) High li ghts in the development of Western civilization from its founda­ tions in the ancient Middle East to the present. Examination of the cultural contributions made in the ans, sci­ ences, government and religion and their innuence on the history of the Western World. Three hours lecture,

1 offered upon completion of the uni­ ve rsi ty baccalaureate and major requiremen ts. The hi story major requires the completion of 30 units beyond the general education requirement, 24 of which must be upper division including 327, 480 or 490 and 491. Political Science 200 is required as a supporting course. Con­ centration of 12 units of course work in one of the fo llowing areas: Asian Ci lization , Ci11lization of the Ameri­ cas or European Ci11 lization. History majors preparing for grad­ uate school should include a fo reign language in their program with ad11ce of the department. Other programs available include: History Honors Program This program is designed for senior The department objectives are to increase the general knowledge in and understanding of history, to encour­ age analytical thinking in dealing with historical problems, including the rela­ tionsh ip of Christianity to culture, to en hance proficiency in research and writing, and to stimulate interest in the reading of literature bearing on the discipline. Offerings in geographyare designed to develop understanding of and appreciation for the physical and cultural landscapes. Emphasis is on regional studies. Those interested in acquiring a background in ph ys ical geography are urged to take physical science and geography survey IO I. DEGREE PROGRAM A Bachelor of Arts degree in Hist01y is history majors who desire to do a year­ long independent research project under an indi11dual professor, culminat­ ing in an honors thesis. Students who are a few units short of senior standing may peti tion the chairman for admission into the Honors Program. Students ente ring the program must have 15 units of upper di11sion history. History majors with a departmental GPA of 3.5 or better are eligible. Candidates for honors will be required to meet all his­ tory major requirements: the program will count as six units of work (see 490, 491). AHistory Department Honors Award (monetary prize) will be given annually for the outstanding thesis.


thought of the period. 324 Roman History (3)

one hour discussion. Fee: S8. 100IP West and the World (4)

Roman hi story from its beginning to the fa ll of the Empire; Rome's pan in the preparation of the Mediterranean world for the spread of Christianity: Rome's contributions to Western civi­ li zation. Offered alternate years. 325 Themes in American History (3) Sections offered each yea r on such topics as: The American South , The American West, Women in Ameri ca,

1 Content of History 100, but specifi cally designed for the international or minor­ ity student with special emphasis on crosscultural aspects of ci lization from an international perspective. Fee: $8. 110 Perspectives on Western Civilization (1-2) In troduction to historical interpreta­ tion with reference to Chr istian understandi ngs of history. A discus­ sion class is required along with this course. For clarification contact the History Department. 200 United States History (4) Growth and deve lopment of the United States from its colonial foun­ dations to present. Assessment of innuence of Puritans, colonial experi­ ence, the Constitution, national and sectional tensions. Civi l War, immi­ gration, in dustrialization, urbaniza-

The Asian Americans. 327 Historiography (3)

Phil osoph ies and problems of history; historical methodology. Development of the historical discipline and intro· duction to research and writing.

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