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Women's Ministries Emphasis CE 512 CE 514

visional acceptance, though exce p­ tions may be made when the GPA is higher than 3-0. Both probation and provisional acceptance may be changed to fu ll acceptance if the stu­ dent earns a GPA of 3.0 or better on the first eight units at Talbot. Gradu­ ates from approved unaccredited col­ leges may be required to take certain additional liberal arts course work (not applicable toward the graduate degree), if their undergraduate pro­ gram did not include these courses. GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS A. Satisfactorily complete 66-68

CE 673

Biblical Foundations Family Ministry .. ..... ... ... ...3

Education Adminisrration3 Women and Men in Ministry ........... . ...............2 Lifespan Development .. .3 Practicum in Ministry I......1 Practicum in Ministry II .......... 1 Interpersonal and Inter- cultural Adjustment ....... .3 Marital Counseling..........3 Personal Foundations of Ministry. ... . ......... ... .2 Foundations of Pastoral Care and Counsel ing ..... 2 Counseling Troubled Families. ....3

The scope and significance of the Christian ed ucation program are determined by the four dimensions which follow:

Electives ............. .5 Specialization .................................... I0 CE 648 Current Trends in Youth Ministry CE 516 Curriculum Writing and Development CE555 Parachurch Youth Ministry CE557 Moral and Faith Devel- opmelll in Ministry CE570 Special Studies in Christian Education CE681 Development of Youth Speaker Skills PT630 Discipleship ST 562 Culture Change ST 563 Sex Roles in Society Biblical and Theological Studies/Diversified Emphasis BE 530 Elementary Principles of the Biblical Languages ... .3 (Select one of the following) ........ ...2-3

CE 552 CE 691 CE692

Theological Orientation

The Christian education program is an integral part of the theological environment of the seminary. The program relates educational practice to the theological principles , seeking to merge life sciences and theology. Both life sciences and theology view persons in descriptive terms. Therefore Christ­ ian education is committed to the development of the whole person.

CL 520

PT628 PT 706


PT 707

PT 725

semester units. See (D.) below.

B. Take the courses prescribed in the Master of Arts in Christian edu­ cation curriculum. C. 400 hours of supervised field ministry approved by faculty advisor. D. Complete the program in no

Ministerial Preparation

Specialization ..... .

.... 10

The Christian education program exists to prepare ministers in the New Testament sense, with a variety of func­ tional roles implied for service in local churches and related institutions. This focus on ministry includes the implicit view that responsibility extends beyond the classroom into the churches and related institutions where students



Youth Ministries CE 512

Education Administration . . ...... ... 3 Counseling Adolescents and Their Parents ......... ..3 Lifespan Development ..... .3 Youth Group Development and Programming ..... ..... . .3 Youth Pastor 's Home and Family Development .......3 Adolescent Culture and Development... . ..3 Youth Education and Leadership..... ... .3 Practicum in Minisu-y I ... 1 Practicum in Ministry II .. I

more than five years.

CE 543

E. Complete an acceptable thesis (4 units) chosen in consultation with the major advisor or at the option of the major advisor and in lieu of the thesis or complete six units of electives. Students who write a thesis will have a

HT 722 Cults of America HM 556 World Religions PH 602 Apologetics

CE 552 CE 566

and graduates function.


Evangelism and Follow-up. ..... .... .... . ...... .3 Church and Society .........3 Educational Ministry in the Church ................ .3

Individualized Program

CE 642

The program is characterized by

total requirement of 66 units and those emphasis on adaptation to the individwho take six units of electives in lieu of uality of the students, both in regard a thesis will have a total requirement to personal distinctives and in regard of 68 un its. Five unbound copies of to the distinctives embodied in varied the thesis or thesis project are to be forms of Christian education ministry. submitted to the librarian. It is presumed that students will F. At least 24 units must be enter the program with clearly estabtaken at this seminary. lished Christian faith and, normally, A student must have at least a 3.0 with definite professional orientation. GPA (on a 4.0 scale) to graduate. Stu­ The program is designed to afford den ts are placed on academic probation each student a fourfold opportunity: (a) if their GPA for anysemester falls below the acquisition of knowledge (b) the 3.0, and will remain on probation as development of professional skill, (c) long as the single semester or cumula­ personal growth and (d) the deepening tive G.P.A. remains below 3.0. Proba­ of personal commitment to Christ.

PT 703 CE 600

CE 661

CE 662

BE, CE, HT, NT, OT, PH, PT, TH electives (a maximum of 6 units

CE 691 CE 692

in PT and CE) ............... 14

tion students are granted one semester in which to bring their academic work up to the required level (3.0) for contin­ uance in the seminary. Astudent can­

Timeliness of the Program

The Christian education program is designed to meet the specific needs

not graduate while on probation.

of the church at this point in time. In the light of increasing demands for perEMPHASIS REQUIREMENTS sons rrained in Christian education the The academic program leading to program is structured to prepare per­ the Master of Arts degree in Christian sons to serve competently in the field.

education is structured to include (I) biblical and theological foundations; (2) a core curriculum consisting of foundat ional courses and practica l skills; (3) vocational specialization; and (4) additional elective courses. Program Reduction Based on Prior

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS All applicants must hold the Bach­ elor of Arts degree or its academic equivalent. Theymust have a 3.0 GPA (on a 4.0 scale) . Those accepted who do not meet this latter requirement

will be placed on probation . GraduAcademic Study ates from approved unaccredited colQualified students coming from leges, if accepted will be granted pro- approved Bible colleges or Christian

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