180 Recreation Leadership and Programming (2)

309 Sports Officiating (Women) (2) Rules, scoring and mechan ics of offi ci­ ating athletic events; selected ac tivities and pract ice in ac tual officiat in g required. Offered alternate years. 310 Analysis of Soccer (2) Emphasis on the analysis of individual skill s an d team pl ay; va ri ous tec h­ niq ues of offensive and defensive tac­ tics and strategy. Prerequisite: 11 0. Offered alternate years. 311 Analysis of Basketball (Men) (2) His tory, rules, elementary mas tery of individual and team play; and methods of teach ing basketball . Prerequ isite: 11 0 or 150. Offered altern ate years. 312 Analysis of Track and Field (2) Rul es governing individual events and the conduct of meets; elemental mas­ tery of form; mechanical prin ciples invo lved; methods of coach ing the va rious events. Prerequ isite: 11 0 or experience. Offered alternate years. 313 Analysis of Baseball (2) Hi story, rules, nomenclature, care of field ; elemental mas tery of each posi­ tion including base running, sliding and base coaching; offensive and defensive play; strategy and methods of coaching softball. Offered alternate years. 314 Analysis of Wrestling (Men) (2) Esse ntial techn iq ues of wrestl ing; development of a team; conditioning and co nduct of practice sessions; mechanical prin ciples whi ch govern pe rfo rmance. Prerequisite: 110 or experience. Offered alte rnate years. 316 Analysis of Teaching Individual and Team Sports (2) A theo ry and laboratory course designed to acquaint students with teachi ng progression, pract ice tech­ niques, selection and care of equipment fo r selected sport acti1~1ies. Prerequi­ site: Completion of all required I 00 level courses. Offered al ternate years. 317 Analysis of Football (Men) (2) Analys is of teach ing individual ski lls and team play; various techniques of offensive and de fensive tac ti cs and strategy. Offered alte rn ate years. 320 Analysis of Tennis (2) The organization and conduct of ten ­ ni s, compet ition, progression drill s, and prac tice techniques; coaching; selection and care of equipment. Pre­ requisite: 11 0. Offered alternate years. 321 Analysis of Gymnastics (2) The organization and conduct of gym­ nas ti cs; balance and posture. Prereq­ uisite: 11 0. Offered alte rnate years.

323 Analysis of Volleyball (2) Atheory and laboratory class designed to acquaint students wi tJ1 progression, practice techniques, selection and care of equi pment and the teaching and coaching of vo lleyball . Prereq ui sites: 110, 150. Offered alternate years. 324 Analysis of Rhythmical Activities (2) Instrumental materials and methods sui tabl e for all areas of rhythmical activit ies. Prerequisites: 110, 201. Offered alte rn ate years. 325 Analysis of Softball (Women) (2) A theory and laboratory class designed to acquaint students witJ1 progression, practice techniques, selection and care of equ ipment and the teach ing and coaching of softball. Prerequisites: 11 0, 150. Offered alte rnate years. 326 Analysis of Basketball (Women) (2) Atheory and laboratory course designed to acquaint students witJ1 progression; practice techniques; selection and care of equ ipment and the teaching and coaching of basketball. Prerequisites: 110, 150. Offered al ternate years. 330 Psychology of Coaching (2) Analys is of factors in coaching in areas of motivation, attitude formation and behavior, leadership and techniques of coach ing. 400 Administration and Principles of Physical Education (3) Implement ing the ac tivity program through proper organ ization; use of tests and measurements; purchase and care of eq uipment; public relations at all leve ls; auxil iary activity programs offered by organ izations outside the school; the place of the intramural and inter-school program; development of principles which serve as a basis of the profession . Lecture/ demonstrations team-taught with cooperating depart­ ments. Offered alternate years. 401 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries (3) Theory and prac ti ce of principles and techniques pertaining to athletic con­ di tion ing; care of athlet ic injuries. Offered alternate years. Fee: $50. 402 Advanced Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries (3) Advanced theory and application of current techniques in the prevention and trea tment of athl eti c inj uries Prerequisite: 401. Fee: $50.

405 Adapted Physical Education (3) Analysis of the ptinciples underlying the physical education program for th e handicapped; survey of specific disabili­ ties and tJ1e impli cation of each for phys­ ical education. Offered alternate years. 408 Motor Learning (3)

Basic quali ficat ions of the successful leader of recreational groups; aims of a successfu l program; techniques of organizi ng and supervising the pro­ gram. Recommended fo r youth club leaders and directors, and playground and camp assistants. 201 Elementary School Activities (2) Games, basic rhythmic skills and phys­ ical activities designed for the elemen­ tary child; prepara tion for the upper division professional methods course in the teaching of physical education. (Educa tion majors on ly.) 205 History and Philosophy of Physical Education (3) Ahistorical review of physical education and sports; objectives of physical educa­ tion; development of a basic philosophy and background for professional educa­ tion. Offered alternate years. 301 Kinesiology (3) Human movement with emphasis on the struc ture and function of the skeleta l, mu sc ul ar and nervous sys­ tems, with simple mechanical princi­ ples involved in movement skill s. Pre­ requisite: Biology 252, 281 (see pre­ requisites). Offered al ternate years. 302 Physiology of E1en:ise (3) Immedia te and long-range effec ts of muscular activi ty on the human organ­ isms. Prerequisite: Biology 252, 281 (see Prerequisites). Offered al ternate years. 306 Elementary School Physical Education (2) Elementary school physical education proced ures in cludi ng postura l and rhythmic exercises, fu ndamentals of games, techniques cove ring th e sim­ plest primary skills through the more difficult seasonal sports, such as base­ ball , basketball , foo tball and vo ll ey­ ball ; deve lopment of a program of physical education on the elementary school level. Offe red alte rn ate years. 307 Tests and Measurements in Physical Education (3) Lecture, laboratory and field experience in the development, evaluation and appli­ cation of tests in heal th and physical edu­ cation; use and interpretationofelemen­ tary statistics. Offered alternateyears. 308 Sports Officiating (Men) (2) Rules, scoring and mechanics of offi ci­ ating athletic events; selected activities and pract ices in actu al offi ciati ng required. Offered alternate years.

Overview of signi fica nt factors whic h in fluence and determine the learni ng of motor skill s. Basic principles of learning theory, transfer, cues, coding, practice, rem iniscence, perception , motivation , reinforcement, extinction ll!,. and similar concepts appl ied to motor

performance. Prerequisite: 307. 420 Psychological and Sociological Aspects of Sport (3) The soc io-psychological nature of games, sport and physical activity; the . psychology of play and competition; symboli sm in sports. 480 Research in Physical Education (1-3) In dependent study, readings and/ or research in the field. Senior standing with consent and consulta ti on. Maxi­ mumof six units.

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